Why Do Gaming Chairs Have Pillows? Detailed Answer

Headrest and Lumbar pillows are a very common part of a gaming chair. Most of the gaming chairs come with a Headrest and lumbar pillow.

Why Do Gaming Chairs Have Pillows?

No matter if they are cheap chairs or expensive gaming chairs. You would have surely asked yourself ”  Why do gaming chairs have pillows? ” Dont worry as today we are going to answer this question. 

A Headrest and lumbar pillow act as a support to the Gamer’s neck and back. Gamer can adjust their position and get support to their back and neck which will reduce pressure from the neck and back and gamers won’t feel back pain which is caused due to pressure on these positions.

Pillow also helps to maintain straight posture in a straight position. Below we have explained it more properly and also in this blog, we will talk about other questions about both headrest lumbar pillows.

Why do gaming chairs have pillows?

Most of the gaming chairs have pillows. When gaming chairs were new, not many gaming chairs were come with pillows.

But gaming chairs without pillows often make it hard to sit on them for a long time. Gamers were facing pain problems while sitting on their gaming chairs.

As when they sit on gaming chairs they had no support on their neck and back. Which result in neck and back pain issue. Also, maintaining back posture was also becoming tough.

Gamers spine was not maintained in good posture due to low support which also result in bad posture. Sitting in the wrong posture is not good for health and it can different problems in the wrong run.

To solve all these issues pillows were added to gaming chairs. They give our back proper support and also reduce pressure from the back and neck and promote good blood flow in those area.

Due to this users can sit for long hours without having any type of issue.

Should I use a headrest lumbar pillow?

Definitely, you should use a headrest and lumbar pillow. They are really very helpful. For users who sit on gaming chairs for long hours should definitely use a lumbar pillow and headrest.

It will help them to sit on a chair comfortably for a long time without having pain in the neck and back.

You can also adjust their position according to your body and can take proper support from them.

When you often have neck and back pain issues then they become more important to use. As they will help in decreasing those problems.

They are also good for health too. Moreover, most of the gaming chairs, come for free. You don’t have to spend extra money.

And even if your gaming chair don’t come with the pillow you can buy them separately, they don’t cost much money. You can get both neck pillow and lumbar pillow from 20$ to 50$.

Can a lumbar pillow cure back pain?

Lumbar pillows dont cure back pain but they reduce it. You can’t just use a lumbar pillow for curing your back pain, for that you have to take medical care.

A lumbar pillow also helps in reducing back pain when we sit on a gaming chair. They make gaming chairs ergonomic and allow the user to use a gaming chair.

If a gaming chair is not ergonomic then back pain issues will increase. And it will become impossible to sit on a gaming chair for even some time.

That is why lumbar pillows are so important. By providing support to our back they reduce the back pain.

When a user uses a gaming chair with lumbar pillow support is provided to the back. And we dont feel pressure on our back. And without pressure back pain is controlled.

So overall you can use the lumbar pillow in your gaming chair but dont have thought that it will cure that issue.

Types of headrest and lumbar pillow

Fixed headrest and lumbar pillow

Many gaming chairs come with a fixed headrest and lumbar. You can also call it an inbuilt pillow. You can adjust the height and weight of these pillows as they are fixed.

These types of pillows mostly come in cheap gaming chairs that are below 150$. They are not much good as you cannot adjust them according to your body.

But still, they are a good option for users who dont have much budget to invest in a good gaming chair.

Still, they will provide support to users’ back and neck and will reduce some pain. Floor gaming chairs mostly come with a Fixed type of pillow.

Adjustable pillow 

Adjustable neck and lumbar pillows are common in racing-type gaming chairs. Their height and width can be adjusted as they are adjustable.

You can adjust their position according to the size of their body. You can adjust them to get better support to the back spine and neck areas.

External headrest and Lumbar Support 

The last one is External neck and lumbar support. In the market, there are some gaming chairs that dont have a pillow. For them, you can get External pillows Support.

External Support pillows come much cheaper than gaming chairs with a pillow. If you dont have much money to buy a good gaming chair with a pillow then buy a but cheaper gaming chair and get External Support pillows.

Befits of the Neck and lumbar pillow

  1. Improves posture
  2. Reduces back pain

External headrest and Lumbar Support 

Improves posture

Neck and Lumbar pillows are very helpful in improving our posture. When a gaming chair dont have a pillow then our back may not remain straight.

We get a habit of sitting bend which is a bad position for sitting. And it can also cause different back issues, especially back pain.

Once we get a habit of sitting curves that habit dont get away easily. This pillow is very useful. They maintain our back in a straight posture.

Users who are having bad posture should get a Neck and lumbar pillow gaming chair as it will help them to improve their posture.

Reduces pain 

Another benefit of gaming chairs is that they reduce pain from our Neck and back areas.

Pillow gives support to our areas of neck and back and distributes all the pressure from our back.

Due to low pressure on the Neck and Back, the blood flow in those areas also improves, which will benefit our health. It is highly advised to use a neck and back pillow gaming chair if a user faces pain.

What should be the position of the Neck and Lumbar pillow?

When you are using a neck and lumbar pillow then you need to adjust their position to get better support.

Point your lumbar pillow to your lower back as more pressure is fallen on the lower back when a user sits on a gaming chair.

And your neck pillow should be pointing just near your neck. Don’t point it towards your head. By this, that pressure will be distributed over the body and you will not have pain in the neck and back.

So adjust the position of your pillow according to your body size and point it to the lower back and neck. It will also help your back to remain in a straight posture.

Top Headrest and Lumbar Pillow

The Monolith Lumbar Pillow

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B09413G9FZ&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=chair4you0a0d 20&language=en US

The Monolith is an amazing Back Support Cushion for gaming chairs. This support cushion has an ergonomic design.

It is one of the best support cushions that you can buy. It has a rating of 4.6 stars which is pretty good. It is filled with marshmallow memory foam which is very soft and makes it very comfortable.

This support cushion will provide your back with proper support. There are Dual Fastening Straps on this pillow that will help you to attach it with your gaming chair.

These Dual Fastening Straps are very elastic so you will not have an issue attaching them to your gaming chair.


  • They relieve back pain.
  • They are very comfortable.
  • Comes at a very cheap price.


  • Can have a deflating issue.

 Qutool lumbar pillow

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B074C9F45S&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=chair4you0a0d 20&language=en US

Another best pillow support is the Qutool lumbar pillow. It is also one of the most popular and highest-rated lumbar pillows.

It has more than 8k reviews and most of them are very positive. This Qutool pillow is made for both gaming chairs and car seats.

It has a spine supportive design which will provide support to your spine. In terms of size, this pillow is both wider and larger in size.

Which provides more support to the back than other lumbar pillows which are short in size. The lumbar support is made of mesh and is breathable too.

It has 60 days free return and refund policy. Plus, there is also 5 Years’ quality warranty which shows that the product is of high quality. Both its foam and mesh are of good quality and dont deflate or tear up.


  • The foam is super soft.
  • Comes with 5 years warranty.
  • The build quality is amazing.
  • It has an ergonomic design.


  • Only comes in 1 size and color.


Hope you get the answers to ” Why do gaming chairs have pillows? ” Pillow may seem to be a small thing but they are not.

They are a very useful and important part of an ergonomic gaming chair. Without them, it will become hard to use a gaming chair as different problems will come when you will use them.

And use to these issues gaming can also become hard. So when you are looking for a gaming chair, then also check whether they have pillows or not.

They will not increase the price of gaming chairs too much. So get a gaming chair that has an adjustable lumbar pillow. if you find this Why do gaming chairs have pillows? blog useful then make sure to share it with your friends.

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