Do We Really Need a Gaming Chair? – Gamer Answered

Gaming chairs have become very common. To every second gamer, you will see a gaming chair.

Do We Really Need a Gaming Chair? - Gamer Answered

A question would have surely come to your mind if you were planning to purchase a gaming chair. Do we really need a gaming chair?

It is quite common as you are going to spend hundreds of dollars on it. So today we will give an answer to this question.

Gamers who do gaming for long hours need gaming chairs because they need a comfortable place to sit and good support for their bodies, but if you only play games for fun and do not play for long hours, then it is not so important for you to have gaming chairs. 

Even so, if you have the money, you can invest in a good gaming chair. Below we are going to discuss it more deeply whether you should Do we really need a gaming chair?.

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Do we really need a gaming chair?

There’s no doubt that gamers need gaming chairs. Gaming chairs are an important part of a gamer’s setup. However, not every kind of gamer requires one.

 As there are 2 types of gamers. 

  • Hardcore gamer
  • Casual gamer.

Hardcore gamers should definitely have a good gaming chair. It is important for them to have a comfortable place where they can sit and play games without any problems.

Gamer’s chairs have a soft, comfortable body that provides a comfortable place for them to sit.

Back pain because of sitting on gaming chair

Moreover, proper support is given to the user’s back, neck, elbows, legs, and hips. So, yes, gaming chairs are also extremely supportive.

They are good for gamers because of all these reasons. And all these things dont come in a normal chair. For the hardcore gamer, they are just uncomfy places that will give pain to their body.

Also, it is not good for their health as blood circulation will also get effect due to low support. But also they cost much higher than a normal chair.

You have to spend hundreds of dollars on a good gaming chair. Good gaming chairs cost between 200$ to 600$, or even more. Casual gamers dont sit for a long time.

They just play the game for 1-2 hours. So you can simply use a normal chair for casual gaming since they are not a bad choice for short sessions.

You can just compromise on some comfort. Likewise, there is no point in spending hundreds of dollars on chairs if you aren’t going to use them. You might also consider investing in a gaming chair if you have the money.

Benefits Of a Gaming Chair

There are tons of benefits to a gaming chair. These benefits make them worth buying. But today we will just explain to you some of them.

Improves Gaming 

Now it dont means that when you will use a gaming chair then you will become a pro in your game.

It simply means that you will be able to concentrate on your gaming properly. As you will get both comfort and support to your body.

This will help you in playing the game more properly. Your gaming experience will also improve and you will enjoy your gaming even more.

When we use an uncomfy chair we are not able to concentrate on gaming properly which decreases our gaming experience.


Yes, you heard it right. Gaming chair provides support to our back, neck, and hips areas. They help to distribute pressure from these areas which helps in relieving pain from these areas.

Also, due to pressure on these body points, blood flow is also stopped which is bad for health.

But by providing support to these points they help in regulating blood flow easily. The backrest also supports the user’s back and helps it in maintaining straight.

Which results in improvement of back posture.

Cool Look

Gaming chairs are known for their cool look. They have cool colors and designs on them. Their cool look makes our gaming room look better.

People who want cool look chairs should definitely go with them. From all other types of chairs, you will see huge color options in a gaming chair.

Some gaming chairs are even available in 15-20 colors. This gives you an option of getting your gaming in your favorite color or color that matches your other accessories like headphones, mouse, keyboard, and room.

How long can we sit on a gaming chair?

In fact, gaming chairs are made for long hours sitting. On a good gaming chair, you can sit for 10-12 hours easily.

Gaming chairs like Secretlab, DXRacer, and GTOmega chairs are made for long hours sitting.

Due to their comfort and level gamers dont find any issues while sitting on them. That is why you will see many hardcore gamers using their chair.

You can read our DXRacer vs Gt Omega blog to know which one is best. On a budget gaming chair, you can sit around 7-8 hours a day.

Proper support will be provided to you by them. If you are going to use the chair for long hours then make sure to spend on a good chair that can give your proper support and comfort.

Gaming chairs should have highly padded seats and backs, and be highly adjustable with ergonomic designs as they are very good for long hours sitting.

On some gaming chairs, you can even sit for the whole day and even then you will have no pain in butts and hips. Budget gamers can also make their gaming chair for comfort.

Below we will discuss more that how can you make your gaming chair comfier.

How to make gaming chairs comfortable?

Do you know that you can make your current gaming chair more comfortable? It is very simple and can be done without the help of another person.

The process is quite simple. The first thing you can do is use an external seat cushion. Different types of seat cushions are available in the market.

You can buy a comfortable seat cushion that can fit your chair size. And then place it over your seats. This will make your seat even more comfortable.

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If you have pain in your hips while sitting on your gaming chair then this thing will help you a lot. Another thing is replacing your headrest and lumbar pillow.

Sometimes headrest and lumbar pillows of a chair are not much comfortable. Thus, they dont give support to the back and neck. Also, they can bit hard too.

If you also have this type of chair then replace your headrest and lumbar pillow with a new one that is comfier and soft.

By doing this in a few minutes you can turn your uncomfortable chair into a comfortable chair. Also, read Why Do Gaming Chairs Have Pillows? to know the importance of headrest and lumbar pillows.

Also, use the extra lumbar pillow in your gaming chair which will make sitting even more comfortable than before. 

Is sitting on gaming char bad for your health?

No, sitting on a gaming chair is not bad for your health. But not every time. OK, so now what does it mean? it depends on the type of gaming chair you are using.

Low-quality gaming chairs dont give support to our main joints of the body like arms, hips, back, and neck. Which results in pain in these areas.

Also, they dont give support to our back properly. Due to no proper support, your back posture will also be bad which is not good for users’ health.

Sitting in the same position for long hours without support will also cause pain and other back pain issues in long term.

In premium gaming chairs you won’t have these issues as they have an ergonomic back design with great support to the back and other points.

This is the reason that a user should spend on a good quality chair than using a normal chair or low-quality chairs.


So today we give the answer of Do we really need a gaming chair? and some asked questions. Gaming chairs have many benefits.

When buying your favorite gaming chair, make sure that it has also features that you want in your chair. As by this you will get best features gaming chair for your money.

You can read our other blogs to know which gaming chair you should buy. We have reviewed many premium gaming chairs in our blog.

If you have any questions related to this Do we really need a gaming chair? then just type it in the comment box. I will be happy to help you!!

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