How To Connect Gaming Chair To A Nintendo Switch? { Step By Step Guide }

Have you recently purchased a Nintendo Switch? Have you ever wondered how to connect gaming chair to a Nintendo switch? You have come to the right place.

How To Connect Gaming Chair To A Nintendo Switch?

First-time gamers may find it challenging to connect Nintendo Switch with gaming chairs with speakers. However, it is quite simple to do.

You just have to follow a few steps to connect your gaming chairs with speakers to your Nintendo Switch. External speakers give a very clear and loud sound than Nintendo Switch internal speakers.

This makes gaming more enjoyable. Let’s see how you can do it.

It is possible to use a Nintendo Switch with speakers of a gaming chair in two different ways – wirelessly or wired. The Nintendo Switch comes with everything you need in order to do this.

Don’t worry as today we will teach you step by step. So read the blog from start to end.

How To Connect Gaming Chair To A Nintendo Switch?

As I previously said, you can connect your Nintendo Switch with your gaming chairs with speakers with 2 ways. One is by wireless and the second by the wired method.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Like in the wired method you have to attach many wires between a gaming chair and a Nintendo switch.

That is why it can become a bit hard to manage all the cables. Moreover, these cables can get damaged when you roll your chair or you move into your gaming room.

But by proper management of cables, this problem can be solved. Wireless methods are quite easy, but the sound quality can be compromised.

However, it will also depend on the quality of your gaming chair and its Bluetooth capability. So now let’s see how to connect your nintendo switch with your gaming chair.

Wireless and Wired Method

First, we will connect them wirelessly since that is the easiest way. Bluetooth-enabled gaming chairs with speakers can be connected to a computer, Xbox, and Nintendo switch wirelessly.

All latest Nintendo Switch models come with powerful Bluetooth connectivity. OLED Model and Nintendo Switch™ console (HAC-001(-01)) has Bluetooth 4.1.

Nintendo Switch has just launched their Nintendo Switch System Update (13.0.0): which allows the user to connect their Nintendo Switch to any wireless Bluetooth audio device.

So, you won’t have to use Bluetooth Audio Transmitter with Nintendo Switch anymore if your Nintendo Switch has version 13.0.0.

Hence, it is very easy to connect both devices.

1st Method ( Nintendo Switch System Update (13.0.0) )


  • First, turn on your Gaming chair speaker Bluetooth and set it in pairing mode.
  • After that, go to the Nintendo Switch HOME screen.
  •  After that, open Nintendo Switch System Settings and then Bluetooth audio devices section.
  • After that, click on Pair to search for your Bluetooth audio devices in the Bluetooth Audio section.
  • You will see your gaming chair Bluetooth device on the list. 
  • Click on it, and it will pair with your gaming chair speakers. ( The volume can now be adjusted according to your preference. )

2nd Method ( If your Nintendo Switch is below (13.0.0)

Before the Nintendo Switch (13.0.0) update users cant be able to connect their Nintendo Switch with wireless devices directly even though their devices had Bluetooth connectivity.

Wireless connectivity was previously only meant to connect your console and controller.

Because of this, you will need Bluetooth Audio Transmitters that are capable of transmitting Bluetooth signals. So let’s see how to do it.


  1. First, connect the Bluetooth audio transmitter to your Nintendo Switch. HomeSpot Bluetooth Audio Adapter is the best Bluetooth audio transmitter that you can use.
  2. This Bluetooth audio transmitter will send signals which will allow it to pair with wireless Bluetooth devices like speakers, gaming chairs, PS4, Xbox, etc.
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3. As shown in the picture you can connect it to your C-type USB port.

4. Now make sure to turn on the Bluetooth of your gaming chair. 

5. Now you will see your gaming chair Bluetooth in the Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Audio section.

6. Just select your gaming chair and click OK.

Your Nintendo Switch will get connected to your gaming chair.

Wired Method

Using this wired method, you can connect your Nintendo switch to your gaming chair if you do not want to connect wirelessly.

When using this method, make sure to do cable management well, as too much wireless can ruin the look of your setup, and sometimes wires get damaged as well.


  1. The first step is to connect an audio cord to the headphone jack on the upper side of your Nintendo Switch. (The Nintendo Switch comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack)
  2. Now, the next face of this audio cord cable needs to be inserted into the audio socket of your gaming chair. Which is available in the control panel of your gaming chair. 
  3. You may see a headphone sign on your gaming chair panel that will make it easy to find.
  4. As there will be a few more cords make sure to point to the right one.
  5. Power on the Nintendo Switch. Check if it is connected correctly, If it is not connected then check the socket in which you have to insert them. As properly, you have inserted them in the wrong one.
  6. Keep in mind to use a long-length audio cord cable as if the cable is short it will make it difficult to enjoy gaming.

Is XRocker Compatible with Nintendo Switch?

Yes, they are. In fact, XRocker chairs are one of the best gaming chairs with speakers that you can use with a Nintendo switch.

You can read this Are Gaming Chairs With Speakers Worth It to know whether you should buy gaming chairs with speakers or not.

You can connect them to your Nintendo switch by following the above steps. XRocker gaming chairs can be connected with many devices like PS4, PS3, PS5, XBOX, and Nintendo switch.

You can connect a Nintendo switch with your XRocker chair with both wireless and wired methods.

As XRocker chairs have Bluetooth connectivity you will not need to buy an extra product for connecting them.

They can be just connected by wireless means by first turning on Bluetooth on the Nintendo switch and then XRocker chair and then clicking on pair.

You can also connect your Xrocker gaming chair with Nintendo switch by using cables. XRocker has powerful speakers that produce high-quality sound.

So when you will do gaming on your Nintendo Switch clear sound will come from these speakers which will make your gaming more amazing.

Also, you can control the sound of these speakers through your control panel.


Overall gaming chairs with speakers are amazing. And we give answer of your question How to connect gaming chair to a nintendo switch? and other questions relate to it.

And now you can connect your Nintendo switch with them to enjoy your gaming even more.

Now enjoy your gaming with more clean sound with a high base.

All steps are very easy to follow so you will not have any issue in connection with your Nintendo switch with your gaming chair.

If you have any issues then just comment down we will help you for sure.

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