How Long Do Secretlab Chairs Last?

Secretlab chairs are one of the most popular gaming chairs in the market. Most of the gamers use their gaming chair. If you also are a Secretlab chair holder then You should have surely thought How long do Secretlab chairs last?

How Long Do Secretlab Chairs Last?

If Yes then you will find this blog very useful. Today we are going to answer one of the most asked questions by gamers How long do Secretlab chairs last?

Secretlab chairs can last from 8-10 years easily. These chairs have high build quality and are very durable. A very long warranty comes on Secretlab chairs which are proof of it.

Today in this blog we will learn about it more deeply. And will also answer some of the most asked related questions about Secretlab. So make sure to read the full blog.

Top Secretlab Gaming Chairs

Name RatingWarrantyPrice
Secretlab Omega 4.9/5 5 years$359
Secretlab Titan 4.9/5 5 years $409
Secretlab Titan XL 2020 Series 4.9/5 5 years $494
Secretlab Titan EVO 2022 4.9/5 5 years $469

How long do Secretlab chairs last?

Secretlab chairs come from one of the topmost high-quality gaming chairs. High-quality materials are used in making their chairs.

That is why Secretlab chairs can last for around 8-10 years.

Yes, You heard It right. In the market, there are not many gaming chairs that can last so long. Even some premium gaming chairs also last for 5 years.

But on these Secretlab chairs, you will see a warranty of 5 years alone. Which makes the highest warranty gaming chairs.

Secretlab has many durability and quality certificated. Their chairs are tested well before they are sold. Their Chairs have PRIME™ 2.0 Leather which is way more durable than other leather.

Not only this many certificated as BIFMA have also given to their secret lab chairs which shows how durable their chairs are.

They are reasons for the durability of their gaming chairs and also why they last so long.

Who is Secretlab?

Before we give the answer to some most asked questions let’s talk about the background of Secretlab.

Secretlab brand was started in 2014 by 2 esports players named Ian Ang and Alaric. Their current headquarters are located in Singapore.

Secretlab not only makes premium gaming chairs but also other types of furniture too. But mainly they are known for their high quality, aesthetics, durability, comfort gaming chairs.

When it comes to look and color options no other gaming brands can compete with them. Just in 2020, Secretlab has sold more than 5 lakh gaming chairs.

This is a very huge number and shows the increasing popularity of their gaming chairs. Just in 7 years, they have become one of the largest and most popular gaming chair brands.

At present in 2022, there are 4 gaming chairs in their product line.

Are Secretlab chairs durable?

No, doubt that Secretlab chairs are one of the most durable chairs. Of course, that is why their gaming chairs last for decades.

Secretlab dont compromise in build quality that is why their chairs may come a bit higher in price but they last so long.

Secretlab uses PRIME™ 2.0 PU leather which is way more durable than PU leathers that are why they dont get tear of wear after some years as normal leather does.

Not just Secretlab PRIME™ 2.0 PU leather but also other upholstery of Secretlab like NAPA leather, fabric are also of durable material.

All parts of Secretlab chairs are made from durable material which ensures that their parts dont get broken.

Moreover, each part of Secretlab chairs like Upholdary, Tilt Mechanism, Hydraulics, etc are tested many times and after they pass their test these chairs are sold.

Which is another reason for their durability. Cold-cure foam is filled under the chair seat and back that is why non-deflating foam which dont gets deflate over time and maintains its shape for a long time. 

How to increase the life of the Secretlab Chair?

There are many ways by which the life of Secretlab chairs can be increased. We will discuss these things by which you can increase your Secretlab life and can allow it to last for an even more long time. So here is who to do it-

Cleaning and maintaining

Cleaning and maintaining puts a very much effect on a life of a chair. If you dont maintain or clean your gaming chair then it will get damaged way before it was going to.

Clean your gaming chair regularly as it increases the life of upholstery and chair. Secretlab chair 3 types of upholstery and their different products for cleaning them. For EG

Upholstery TypeCleaner
Leather upholstery Secretlab Premium Leather Cleaner
Secretlab SoftWeave™ Plus and SoftWeave™ fabric  Secretlab Premium Fabric Cleaner.

If you dont want to buy them you can also use Clean dry or wet cloth for cleaning them. But make sure not to use too much-wet cloth for cleaning chair. And use a wet cloth for leather chairs only. In order to clean fabric chairs, you can use dry cleaning.

While cleaning a gaming chair with a wet cloth, do not rub your chair too much. It can leave damages and scratches to the chair upholstery.

Stay away Edibles-

Edibles damage the leather and fabric very easily. They can make gaming chairs smelly and your upholstery can get damaged after that.

So make sure that you stay away from edibles like food and drinks from your chair. When you are doing gaming then take care of holding edibles properly.

If you drop any type of edibles on your chair then clean that fast. Dont just left them for some time. It will damage your upholstery easily and will reduce its durability.

Stay away from the sun- 

Leather and fabric chairs should not be placed in very hot places or place where they can get direct sunlight. It makes upholstery hard too.

Which can reduce their durability and comfort. So make sure that you put your gaming chair away from hot places and the sun. By this, you can increase the life of your gaming chairs by some years.

Are secretlab Chairs Worth It?

In our previous blog, we have talked about this Are Secretlab Chairs Worth It?. Read that blog if you want to know about it in more depth. But today we will also discuss it.

So Yes, Secretlab chairs are definitely worth it. Secretlab chairs may come much higher price than many other gaming chairs brands.

You can get them from 350$ to 950$, depending on upholstery and design. But still, you can get Secretlab chairs in budget price but if buy simple look design and Fabric and Hybrid Leather.

As NAPA leather chairs are very expensive.

Secretlab chairs are very comfortable gaming chairs. They have tons of adjustability features like 4D armrests, lumbar pillow, height, and backrest.

Their large backrest provides great support to users’ backs. Secretlab chairs are used by hardcore gamers too because of their so many features.

Moreover, they last for many years too because of which users dont have to spend money on a new gaming chair. They can just use these Secretlab chairs for a long time.

So You should definitely invest in good chairs like Secretlab if you are a hardcore gamer and want a gaming chair in which you can sit and do gaming without having any uncomfortability.


Hope you get the answer to your question- How long do Secretlab chairs last? You should definitely invest in a good gaming chair like Secretlab.

But there are also many other gaming chairs brand like Akracing, GT racing, etc that produces high-quality chairs. You can also check them out too.

But no matter which gaming chair you are willing to buy make sure that chair is of high quality and has all features that want in your chair. If you find this blog helpful then share it with your friends.

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