What Gaming Chair Does Bugha Use?

What Gaming Chair Does Bugha Use?

Bugha, who has become popular in just a few years among Fortnite gamers. If you are also a Fortnite lover then you would have surely heard about him.

He is mainly known after he won the Fortnite World Cup 2019. Have you ever wondered what gaming chair does Bugha uses?

In this blog, we will answer what gaming chair does bugha use? Moreover, we will also cover other most asked questions from Bugha Fans like-

  • What are the features of the Bugha Chair?
  • Should You buy a Bugha gaming chair?
  • Best alternatives to his gaming chair
  • How much Does the Bugha chair cost?

Make sure to read this what gaming chair does bugha use? a blog carefully to know all these things.

What Gaming Chair does Bugha Use? 

What Gaming Chair Does Tfue Use?

Bugha is using the Herman Miller Embody Chair. Embody Chair is an ergonomic design chair that has an ergonomic spine’s natural curve back, 4D armrests, multiplayer seats, Adjustable seats, and back heavyweight capacity, and has large color options.

Herman Miller Embody Chair is a great chair for both office and gaming. And it cost between 1400$ to 2400$.

Below we will explain its features in more depth so you will get to know why he choices this gaming chair from tons of other gaming chairs. 

Quick overview of Bugha Gaming chair – Herman Miller Embody chair

Here is a quick overview of the Herman Miller Embody chair. Not only just you will get an overview of the features of this chair.

BrandHerman Miller
Armrests4D Armrests
Color11 different colors
Weight 51 Lbs
Weight capacity350 Lbs
ReclineTilt Tension
Material Rhythm Fabric

Pros and Cons of Bugha Chair


  • The chair has an ergonomic backrest that hugs the user’s spine properly.
  • It is very comfortable for long hours sitting.
  • Has high build quality.
  • Comes with 12 years long warranty.
  • No assembly is needed.
  • The chair comes in 2 upholstery options.
  • Has high customizability options.


  • The embody chair is very costly.
  • The lumbar support is not adjustable.

Who is Bugha? A small intro

Before we start reviewing the bugha gaming chair we will share the bugha background. Bugha lovers will surely want to know their background and personal life.

His real name is Kyle Giersdorf but he is popularly known by Bugha. He was born in the United States in 2002. Currently, he is 19 years old.

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He become popular when he win the 2019 Fortnite World Cup that was held in 2019. From where Bugha won $3,000,000 in Prize Money. Kyle Giersdorf had scored 59 points which had taken him to first place.

Bugha had started his carrier in 2018, just one year before he win the Fortnite tournament.

He had started with playing with No Clout and then on March 25, 2019, he signed with an esports organization with Sentinels.

Just after winning the Fortnite tournament his twitch and Twitter accounts were hacked but were later restored. Now let’s talk about his social accounts details.

Bugha has more than 4 million subscribers and 232.1 million on his youtube channel. Bugha also has game skin in fortnite which is a very big thing as very few streamers have their skin in the game.

Herman Miller Embody Chair Features

High comfort

When it comes it comfort there are not many chairs that can match the comfort level of this chair.

Herman Miller Embody is a highly comfortable chair that can be used by users who want to sit for a long time comfortably. That is why you will see Bugha and other gamers using their chair.

As they can sit on this chair and can do gaming chair without any issue. The ergonomic back design, comfortable seats, and back make it highly comfortable.

Its back provides support to users back and its seats have been made by multi-layers which makes them highly comfortable.

Not forget its high durability and soft upholstery which feels soft and allows the user to adjust its back, seat height, and width according to them. By this, the chair becomes comfortable for all-size users.

Ergonomic Design

Herman Miller embody has an ergonomic design. Herman Miller has put a lot of research into making this chair ergonomics.

The chair has been designed by Bill Stumpf Jeff Weber and other 30 physicians and has done PhDs in different fields like biomechanics, vision, physical therapy, and ergonomics.

No other chair has been done so much research in making their chair ergonomic. That is why hermain Miller comes from the topmost ergonomic chairs.

Its backrest has been designed to support users’ backrest. The Herman Miller back provides support to the backrest and maintains the back spine in a natural position.

The backrest is curved forward from the middle and the upper and lower are backrest.

Multi-Layers Seats

This type of Multi-Layers Seat dont come in most types of chairs. Multi-Layers Seats are way more comfortable than normal seats.

The chair seats are made of 4 layers that distribute the sitting pressure all over the seat and allow the user to sit comfortably for a long time.

The seat is breathable too and allows the air circulation easily and helps them to say cool. Like backrest, PIXELATED SUPPORT is also given on the seat.

These seats are large in size and have small padding to make them soft. They have a curve shape from forwarding which ensures that you dont have pain in your hips and butts.

High Adjustability

High adjustability comes in Herman Miller embody chair. The chair’s armrests, seats, and back all are adjustable. The armrests move Upward-Forward, Right, and left.

The chair back can recline back freely and can lock at certain angles as it is there is the synchro-tilt mechanism. Moreover height and depth of the backrest can be adjusted.

The chair seat height and depth are easy to adjust. There are levers given near the seats and by pressing them you can adjust them. Adjustable seats are a very rare feature and very few chairs are there that have this feature.

Adjustable Armrests 

Armrests are an important part of a chair. Like other features, you will get a comfortable well-padded armrests. And Yes. they are adjustable too.

And they are way more adjustable than other normal chairs armrests. They help the gamer to do gaming properly for a longer time as it becomes to do gaming on PC.

These armrests can move up-down by 6.6 inches to 10.5 inches and right-left from 12 to 21 inches. Armrests are much large in size and provide great support to elbows and shoulders.

High breathability

All because of its upholstery, the chair is highly breathable. The chair has Rhythm Fabric which promotes breathability. Both seats and back are made of Rhythm Fabric.

The easy air circulation allows the chair to remain cool on hot days too and prevents sweating. It is very helpful for gamers as they sit to do a chair for a long time.

Leather chairs can get warm easily which makes them uncomfy on hot days. But with this Herman Miller embody you will not face any issue.

Casters Type

Herman Miller embody chair has 2 casters options. One is Hard Floor and the second is Carpet Casters. Both these casters are made for carpet and hardwood caster.

These carpet caster rolls smoothly on carpet whereas hardwood caster can move on Hardwood and hard floors easily. These casters roll on the floor silently and dont do damage on the floor.

The diameter of these casters is 2.5-inch, so no doubt that they are highly durable and strong too. You can pick any of these casters types. But they will add cost to the chair from 40$ to 60$.

How much Does the Bugha chair cost?

So now next question that you would surely think that How much does Bugha gaming chair cost? Herman Miller Embody Chair is one of the costliest office chairs.

This Bugha gaming chair cost about 2400$. Depending on the upholstery and casters type its price can go up and down. The base model of this chair cost around 1400$. As there are 2 types of upholstery and casters, each of them has a different price.

The balance upholstery costs $200 more and for casters, you will have to pay more 40$ to 60$. Investing in this gaming chair can be hard to afford for some gamers.

But still, the chair is worth its price due to so many amazing features. There are some features like layered seats, ergonomic designs that are not seen in many chairs.

These different features add price to the chair and make it expensive. This embody chair dont require to assemble as you will get it fully assembled but it dont cost more money.

Should You buy a Bugha gaming chair?

Now the question arises that should you buy bugha chair or not? No doubt that the Herman Miller Embody Chair is a premium chair. The chair may cost a high price but it is worth it.

The chair is highly comfortable and one of the best chairs for the gamer. Even though this embody chair is an office chair still a gamer can use it.

That is the reason that so many hardcore gamers use its chair including bugha. A gaming chair should be comfortable and ergonomic. And this chair has both these features.

The chair is very comfortable as it has a soft body and high adjustability. And thanks to its spine-supportive back, it is ergonomic too.

The chair is perfect for hardcore gamers as they will find it comfortable sitting on the chair.

Also, the chair is good for health as it reduces pressure from the back and neck and makes sure that the gamer sits in a straight posture.

If you dont do gaming for a long time and play gamers just for fun then there is no need to invest in such an expensive chair.

There are many budget gaming and office chairs that you can use for gaming like Steelcase and AKracing. You will get a comfortable chair in less price. And your hundreds of dollars will be saved.

But if you are a hardcore gamer and also are concerned about your health then investing in this chair is a good idea. As the chair can last for 10-15 years.

You just have to spend money once and for so long time you can use this chair without any issue.

Secretlab TITAN 2020 Series

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07X94J25J&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=chair4you0a0d 20&language=en US

Secretlab TITAN is the best alternative to this embody chair. Titan is also a high-quality gaming chair and is also a very popular chair among gamers like this embody chair.

The chair starts from 400$, which is way cheaper than the embody chair. The chair comes in-

  • 20+ colors and designs.
  • 3 different size and weight gamers.
  • 3 upholstery types

It has a high supportive backrest and has large seats that hug gamers’ bodies properly and provide them with proper support.

The high backrest makes sure that your back remains straight. Secretlab titan chair can be used by any size gamer. No matter he is small or large size.

The chair’s backrest reclines back 160 degrees and has an angle lock feature too. Due to this feature, you can lock its back at different angles too. The armrests are 0.8 inches wider and can be adjusted in any direction.

Its armrests will provide support to your shoulder and arms. The chair is not like an embody chair that comes preassembled.

You have to assemble it on your own. It’s not a big deal as the assembly is easy.


  • Smooth and silent rolling casters.
  • Comes with 5 years warranty.
  • Has a supportive backrest.
  • Has multiple upholstery options.


  • Not have an adjustable lumbar pillow.


Bugha is a very popular YouTuber and many gamers wanted to know What Gaming Chair does Bugha Use? 

Embody chair is a popular chair among gamers even though this chair is not a gaming chair. You can definitely buy this embody chair but if you can’t afford it you can go with other gaming chairs too that are in the market.

If you find this What Gaming Chair does Bugha Use? blog useful then you can share it with your friends on social media. 

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