What Gaming Chair does Ranboo Use?

What Gaming Chair does Ranboo Use?

Ranboo is a popular streamer who has got very popular in just 1-2 years. If you love watching his Minecraft videos then you would have surely wondered What Gaming Chair does Ranboo Use? 

Today in this blog, we are going to answer this question so that you can get to know about Ranboo gaming chair.

Moreover, in this blog, we will also Cover related Questions like-

  • Ranboo Gaming Chair Name And Review
  • Should you Buy Ranboo Gaming Chair?
  • How much Does the Ranboo chair cost?
  • And Best Alternative to Ranboo Chair

To know all these things make sure to read the blog from start to end. As it will help you to decide whether to buy Ranboo Gaming Chair or Not?

What Gaming Chair does Ranboo Use? 


Ranboo is using DXRacer Unicorn Customized Gaming Chair since November 2020. DXRacer Unicorn is a color full look gaming chair that has features like a High-Density Mold Shaping Foam body, 4D armrests, supportive body, soft leather upholstery, and Smooth casters.

This premium gaming chair comes from DXRacer. This DXRacer Unicorn is made for small and middle-size gamers.

Ranboo has uploaded an assembly video of the DXRacer chair on his youtube channel with the title of ” I built a chair… “.

Quick overview of Ranboo Gaming chair – DXRacer Unicorn Customized Gaming Chair

Here is a quick overview of the DXRacer Unicorn Customized Gaming Chair. Not only just you will get an overview of the features of this chair.

Armrests3D Armrests
Weight 48 Lbs
Weight capacity200 Lbs
Recline135 Degrees
Material PU leather

Pros and Cons of Ranboo Chair


  • The chair has a cool and attractive look and design.
  • It has a very supportive backrest.
  • Has highly comfortable and padded body.
  • Has 360 degrees swivel seats.
  • Easy to move from one place to another.
  • Comes with 2 Years warranty.


  • The headrest and lumbar pillow don’t come free.
  • Not have a large reclining area.

Who is Ranboo? A small intro

Before we start a review of ranboo gaming chair let’s talk about some background of ranboo. Ranboo is a popular youtube and twitch streamer who is known for his entertaining Minecraft videos.

Ranboo was born on November 2, 2003, in the United States. Currently, he is living in San Francisco Bay Area.

Ranboo wears a black and white mask, sunglasses, and gloves on the camera due to privacy and severe facial dysmorphia.

But on November 26, 2021, he shared his pictures without sunglasses and mask on social media. Randoo Followers numbers are-

  • 3.5 Million on Youtube
  • 4.2 Million on Twitch
  • 2 Million on Instagram
  • 1 lakh on His Second Youtube Channel

But he is not very active on his youtube and upholds videos after every few months. Despite it, his channel is growing fast. Ranboo was also invited to join the Dream SMP that took place on November 27, 2020. So here was the short background of Ranboo.

Herman Miller DXRacer Unicorn Gaming Chair Features

High comfort

DXRacer Unicorn Customized Gaming Chair is a highly comfortable gaming chair. This is very common as that is why ranboo is using this chair.

The chair body has high-density padding foam which makes it so comfortable. The backrest has the user’s back properly and gives him support too.

Your butts won’t feel pain due to high padding. The armrests are much large in size that will provide support to your elbows your arms.

You can easily do gaming without pain in your elbows due to them. The headrest and lumbar pillow support the gamer’s back and help him to sit in a comfortable position for a longer time.

In terms of comfort, the chair has a 4.8-star rating out of 5. Which is impressive.

High Supportive Backrest

This ranboo chair has a supportive backrest which is very useful for hardcore gamers. Due to its supportive back, you will not have any difficulty sitting straight.

On the backrest, you will see places where you can attach the headrest and lumbar pillow that you will get with this gaming chair. Both of them adds support and ergonomics to the chair.

With this supportive backrest, your back position will remain straight and you will not have pain in your neck and back area.

The supportive backrest ensures that you can do gaming without any back pain issues. Moreover, you can also recline its backrest. Yes, that is right.

You can recline the backrest from a 90 to 135 degrees angle. By doing this you can find a comfortable angle for gaming. Not just that you can even lay back and can take a nap that will rest your body.

PU upholstery

DXracer gaming chair comes with PU leather upholstery which is very common on a gaming chair.

This PU leather is much more durable and strong than other cheap leather that comes in low-quality chairs.

This PU is very soft and thus feels great to the skin when touched. So when you will use the chair you will get rashes as you can get in fabric and mesh chairs.

The chair is easy to clean, thanks to this PU leather. This colorful gaming chair also will not get dirty. So low maintenance is needed for this Ranboo chair. Also, the leather is stain and scratch-resistant.

Adjustable Armrests

3D armrests come in this gaming chair. That is why you can move its armrests in 3 dimensions- Up-down, Right-Left, and Forward-Backward.

So you can adjust them to any position you want that gives your elbows and shoulders more support.

This is very helpful while doing gaming as it will provide support to your elbows. And will make it easy to use mouse and keyword.

The armrests are much wider in size so your elbows will get great support. The armrests have a curve shape which makes them safe to use too.

Cool Look

DXRacer Unicorn Gaming Chair is one of the coolest gaming chairs. As it is on its name, it has a unicorn theme which is pink, blue, purple, and white.

In our Best Unicorn Gaming Chair Review Blog, we had also pink this chair. The color combination is also on its headrest and lumbar pillow. Both boy and girl gamers can use this gaming chair.

Cool color patterns over the chair make it attractive and give it charming. Because of PU, the color over it looks even bright.

On its backrest, you will also see 2 eyes and a mouth. This type of cool-looking chair increases the look of a gaming room and also charms the gamer mood who sits on it.

Strong Base And Casters

 Ranboo chair has a 5-star Inlaid Color Bar Base that is made up of metal. The 5 Starbase is 27.5 inches wider which promotes stability to this chair.

The base can rotate by 360 degrees. The base is no doubt very strong and can bear heavyweight. On the base, there are 5 casters given.

That makes it easy to move this 48.50 lb. Casters have PU covering and are also called silent casters as they dont make even small noise very rolling.

Another benefit of these PU castes is that they dont leave any scratches on the floor. Read our Do Gaming Chairs Ruin Carpet? if you have any questions about it. These are Dula casters which are way more durable and strong. 


Mostly in the making of gaming chairs use of chemicals is done that are very harmful to humans. Now it is not that in this DXRacer use of chemicals is not done.

It is, but DXraxcer has done very little use of chemicals so the chair is much safer than other gaming chairs.

The chair has also received a REACH Certificate that which shows that they have really done low use of harmful chemicals.

Assembly and Warranty

DXRacer Unicorn Gaming Chair required assembly. This gaming chair dont come preassembled which is very common on this price range chairs.

But the assembly is not going to be hard. The chair will come unassembled in the box. On the box, you will get this chair in 7 parts which you need to assemble by now.

Tools that you will need in the assembly will also come in the box so you dont need to buy tools on your own. Now, let’s move to the warranty.

On the chair, there is 2 years warranty but on the frame, you will get a lifetime warranty. 2 years warranty is much low for a 400$ gaming chair which is one of the major cons of this chair.

How much Does the Ranboo chair cost?

Ranboo gaming chair is a medium-budget gaming chair. The gaming chair cost 400$. But the cost of a gaming chair will increase by 50$ if you buy headrests and a lumbar pillow too.

Make sure to buy them for sure as they are very important. In our Why Do Gaming Chairs Have Pillows? we have to tell their importance.

Even though the chair cost 400$ still it is one of the cheapest gaming chairs that is used by hardcore gamers.

Shipping and delivery of this DXRacer are free. So you won’t have to spend more money on them. 

Should You buy Ranboo Gaming Chair?

After knowing about what gaming chair does ranboo uses and how much does it cost. Now next question that you would be thinking about is whether you should buy ranboo gaming chair or not.

Ranboo is a premium gaming chair that costs 400$ which can be easy to afford for some but also hard for some gamers to afford.

No doubt that this DXRacer chair has many premium features like high adjustability, high comfortability, and high durability. This gaming chair can last for many years.

Also, the chair’s comfortability makes it a great chair for hardcore gamers. A hardcore gamer who is looking for a premium chair can buy this chair. The chair may cost 400$ but it is common for a premium gaming chair.

If you are looking for a high-quality gaming chair at less price then you can buy this chair. The chair is not made for large size and weight gamers.

So if you are above a 5’8″ user then the chair is not made for you. This chair is made for small and medium-size users only.

Also, the chair has less reclining area than other chairs at this price. If you want a high-reclining gaming chair then go with another chair.

At this price range, the gaming chair comes with more than 160 degrees reclining area. Read its pros and cons as it will help you in deciding whether to buy this chair or not.

Best Alternatives of Ranboo gaming chair

AKRacing AK-SX-BK Gaming Chair

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07B3VMPN2&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=chair4you0a0d 20&language=en US

AKRacing AK-SX-BK is the best alternative to ranboo gaming chairs. Ranboo gaming chair is made for small and medium-size users but this AKRacing AK-SX-BK gaming chair is made for medium and large-size users.

So if you are unable to use a ranboo chair due to heavy weight then you can buy this chair. With high-density padding, this racing chair is highly comfortable.

Both seats and back are very soft and comfortable and dont feel hard to back and butts.

Not forget that you will see a large size headrest and lumbar pillow that provides support to the neck and back.

PU leather is used on this gaming chair like the DXRacer chair. The PU leather is a soft and durable upholstery. Like DXRacer you will see PU caters and 3D adjustable armrests.

With a full 180 degrees reclining backrest, you can lay back on the chair. By doing this it becomes easy to take a nap on the chair.

Ranboo just has 135 degrees recline which is very low as compared to this chair. With reclining, the chair back can tilt back too.

Thanks to the powder-coated anti-corrosive paint frame, the chair becomes very strong. Its strong frame and base give it high durability.


  • Can be used for long hours sitting.
  • Easy to move, thanks to its PU casters.
  • Has large supportive backrest.
  • Comes in multiple colors.


  • Quite expensive.

Homall Gaming Chair 

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B01N9J7MLI&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=chair4you0a0d 20&language=en US

If you are a budget gamer but still need to best gaming chair at this price then surely check out this homall chair. The chair has large color options to choose from.

This chair is available in 8 stunning colors which are way more than the DXRacer chair. Homall Gaming Chair has more than 60K reviews.

That is why it will be not wrong to say that homall is one of the most popular gaming chairs. The homall chair has many amazing features even though it comes at a very less price. Like-

  • 180 degrees reclining back.
  • High-density shaping foam.
  • Smooth PU leather.
  • PU rolling casters.

Homall gaming chair has a Strong steel frame that makes the chair durable and long-lasting.

Not forget that this budget gaming chair has 300 Lbs weight capacity. Like Ranboo chair, the homall chair has PU casters that make its movement easy.


  • Very affordable.
  • Has a high reclining backrest.
  • Soft and fluffy seats.


  • The armrests are not adjustable.


So Today in this Blog we not only give the answer that What gaming chair does ranboo use? but also do a review of his gaming chair.

He is using a DXRacer unicorn gaming chair due to the gaming chairs features and low price. You can definitely use that gaming chair.

But before that make sure to read the full blog. If you find this blog useful then share it with your friends. 

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