How to clean a gaming chair smell

How to Clean Gaming Chair Smell

If you are reading this blog, then your gaming chair is smelling very bad. You need to get rid of this foul odor because it brings a lot of problems, including a bad mood.

It may seem difficult to fix the problem, but it is actually very simple. Here in this blog, we will tell you Ways how to clean gaming chair smell. Additionally, we will discuss related topics like-

  • What causes a gaming chair to smell bad?
  • What problems do smelly gaming chairs cause?

So make sure to read the blog from start to end as by the end you will be able to get a read of this bad odor from your gaming chair.

What causes a gaming chair to smell bad?

Before we tell you how to clean gaming chairs smell? You need to know why they smell bad. Various factors can cause gaming chairs to smell bad.

First, you need to know that most old gaming chairs smell bad. Most new gaming chairs do not have a bad odor unless they are made from high amounts of chemicals.

Here are a few reasons why you might have an unpleasant-smelling gaming chair.

  • Sweat– Sweating is one of the major reasons for a smell gaming chair. But the problem only happens with fabric and mesh gaming chairs. Even though the sweating problem dont have much in these gaming chairs due to their high breathability, still, if you sit for a very long time in the same place then you can have sweat and your sweat will be absorbed by these fabric and mesh chairs. As they are great absorbers. After some time of absorbing sweat, these chairs start smelling bad. If leather chairs are not cleaned regularly, you can face this problem with those chairs too. 
  • Fungi- When you put your mesh, fabric, or leather gaming chairs in too moist places. The moisture in your chair can lead to fungi like molds and mildew growing inside of it. You can also blame this on the bad odor coming from your gaming chair. Fabric and mesh chairs are most likely to cause this. Since they tend to absorb moisture easily.
  • Bacteria- We are surrounded by a large number of bacteria. There are many bacteria in our food, drinks, and sweat. You can transfer bacteria to your gaming chair if you sweat excessively or drop your drink or food on it. After some time, your gaming chair will begin to smell bad as it absorbs the bacteria. 
  • Chemicals- The use of chemicals is done in all gaming chairs. But the quantity of the use of chemicals can be different from chair to chair. Is your gaming chair smelling bad, since it comes to you? Then it can be because of the use of too many chemicals in your gaming chair. This type of smell goes away after some time but to speed up the process you can follow the steps that we will talk about.

How to Clean Gaming Chair Smell?

Okay, it’s very common that you would want to get rid of this bad odor. There are many things that you can do to remove this bad odor from your gaming chair. Below we will tell you easy ways to remove bad odor from your gaming chair. Here is how to do it-

Using baking soda

Baking soda is amazing as It is a multi-tasker. It helps in various things and it is very effective in removing bad smells too. The best thing about it is that it comes very cheap and is available very easily. So now let’s talk steps to do it.

  1. First, lightly sprinkle baking soda all over your gaming chair that smells.
  2. Now rub the baking soda over the chair gently so it goes deeper into the chair material. (Remember! to do this process carefully and slowly. As doing it fact can scratch the material upholstery)
  3.  Now leave the chair for a few hours or overnight.
  4. Now use a vacuum to take the baking soda off the gaming chair.
  5. Done!! 

You will see that the chair’s bad smell has gone away. But if this process dont take the chair bad smell fully then just read this step again. The baking soda will take away the bad smell from your chair and will leave it odorless.

Use Vinegar

Yes, the next thing you can use is Vinegar. You might be thinking-

  • Why use vinegar? 
  • And Does vinegar done to harm the gaming chair?

So vinegar is acidic in nature and kills the bacteria that cause a bad smell. Moreover like baking soda, vinegar is easily available. So now let’s answer your next question.

So, yes, vinegar can damage your gaming chair upholstery. But only if you use too much vinegar.

When you are using vinegar make sure to mix it with water so that its acidic nature can be reduced. Now steps to perform this method.

  1. Fill the vinegar solution with water in the spray bottle.
  2. Now gently spray the vinegar solution over the chair. 
  3. Remember: Use vinegar to moisture the gaming chair, rather than making it wet. As if the chair absorbs vinegar it can damage your upholstery.

But wait!! Will the chair not smell of vinegar? So, yes it will. But no need to worry as the vinegar smell goes away after a few days.

Moreover, the smell of vinegar is not as bad as the bad smell from the chair. If the chair’s bad smell doesn’t get away then perform the steps again.

Before performing this step, make sure that your upholstery type don’t get damaged with vinegar.

Place in Sunlight

Sunlight is a natural solution for removing bad smells from the chair. It is also a very easy and simple way to do it.

But keep in mind that this method can be done only in mesh and Vinyl gaming chairs. Never try to do it in Leather and Fabric gaming chairs.

Leather and fabric chairs will get damaged by playing in the sun.

If you have these upholstery chairs you would have surely known that these chairs should be placed in cold places as the color of leather and upholstery gets faded and leather chairs can even have cracked over them.

They will become hard like a rock and your body will have a hard feel while sitting on a gaming chair.

If you have a mesh and Vinyl gaming chair then just place your gaming chair in the sun on a hot and sunny day for a full day.

Sunlight will remove bad odor from the chair. To remove the smell fully can take a few days.

Use mixture sope and water

If you dont like previous methods or dont want to use them. Then dont worry, you can use this method to remove bad odor.

The method can be Followed in all types of upholstery chairs like Leather, mesh, and fabric. But be careful while doing it with mesh and fabric gaming chairs.

Firstly take water and add sope to it. Now take cloth or cotton and dip it in soapy water. Now in leather gaming chairs, you can clean the chair without any worry.

But when doing it in mesh and fabric chairs make sure that you don’t take too much-wet cloth or cotton. Now rub the chair gently.

Make sure that no water is left on the chair surface. Clean the water if there is any as it can damage the leather, fabric, or mesh.

Use a Steam Cleaner

Steam Cleaner is another method that you can use to clean your gaming chair smell. In this method, we simply use a small streamer that generates a hot moisture stream by the water.

And then we put that hot moisture stream over the gaming chair. The streams get away dirt, gunk, and bad odor from the chair surface.

And result in clean and odorless gaming chairs. Really very easy and can be also used to clean office chairs and other furniture in the home or office.

The reason that we put it in our last is that it can be expensive and dont find it in a home-like baking soda and vinegar does.

Why smelly gaming chairs are bad?

Spoils Sitting and Gaming Experience

If you are sitting on a gaming chair and are doing gaming but you are smelling a very bad odor from your chair. Then your gaming experience will get spoilt.

You will not be able to sit on a chair for a long time due to its bad smell. The smell will go in the full room and will also make it difficult for other people to stay in that room.

You have a cool gaming room with RGB lights set up to create an amazing environment in your room.

But the bad smell will take your gaming experience to zero. Which you will surely not want to.


Yes, embarrassment. You have a cool-looking gaming chair. But when a friend or relieve comes to your room he will notice that bad smell coming from your chair.

Which will make you embarrassed. Your friends or relatives will talk about the bad smell rather than your gaming setup.

No matter how good your setup is, still you will just get embarrassed due to this bad smell. Of course, you won’t like this to happen.

Damage your chair

Now bad smells can be due to fungi and bacteria in your gaming chair. These bacteria and fungi will not only make your chair smell bad but also damage your gaming chair from the inside.

Your leather and fabric may get weak and damaged due to them. And your chair upholstery age will get lower and will get tear and wear more easily.

How to prevent your gaming chair from smelling again?

The most common reason for smelly gaming chairs is that you dont clean your gaming chair regularly or do not take care of it. If you want to save your chair from getting smelly then you can just follow the below steps that we will tell-

  1. First, stay away from your gaming chair in a too wet or too dry place.
  2. Don’t sit on your gaming chair when you are too sweaty.
  3. Always sit on a gaming chair when you are clean.
  4. Clean your gaming chair regularly.
  5. Carefully hold edibles when you are on your chair. 
  6. Clean your chair immediately when you drop edibles on your gaming chair.
  7. Use spray cleaners to clean your gaming chairs. 

Conclusion– How to clean Gaming chair smell?

No one likes bad odors in gaming chairs. It becomes hard to sit on them. And it is very important to remove the odor smell as it is good for both you and your gaming chair’s health.

So just follow the methods that we have to tell you in this How to clean gaming chair smell? They are very simple and easy to follow methods.

If you have an office chair then read our how to remove office chair smell?. If you find this blog, share it with your friends.

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