Why Are Steelcase Chairs So Expensive?

Steelcase is one of the biggest office furniture brands. They make high-quality office chairs. That comes from the top most ergonomic office chairs in the world with the premium build quality.

Why Are Steelcase Chairs So Expensive?

But with premium features, their chairs are so expensive too. You would have surely thought why are Steelcase chairs so expensive?

As you will find Steelcase chairs from 300$ to 2200$ and also are Steelcase chairs worth it? In this blog, we are going to give the answer to these questions.

Not just that we are going to asked related questions to it. So make sure to read the blog from start to end.

Why are Steelcase chairs so expensive?

Steelcase chairs are very expensive, everyone knows it. The main reason that makes Steelcase so expensive is due to their-

  • High build quality
  • Ergonomic features
  • Ergonomic designs
  • Long Warranty
  • Focus On Sustainability and Eco-friendly

It’s common that if an office chair is made from premium materials and a company has given so many features in a chair, that chair of course will be expensive.

In Steelcase chairs, you will find many features that do not come in a normal chair. It’s another reason why their chairs come from the best chairs in the world. 

Below we will tell you some features or things that you will only find in Steelcase chairs and makes Steelcase chairs expensive. 

Ergonomic Design

Steelcase office chairs come with an ergonomic design. Steelcase all models have ergonomic design back and seats.

Ergonomic design is very important in a big office and gaming chair. And Steelcase has taken of this thing very properly. Their both back and sets come with an ergonomic design like we see in their Steelcase Gesture and Leap 1 Chair.

Steelcase chairs Features

They have an S-shape backrest that provides support to the spine properly and their edge shape seats help to reduce pain in hips and butts.

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Due to their ergonomic design, users don’t feel back pain and help with a pain issue. They can sit for long hours without any uncomfortable.

Only due to their blood pressure is not reduced on these back and hips points and the blood flow without any problem.

Not forget their soft adjustable armrests that support the shoulder and elbows.

Steelcase’s ergonomic design helps to sit in a straight posture for long hours. Steelcase chairs can be used for long hours sitting due to ergonomic design.

High build quality

When office chairs are made for High build quality, it’s very common that their price is going to be high. And the same things come with Steelcase.

Office chairs can be found cheap too but their build quality is very powerful and that is the reason that their chairs dont last for 1-2 years too.

Steelcase chairs are known for being long-lasting. It’s also the reason that you received so long a warranty like in Herman million chairs.

High-quality steel and hard plastic are used in the steelcase chairs making their chairs highly durable. Which is the reason that Steelcase chairs last for more than 10-15 years.

This type of build quality is not seen in many chairs. Other Steelcase chairs components have high build quality-

  • Base 
  • Frame  
  • Casters 
  • Fabric 
  • Padding

And no doubt that the use of high-quality material will come costlier than other low-quality chairs.

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Long warranty

As I previously said, Steelcase chairs come with a very long warranty. This type of warranty is currently given by only a few chairs brand.

Warranty is a very important thing as should not be ignored. It is also a way that a company shows how good quality his office chair is.

And in Steelcase chairs, you dont see a 4-5 years warranty, but a limited lifetime warranty. Yup!! that is right.

Even in herman miller who is a leading brand in office chair given 10-12 years warranty. But Steelcase has gone way far from them.

But this only, you can guess that build quality of Steelcase office chairs. Their office chairs may be expensive but due to high build quality, it becomes like a one-time investment.

Just buy Steelcase chairs once and then use them for decades. If you got any problem with their chair, just connect customer support.

They will send you new parts if your chair part is broken or if there is any other issue they will solve that too.

This warranty is valid in countries like the Americas: the United States, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, and the Caribbean. So much long warranty also adds price to their chairs.

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Sustainability and Eco-Friendly 

Steelcase put a lot of effort into both Sustainability and Eco-friendly. Steelcase aims in making products that are sustainable and are eco-friendly.

Which is seen in their chairs too. Steelcase chairs last for many years and they use eco-friendly materials in making their chairs.

InFact A large number of Steelcase chairs are made up of recycled material and ocean waste. That is why their office chairs are easy to recycle.

That is why Steelcase has become World’s Most Admired Companies and Community-Minded Companies in 2021. Steelcase was made in 1921 and from its beginning, its goal is to make sustainable and are eco-friendly chairs.

Moreover, the fabric that is used in their chairs is also eco-friendly. 

You will be shocked to know that: Steelcase’s New Black material is made of 100% recycled scrap fabric that is obtained from ocean waste. And their Intersection fabric was created from ocean waste as part of the SEAQUAL Initiative. Every yard of Fabric uses ½ pound of ocean plastic. Recycling waste is not a cheap task. 

Using recycling material adds lot of money to the price of the product. 

Ergonomic features

Steelcase office chair comes with many ergonomic features. The more ergonomic features a chair has, the more expensive it becomes.

Like first you will get an ergonomic back design and edge seats. On Steelcase chairs, you can adjust both their seat and back. not every chair has adjustable seats.

So you can adjust their position to get the best sitting experience. Not just that you will also get adjustable armrests and a lumbar pillow. Which adds to the ergonomics of their chairs.

The level of adjustability of Steelcase armrests is not seen in any other chairs. Their armrests can move in any direction you want.

By this, you can get proper support to your elbows and shoulders. Which also contributes to their ergonomic features.

Not forget that you can also adjust their seat height and swivel then 360 degrees. All of these ergonomic features did not come cheap.

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That is why those chairs that have these features always come expense as this chair does.

Are Steelcase chairs worth it?

So are Are Steelcase chairs worth it? It’s no doubt it is an important question. Steelcase chairs come much costlier, no doubt in it.

Its answer depends on for what purpose you are buying this chair. If you are not going to use the chair for long hours sitting.

Then no need to spend hundreds of dollars on these Steelcase chairs. As for small-time uses, you can buy a normal office chair for way cheaper than this one. 

But Steelcase is a worthy office chair for users who have to sit in the same place for a long time. As they will need a chair that is very comfortable and ergonomic.

So that they dont have any uncomfortability while using the chair for long yours. Moreover, in Steelcase chairs, you won’t have back pain issues because of its ergonomic. Which is good for your health.

Not forget that Steelcase chairs last for decades, so you dont have to spend money on buying a new chair.

Which also makes it a one-time investment that you need to make. Steelcase chairs are expensive but you will save a lot of money by not buying a new office chair for many years. 

Is Steelcase a good brand?

Steelcase is a major office chair manufacturer and is definitely a good brand. Steelcase is a brand that is known for high build quality office chairs.

Steelcase was founded in March 1912 which makes it a very old brand. Their office chairs like Steelcase criterion chair and Leap chairs are the top chairs of the world.

All their products have a high build quality and that is the reason their chairs have a long warranty. A long warranty shows that Steelcase is sure about its product quality.

Not just that, Steelcase has also won many awards like the Editors’ Choice Award, Silver Award, World’s Most Admired Company, and 2020 Civic Award which shows how good the Steelcase brand is.

It is also a reason that people buyers their office chairs even then they are expensive. 

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How to save money on Steelcase Chairs?

Steelcase chairs are very expensive but there are many ways by which you can save a lot of money on buying their chairs. So today we will tell you some ways by which you can save a lot of money.

Buy a Used Steelcase chairs

One of the best ways to save money is to buy a used Steelcase chair. Who said you should always buy a new chair. Steelcase chairs come with a limited lifetime warranty.

That is why even if you buy an old Steelcase chair you will see a warranty on that. Old Steelcase chairs come much cheaper than a new Steelcase chair.

So search for a good condition chair on online websites and then buy that. If you face any issue with that old chair you can contact customer support and they will solve that issue.

Buy Chairs on Sale

Steelcase chairs also go on sale. You will find sales on their official website and 3rd party websites like amazon. At sales, you can sell hundreds of dollars.

So wait for a sale and then only buy a Steelcase chair for you at a much cheaper price than the original price of that Steelcase chair.

It’s also a simple and easy way to save money on a new Steelcase office chair. All over the years, different sales are going every now and then.

Outlet Stores

From outlet stores too, you can buy Steelcase chairs at a cheaper price. But when buying make sure that you buy an original Steelcase chair then a duplicate one.

One of the drawbacks of this is that you will mostly find old Steelcase chairs model. But Steelcase’s old models are also good for users.

Is Steelcase Better Than Herman Miller?

Both Steelcase and Herman Miller are some of the leading brands in office chairs. Both of them are very old too.

And not forget that Herman miller come very expensive. We have explained in our previous blog, Why Are Herman Miller Chairs So Expensive?.

In terms of features, Herman miller is the clear winner as you will see many premium features that do not come in Steelcase chairs like pixelated support and high customizability.

In Steelcase too you will see customizability but not much as Herman miller. Both companies put a lot of effort into the ergonomic design of their chairs.

Which you will often see in their office chairs. But when it comes to price then Steelcase chairs are much more affordable than Herman million.

Steelcase chairs come much cheaper than the Herman million office chairs. That is why if you cant afford Herman Miller then you can buy Steelcase chairs. 


Overall today we answer the question Why are Steelcase chairs so expensive? and other related questions to it.

Steelcase chairs may be expensive but the price that you will pay will come back in form of comfort and ergonomics.

And if you have the budget then buy then invest in an office chair like Steelcase as these chairs are long-lasting.

That is why after investing in them you won’t have to look for a new chair. So if you like this Why are Steelcase chairs so expensive? Blog make sure to share it with your friends.

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