How Long do Herman Miller Chairs Last?

Herman Miller Chairs comes much costlier, which makes them an expensive investment.

How Long do Herman Miller Chairs Last?

That is the reason that many users wanted to know How Long do Herman Miller Chairs Last? before doing an expensive investment. In this blog, we are going to answer this question.

So, How Long do Herman Miller Chairs Last? Herman Miller Chairs last for around 15-20 Years or even more than that. This becomes possible because of their high build quality and durability. If you do proper care of these chairs, then you can even increase their lifespan.

Today in this blog, we will talk about this in more detail and will also answer other related questions to it. So make sure to read the blog to the end. 

How Long do Herman Miller Chairs Last?

All Herman Miller chairs come with long 12 years warranty. This type of warranty is only given by companies when they are sure about the quality of the product.

They are sure that their product will last for a long time without any proper. Like we see in Herman Miller that have so long warranty.

Herman Miller chairs are made by using high-quality material in making their office chair. All components of Herman Miller are made up of high-quality material.

Like you will see their upholstery, frame, base, cushions, and casters. All are made up of high quality. That is why their office chairs dont get damaged or broken for decades. 

Herman Miller chairs can last for more than 20 years. It’s common that if an office chair is made up of high-quality material that chair will last long.

Herman Miller’s upholstery is not going to tear for a long time. On the other hand, many office chairs even not last for a few years.

So much high build quality is another reason that makes their chairs long-lasting and also expensive. 

Do Herman Miller Chairs Wear Out?

No, Herman Miller Chairs dont Wear Out. Herman Miller may cost costlier but they are expensive due to some reason. Herman Miller is made for lasting for a long time.

They are made by using high-quality mesh material which is why they dont wear out or do not give any problem. But even if your Herman Miller chair wears out.

Dont worry the chances are very very low. So you just content Herman Miller customer support that will solve your proper in no time.

But also do proper care of your chair as if you dont take care of your chair these chances can increase. 

The lifeSpan of Different Herman Miller Modal Chairs 

Herman Miller has many modals of office chairs. But the lifespan of their all office chair is very long and similar.

All different models Herman Miller like Aeron Chair, Embody Chair, Sayl Chair, and Mirra 2 can last for more than 15 – 20 years easily.

Aeron Chair12 Years15-20 Years$1,695
Embody Chair12 Years15-20 Years$2,115
Sayl Chair12 Years15-20 Years$1,035
Mirra 2 12 Years15-20 Years$1,265

Herman Miller chairs are made up of hard plastic, steel and high-quality mesh, and soft foam.

The quality of this material is way more than normal quality material that is why their lifespan is so long.

But as I mentioned earlier, like all other products you need to take care of your office chair and maintain and clean them too. By this thing, you can increase the like of these chairs.

How To Take Care Of Your Herman Miller Chair?

Herman Miller Chair is very costlier and long-lasting. But the life of an office chair can decrease if they do not maintain proper.

And by maintaining office chair properly their life can be increased too. And this same thing is with this Herman Miller Chair.

Below we will tell you how you can take care of your office chair. So make sure to read them if you want your Herman Miller Chair to last for many years. So here is how to do it-

  • Clean your office chair body every day with dry or little wet soap water. 
  • Dont put your office chair in sunlight or in too cold places. 
  • Stay away from edibles from your Herman Miller Chair. And if you drop them over your chair then clean them immediately with a wet cloth. 
  • Not put your Herman Miller Chair in the moisture area as it will damage your mesh, base, and frame. 
  • Use the right size office chair for your body size and weight. If you have bought a small size Herman Miller Chair for yourself then return that immediately. 
  • If you find any bolts lose then tight that immediately. Dont be lazy to tighten it loose bolts can damage your chair.
  • While cleaning your office chair, dont rub your chair too hard, and dont use low-quality cleaner for your chair. 
  • Buy original Herman Miller Office Chair.

How to know that your Herman Miller Chair needs replacement or repairs?

There are many signs that your Herman Miller Chair will start giving when it will need replacement or repairs.

And you should be able to understand these signs as you should not use office chairs that need replacement or repairs before solving that issues.

Don’t worry as we will tell you signs that your office chair will start giving. So here are these signs-

  • Your office chair mesh or fabric is torn from many areas.
  • The backrest and seat cushion have been deflating too much and your butts and back are touching frame and backrest.
  • The casters have been broken or have been damaged. Never use broken or damaged casters as they will leave a lot of scratches on the floor and will damage your floor and carpet.
  • The gas life cylinder is not working properly or is creating a problem in height adjustment. 
  • The office chair is no longer comfortable. At this point, you should definitely replace that chair. As there is no point in using an uncomfy office chair. 
  • The office chair has become wobbly and unstable. This shows that you need to replace your office chair right now. As some screws have become loose. Also check out casters, base, and cylinder as they can be behind this problem too. 

Is Herman Miller Office Chair Worth it?

Herman miller may cost you a lot of money but they also are equipped with premium features like high ergonomics, high adjustability, and comfort.

That is why you will get full value for the money that you will spend on them. That is why Herman Miller chairs are worth it.

Also, dont forget that these chairs are expensive due to their premium features and build quality. Using a high-quality office chair also increases our work productivity and has a good effect on our health too.

Normal office chairs dont are ergonomic and can have a bad effect on your body posture and health.

Whereas in Herman Miller chairs your body posture is improved and you don’t have health problems in long term.

Also, not forget the fact that Herman Miller chairs are long-lasting chairs that last for a long time. They last for many decades.

It’s like a one-time investment that you need to do and you will get a highly ergonomic and comfortable chair for decades.

No need to search for a new office chair and invest in them for decades. It is also better to buy a good quality office chair like Herman Miller once rather than buying many low-quality office chairs that even dont last for a few months or years.


Herman Miller chairs are long-lasting office chairs. They can last for 15-20 years easily. And their life can also be increased by giving them proper care.

In this blog, we tell you these things too. But if you cant afford Herman Miller chairs then you can also go with cheaper alternatives of them that is Steelcase.

Steelcase also builds high-quality office chairs like them but they are much cheaper than them. So if you want a high-quality office chair but at a cheaper price then checkout a Steelcase office chair.

You will also love them as they also have many premium features like Herman Miller. So I am ending this How Long do Herman Miller Chairs Last? Blog right here.

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