Is Herman Miller’s warranty transferable?

Is Herman Miller warranty transferable?

Herman Miller is sure an expensive investment, but surely worth it. And the warranty is one of the most amazing features of Herman Miller.

They offer 12 years of long warranty which is way more than most other office chairs brands. That is the reason that many users always have one question about the warranty Is Herman Miller warranty transferable?

That is why today we are going to answer it. Herman Miller has never said that their warranty is transferable but they also dont ask any proof that you are the owner of that Herman Miller chair. So overall it means that you can have your 2nd hand Herman Miller chair if it is in warranty without any issue. However, the defect should come under the guideline.

Below we will discuss it more deeply and will also cover some other questions like-

  • What does Herman Miller’s warranty cover?
  • What do you need to provide for the repair services?
  • Do I need a receipt for Herman Miller warranty?
  • How can I tell if my Herman Miller chair is real?

So make sure to read a blog from start to end to all this.

Is Herman Miller warranty transferable?

No, Herman Miller’s warranty is not transferable. Herman Miller does not give you an option to transfer the warranty from the old owner to the new owner of any Herman Miller product.

However, when you will go to the Herman Miller store for repair they won’t ask you for any proof that will show that you are the real owner of that chair.

herman miller manufacturer label
Manufacturer Label

You can just apply for a warranty without any proof and can get your damaged chair repaired if you have manufacturer label or Bill. But make sure that the chair is under the warranty. 

What does Herman Miller’s warranty cover?

It’s really an important question which answers you should know. Every company including Herman Miller has guidelines in their warranty.

In the guideline, they also tell users what will be covered in their warranty and what parts will not cover.

Warranty is Herman Miller one of the biggest things, as you will get 12 years of warranty. Due to their long warranty, they are known for a long years warranty.

Ok, so now let’s come to the point, what is covered in Herman Miller’s warranty? In these terms also Herman Miller has performed very well. So what does it mean?

In Herman Miller warranty they cover all Herman Miller parts like-

  • Electrical components
  • Casters
  • Pneumatic cylinders
  • Tilts
  • All moving mechanisms

But remember there are many things that will not cover in their warranty.

  • If the chair is torn wear from places due to your fault.
  • You have dropped liquid or food on the chair and it has caused strains,
  • Variations in the wood color
  • Any issues caused by wear and tear.
  • Pilling on textiles.

then they will not come under their warranty. It’s a common thing that you will find on any office chair warranty. In order to fix these issues, you will have to pay money in order to fix it.

All the above information that we tell you will cover in both U.S. and Canada Warranty and International Warranty.

What do you need to provide for the repair services?

As I have earlier said, Herman Miller dont ask for any proof that will tell that you are the owner of that chair.

But it also dont mean that you will just go to their store and will get your service done without giving them anything. In order to take benefit of their service, you need to give them the below things-

  • Complete product number
  •  FO number
  •  Manufacture date
ig cts warranty service 02.jpg.rendition.480.480
Manufacturer Label

All this information will be written on the label that will be under the seat. The location of this label may change in upcoming models but the information on them will be the same.

When you buy a new chair make sure that you dont tear this label. Also, if you are buying an old Herman Miller make sure to check the label.

If the chair dont have any label then do not buy that chair as you may be able to get the benefit of the warranty.

If your new or old Herman Miller does not have labels then you need to look for the receipt that you received while buying your chair.

The label is covered with plastic which is done so that the label is not torn for decades or not get fade away.

Do I need a receipt for Herman Miller warranty?

That is a good question. Yes, but you will only need a receipt when your chair dont have a manufacturer label.

If you dont have both the manufacturer label and receipt then you will not be able to claim Herman Miller’s warranty.

That is why when you are buying an old Herman Miller make sure that the chair has a manufacturer label. We will not recommend buying a chair that dont have a label.

At least the chair should be one of both of them- label or receipt. If the chair has both of them then it is great. You may find some users selling their Herman Miller chair for cheap.

But their chairs will not have both labels and receipts. Never buy these types of chairs as a warranty is an important feature of an office chair.

And at these types of Herman Miller chairs, you won’t be able to claim that warranty. In our, Why Are Herman Miller Chairs So Expensive? Blog we have to tell you that warranty is also a reason that Herman miller is expensive. 

Is a Herman Miller warranty global?

Technically, Yes. Herman Miller has 2 types of warranty. First is the U.S. and Canada Warranty and second is International Warranty.

As it is in their name. If you buy your office chair in the US or Canada then your chair will be covered in U.S. and Canada Warranty.

On the other hand, if the chair is bought outside US or Canada then the chair will come under the International Warranty.

So if you have If you buy your Herman Miller chair in US or Canada and send it outside these countries then the warranty will not be valid. Herman Miller has a large number of certified stores all across the globe.

You can use their Herman Miller location located to find their stores near you. It makes it easy to find authorized stores easily.

Moreover, you can also contact their customer support if you are having difficulty in finding their store. You can also call Herman Miller.

But as I have previously maintained the warranty will not be valid on both types of warranty if the damage to the chair has been done by the fault of the buyer.

How can I tell if my Herman Miller chair is Real?

In the market, you will also find many fake Herman Miller chairs. These types of chairs come much cheaper in price than real Herman Miller chairs.

And of course, you won’t be able to claim a warranty on these chairs. And the worse part is that these types of Herman Miller chairs don’t last for even a few years.

That is why when you are buying a Herman Miller chair make sure that chair is real. There are certain ways by which you can identify a fake Herman Miller chair.

Check Manufacturer Label

Manufacturer Label comes in all Herman Miller models. In the same models, it comes under the seat and in some, you may find it backside of the backrest.

When you are going to buy a Herman Miller chair always check the Manufacturer’s Label. If the chair has this label then the chair is real for sure.

But if your chair don’t have then don’t buy that chair as the chair can be fake. Also, once you find Manufacturer Label on your chair then you can check the chair originality by giving the number on the label to Herman miller.

They will tell you whether the chair is fake or real. Also, you can call any Herman Miller authorized seller and they will also tell you whether the chair is fake or real. 

Herman Miller has made it easy for buyers to see whether they are using a real or fake Herman Miller chair. So make sure to follow this step. 


Herman Miller chairs come with 12 years warranty. Which is really very long. Always buy a Herman Miller that is in the warranty period.

You may find Herman Miller without a warranty cheaper in price but dont go for them. By doing this you are gambling that your chair will not have any problem for many years.

If your Herman Miller chair gets the issue and it dont has a warranty then you are going to have many issues and you have to spend a lot of money on repairing them.

Herman Miller chairs are long-lasting chairs that can last for 15-20 years. And if you have money then you should buy a new Herman Miller chair for sure.

So if you find this Is Herman Miller warranty transferable? blog useful then share it with your friends. 

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