Steelcase Series 1 vs Series 2: Which One is Better?

Steelcase is one of the biggest office chair brands that is known for making high-quality office chairs.

Steelcase Series 1 vs Series 2

And Steelcase series 1 and series 2 are two of their premium chairs that have Both ergonomic and cool features.

But the price difference between them is not very big which confuses people that which is the best Steelcase series 1 or Steelcase series 2. Today in this Steelcase Series 1 vs Series 2 Blog we will do-

  • Steelcase Series 1 vs Series 2 Detail Review
  • Similarities and differences between Steelcase Series 1 and Series 2.
  • And last Which one is Better?

So that you can choose the best Steelcase office chair for yourself. So to know all this make sure to read this blog full.

Quick Comparision Between Steelcase Series 1 vs Series 2

Steelcase Series 1Steelcase Series 2
Lumbar PillowAdjustable Adjustable
Adjustable BackrestYes, with Lock FunctionYes, with Lock Function
Adjustable Height16. 1 to 21.1 Inches16.5″ – 21.5 inches
SeatsBoth Height and Depth adjustableBoth Height and Depth adjustable
Warranty12 Years12 Years
Color Options20+ Colors30+ Colors
Back Height from Seat22.5 inches21.5 Inches
Overall Chair Height36.5″ – 41.25 inches38″ – 42.5 inches
Headrest & LumbarYesYes
Weight‎29 pounds36 pounds
Weight Capacity400 Lbs400 Lbs

Not have Time to read Full Blog? Then here is Quick Answer

Both steelcase 1 and 2 series are great office chairs that can buy. But in terms of comfort and features the steelcase series 2 wins with little plus points.

As the steelcase has more supportive back then steelcase 1. And also the series 1 chair is not much expensive then steelcase 1. ( Click to View Steelcase 2 )

Steelcase Series 1 Review

Steelcase Series 1 is a budget office chair that comes much cheaper than the series 2 chair. The chair has an ergonomic backrest that has an adjustable lumbar pillow too.

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The chair comes in multiple colors and has 4d adjustable armrests. The armrests provide support to elbows and shoulders properly.

The Steelcase 1 has a soft fabric seat that allows the user to sit on the chair for a long time. This feature makes series 1 a worthy chair for long sitting.

Not to forget that the seats have a soft seat cushion that also prevents our butts from getting hurt. Steelcase Series 1 features a LiveBack(TM) flexor system, which is a major feature of this chair.

This feature conforms with the user’s body and moves and then makes sure that they are getting support even if the body is changing positions.

Steelcase Series 1 has a 4.4-star rating and 350 Reviews. No doubt that Steelcase Series 1 is getting a positive response from the buyers.

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  • A strong frame and base come in the chair that makes the chair long-lasting.
  • Height adjustment makes it best for all-size users.
  • The chair gives the option to choose from both types of casters- Hardwood and Carpet casters.
  • The chair comes in multiple colors, which gives users a lot of color options.
  • The armrests are 4d adjustable and can move in any direction.


  • The backrest can feel hard as it has not done soft padding.
  • The chair is overpriced. There is no doubt that the chair has a lot of features but the chair still seems to be but high.

Steelcase Series 2 Review

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Steelcase Series 2 is an upgraded version of Steelcase Series 1. But their look and many features are very different including their price.

Steelcase Series 2 chair comes 100$ t0 150$ more than Steelcase Series 1 chair. Steelcase Series 2 also comes in more than 20 colors.

It has a breathable body that allows easy air circulation from the chair. Not just that the chair ergonomic back and seat design also relieves back, hips, and butts pain.

Steelcase 1 has Patent-pending Air LiveBack(TM) technology. Like Steelcase 1 chair, when you will sit on the chair and will do movement, the chair will provide support according to your movement.

On amazon, Steelcase Series 2 has got a 4.2-star rating. Steelcase Series 2 also has-

  • 4D adjustable Supportive armrests.
  • Has 360 degrees rotating seats.
  • The adjustable height seats can move 38-42.5”.
  • Adjustable seats.


  • The chair has a heavyweight capacity of 400 Lbs. 
  • The chair has strong rolling casters that roll on all types of floors. 
  • The backrest is highly breathable. 
  • The chair has 12 years of long warranty.
  • The seats are adjustable and can move backward and forward by 2.5 inches.


  • The base model don’t have lumbar support.
  • No headrest makes it less ergonomic.

Similarities between Steelcase Series 1 And Series 2 

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Both Steelcase chairs have many similar and different features. First, we will talk about similar features that come in both chairs.

Large Color Option

Both Steelcase Series 1 And Series 2 come in large color options. Steelcase is known for giving large color options to buyers Both chairs are available in more than 15 – 20 different colors.

All colors on the fabric mesh and back look very cool and stunning. Red, orange, brown. blue is the coolest color on these chairs.

Steelcase Series 2 color options

You can choose these Steelcase chairs in any color you want. Buying a Steelcase chair according to your room color or setup color is also a great option to do.

But still Steelcase Series 2 is the clear winner in terms of color options. As the number of color options in Steelcase Series, 2 is way more than series 1.

4D Armrests

Both Steelcase Series 1 And Series 2 have 4d armrests. That is why these armrests can be adjusted- Up and down, pivot in and out, and shift forward and back and side to side.

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The adjustable armrests provide great support to elbows and shoulders. And makes it easy to do work They provide support to our elbows and arms and make sure that you can sit for long hours without having pain in arms.

2 Types Casters

2 types of casters come in both Steelcase office chairs. These types of casters are-

  • Hardwood Casters
  • Carpet Casters

Both of these chairs are made for different types of floor. In our Do Office Chairs Ruin Carpet? Blog we have told their importance. In both Steelcase series, you can choose 1 of these casters.

Due to these options, you can easily choose casters type according to your floor. Which will solve problems like- Casters not rolling on the floor smoothly or damaging the floor. 

Ergonomic Seats

The design of both Steelcase Series 1 And Series 2 seats are the same. Steelcase offers flexible seat edge design seats that are very helpful in long hours sitting.

The flexible seat edge design seats have a soft seat cushion that makes sure that the pressure is distributed over the seat.

Due to the soft foam seats, the butts dont have a hard feel. Not just that due to The flexible seat edge seats, the blood flow does not affect the hips and butts area.

The height and depth of both chairs seats are adjusted. You can adjust according to your body size to get the best sitting experience. 

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Weight-activated tilt mechanism 

The weight-activated tilt mechanism is another thing that you will see in both Steelcase Series 1 And Series 2. This type of mechanism is very helpful for users. 

So what does it Weight-activated tilt mechanism?

Because of this mechanism the seat and back synchronized with each other. Because of this you dont have to stand up from the office chair to recline the chair’s backrest. By just putting your feet on the floor you can recline your back. 

Headrest and Lumbar support

Both Steelcase series has a headrest and lumbar support. Both headrest and lumbar support add ergonomics to the chair.

But the thing that you need to remember is that these headrests are not available in their base model. You need to buy extra money for them.

The same applies to lumbar support too. But in lumbar support, you only have to pay in Steelcase Series 2 only. Both of these things are very useful for users.

They add ergonomics to the chair. And helps the user to sit without back pain for long hours. Not just that, they also help in improving body posture by supporting the back spine in a straight position.

Build quality

Build quality of both Steelcase Series 1 And Series 2 is solid and strong. And there is no difference between their build quality.

Both have a mesh backrest and fabric seats. The fabric and mesh are of high quality that does not tear up or dont feel hard to skin.

The seat cushion inside the seat dont deflates as it is of good quality. Steelcase has used strong material in its base and frame.

This gives both chairs high durability and the chair lasts long. As Steelcase has a high build quality that is why Steelcase gives a long warranty on the chairs.

So now let’s talk about their casters’ build quality. Both hardwood and carpet casters are of high quality too. That is why Steelcase is known for making high-quality office chairs.

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Recline with Lock

So Yes, reclining is also available in both series of Steelcase. The level that you can use for height-adjustable, that same lever can be also used to recline its backrest.

As I have said, you can also lock the backrest while reclining the back. The reclining back allows the user to adjust the back angle according to his need.

By doing this, he can sit for a long period comfortably. You should choose the right angle for sitting.

Differences between Steelcase Series 1 And Series 2 

Back Technology 

Steelcase Series 1 comes with a LiveBack® flexor system whereas in Steelcase 2 you will see Air LiveBack® technology. So now let’s talk about their benefits.

LiveBack® flexor system in the backrest of Steelcase Series 1 synchronizes with your body and moves and provides support to the spine as you change your body postures.

By this, you dont have to adjust the chair backrest after and after, according to your body changes.

By Air LiveBack® technology it means that the backrest of the Series 2 has a geometric design which is in two dimensions, each dimension provides support to each part of your spine.

By this proper support is provided to back than normal shape backrest.

Design & Comfort

Both Steelcase Series 1 and 2 series have different designs but the difference in their design is not big. On the backrest of series 1, you can see horizontal line patterns.

Whereas the 2 series has seamless lines on the back. Both chairs look cool and look stylish because of their design and look.

Not to forget that there are tons of attractive colors available in the chair too. You will see LiveBack Technology in series 1 and Air LiveBack Technology in series 2 chair that provides support and comfort to the backrest.

Both chairs have soft cushion seats that provide all-day sitting. The seat height of Steelcase Series 1 is much more than the series 1 chair.

There is very little difference between the comfort level of both chairs. The backrest of Steelcase 2 is more comfortable as it comes with Patent pending Air LiveBack(TM) technology. They support the spine more than other types of backrests.

Adjustable height

Both chairs seats are adjustable. But the adjustable area of both chairs is different. The height of seats of series 1 can be adjusted between 36 1/2″ to 41 1/4″.

Whereas You can just move the seats of series 2 from 38-42.5” only. This is really a drawback of series 2 as the chair comes much more expensive than the series 1 chair.

So you will not be able to move the seat of your series 2 chair much. The way of adjusting the height of both series chairs is the same.

An adjustable lever will be under the seat of both Steelcase office chairs by which you can adjust the seat height.

Size, Weight, and Weight Capacity

Steelcase 1 has a weight of ‎29 Lbs and Steelcase 2 weights 36 Lbs. But the weight capacity of both chairs is 400 Lbs.

Product Dimensions of Steelcase 2 is 22 x 27 x 42.5 inches and Steelcase 2 has ‎23.75 x 27 x 41.25 inches. So overall Steelcase 2 is much larger in size than the series 1.

Even though both chairs are heavyweight still it will not be hard to move from one place to another, all because of casters.

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The heavy weight capacity makes them the best chair for heavy weight people too.


The prices of both Steelcase series chairs are very different from each other. Steelcase Series 1 cost between $439 to $693.

Whereas Steelcase series 2 price cost between $489 to $765. So without a doubt, Steelcase series 2 comes expensive than Steelcase series 1.

But the price difference between then is just between 100 to 150 Dollars. Both chair prices will go up and down according to the features you choose in the chair. Like in order to add a headrest to series 1 you need to spend 80 Dollars more.

And in series 2 it will cost 88$ more. In Steelcase Series 1 4D armrest can be adjusted by paying 6 dollars more.

The price of 4d armrests in the Steelcase Series 2 costs too much than Steelcase Series 1. Also, the hardwood casters and back style cost more between 18-20$.

Not to forget that both Steelcase Series 1 and Series 2 also have stool types. That adds more 140$ to the current chair.

After adding all these features the chair becomes really expensive. But if you are a budget user you can buy their base model that comes much cheaper.

Which One Is Actually Better Steelcase Series 1 vs Series 2?

Steelcase 2 is better than Steelcase 1. You should not forget that Steelcase 2 is the upgraded version of Steelcase 1. The feature, build quality, ergonomics of both chairs are much similar.

The back support and adjustment mechanism of Steelcase 2 is better than the series 1. But it dont mean that Steelcase 1 is not comfortable.

Both chairs are comfortable. But the Steelcase 2 wins over Steelcase 1 series with a slight edge. But the Steelcase chair may have fewer features than Steelcase 2 still you should not forget that the chair also comes 100-150 Dollars cheaper.

So if you are ready to spend 100-150 dollars more than a Steelcase 2 chair then goes with the series 2. Or you can go with the Steelcase 1 series too. As the difference is not much.


Both Steelcase Series 1 And Series 2 are amazing chairs. That have many premium features and also has great build quality.

But still, Steelcase 2 wins over the Steelcase 1 series. They may come a bit high in price but they are worth the money and are a worthy investment that you should do.

As the chair can last for decades, because of which you dont have to spend money again and again on a new chair. So If you like this Steelcase Series 1 vs Series 2 Blog, then share it with your friends.

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