{6 Ways} To Stop Office chair cutting off circulation in the leg

In our daily work life, we have to sit on an office chair for long hours. If you do work on a computer or sit on a desk for long hours then you can have pain in your butts and hips. This problem comes when your Office Chair Cutting Off Circulation In The Legs.

Sitting on an office chair for long hours can cut off blood circulation in the legs. It often happens when you sit in a low-quality chair and sit in a wrong body posture. Due to less blood flow in the hips area, you will have pain and tiredness in the legs.

This problem makes it hard to sit on a chair for a prolonged period and needs to be fixed right now as it can cause major health problems in long run. 

Today In this Chair Cutting Off Circulation In The Legs Blog, we will tell you Why this problem is caused and how can you prevent it in detail. So read the blog from start to end to know all this. 

Reasons: Office Chair Cutting Off Circulation In The Legs

There are many reasons that your blood circulation is getting cut off while sitting on an office chair. Like-

  • Your office chair seats are hard and have a straight design rather than a waterfall edge design. Due to this pressure is not reduced from the hips area and blood flow is stopped. 
  • When you are sitting on the chair, your legs are moving in the air as the chair is higher than your height. Because of this, more pressure is put on the hips, which results in the cutting of blood from the hips area. 
  • When we sit on a chair for long hours without taking a break, the blood flow between the legs gets slow. 
  • Another reason can be for this reason is that there is no gap between the hips and the edge of the seat. 

How can I improve circulation in my legs while sitting?

Increase Seat Depth

One of the best ways to improve circulation in legs is by increasing the chair seat depth.

Office Chair Cutting Off Circulation In The Legs

When you are sitting on an office chair make sure that there is a 4-5 inches gap between the edge of the seat and knees.

As if there is no gap between these two the blood circulation between the hips will get reduced or stopped.

Waterfall edge design seats are great for this purpose as in these seats there is a curve shape on the edge of the seat that makes sure that blood dont get interrupted in the hips area.

Forward tilt

Forward tilt feature comes in many premium office chairs. This feature allows an office chair to tilt forward by some degrees.

By tiling your seats forward you can prevent any pressure on your hips area. Due to this, you can sit on your office chair without any worry.

Make sure that when you are tiling your seat forward there should be a gap between your seat and your hips. But this feature mostly comes in expensive office chairs that have both forward and backward tilting.

Keep your feet on the Floor

Many people dont keep their feet on the floor when sitting on an office chair. They like to keep their feet in the air. If you are also from those users then you need to correct this habit.

Keep your feet on the Floor

A good habit is to sit in a manner that your feet touched the ground properly. For this, you can adjust your office chair height according to your body height.

Keep your feet on the ground as by this pressure won’t fall on your hips. A large amount of pressure is put on the hips when we put our legs in the air.

This thing may not seem to be big but is one of the main reasons that your Office chair cutting off circulation in the legs. In this Blog, You will find its importance in detail, Should Your Feet Touch the Ground When Sitting in a Chair?

Dont sit for Long hours- 

Sitting for long hours caused less blood circulation in the legs area. That is why you should not sit for prolonged periods straight.

After sitting for half an hour or an hour stand up from your chair and walk for a few minutes. You can also do some stretching exercises so these exercises are very helpful in pumping blood circulation.

By doing this blood flow in the legs will again get normal. Repeat this method after every 30-60 minutes. This method will not increase blood circulation in the lower body but also in the upper areas too.

Dont sit crosslegged

Dont sit cross-legged on an office chair as research shows that sitting cross-legged on an office chair increases pain in muscles of the legs.

Moreover, it will also increase the problem of low blood flow in the hips area. So if you are also from those people who sit cross-legged on a chair, thinking that it is good for blood circulation then stop doing it. 

Choose a wider seat chair

Buy an office chair that has wider seats, as sitting on a small width seat will be uncomfortable and due to less space for sitting, pressure will fall on both butts and hips.

Your seat width should be large their your butts so that you dont have a tight feel sitting on the chair.

Why should your blood circulation in the legs not be stopped?

When blood circulation is stopped in the legs you will start having pain and tiredness in the legs. Due to less blood and oxygen circulation in the legs area, muscle tissue will get starting to die.

If the blood and oxygen circulation dont get resume for 6-8 hours then most of the muscle tissue will get die in the legs area.

This can also result in a series of problems in the legs. You can also have Swelling in your legs and your legs will get red.

The legs get tired faster when blood flow in the legs area is reduced which makes it impossible to sit for a long time. If you dont want to face these problems then make sure that your Office chair is not cutting off circulation in your legs.

Are recliners bad for leg circulation?

Recliners are good for Blood Circulation in the Legs. Recliners come with an adjustable footrest that provides support to the user’s leg and promotes leg circulation in legs.

Due to proper support to the legs, your hips won’t have any pressure, and the blood circulation in the hips area will not be reduced.

That is why recliners are very good in reducing legs pain and promoting blood circulation in leg. You should go with a good recliner chair if you often have leg pain.

Their footrest also makes sure that you dont have tiredness in your legs, even after sitting for hours. Recliners also have a high reclining backrest and adjustable armrests.

That makes sitting very comfortable. So overall The recliners are not bad for leg circulation.

Recommended Office chair for Circulation in Legs

Steelcase Leap Office Chair is one of the best Office chairs for Circulation in Leg. So what makes it good for Blood Circulation in the Legs? 

  • The chair has high adjustable seats so you can adjust their height.
  • The chairs can also move forward and backward which will prevent pain in the hips. Has a mesh back and seats that make the chair very breathable. 
  • Comes in multiple color options. So you have large color options. 
  • Has an ergonomic back design that supports the spine properly.
  • Comes with 4D armrests that support shoulders and elbows.
  • Has options to choose both carpet and hardwood casters.

The only drawback of this chair is that the chair is quite expensive. The chair starts from 500$ which makes it hard to afford for some people. But if you have money to invest in this chair then the chair is best for you.


Office chair cutting off circulation in the legs, is a common issue that often happens when we sit for long hours. But the issue gets worse when you don’t sit in the proper posture or have a low-quality office chair.

Don’t ignore this issue as it can cause serious heath problems in the legs. So follow the methods that we have shared above as they are best to get rid of this problem.

One of the best ways to get rid of this problem is to get a good-quality chair that has soft edge seats.

And if you have to sit for long hours then don’t forget to take a break after every 30 minutes. So if you find this Blog useful then share it with your friends.

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