Office Chair vs Drafting Chair: Which One Is Best For You?

Different types of chairs are available in the market. Office Chair and Drafting Chair are two of these types.

Office Chair vs Drafting Chair: Which One Is Best For You?

If you are reading this Office Chair vs Drafting Chair Blog, then it is sure that you want to know the difference between these two chairs types.

Also, you want to know which one is better- The office Chair or Drafting Chair. And which one you should buy for yourself.

Today we are going to answer this question as we will do a comparison between 2 chairs types. So to know all this read this Office Chair vs Drafting Chair blog from start to end. 

What is a Drafting Chair? 

So what exactly is a Drafting Chair? Drafting Chair is not as popular as an office chair that is why you may not have know much about it. That is why let us tell you some information about a Drafting Chair.

A drafting chair is another type of chair. Drafting Chairs have much similar features to an office chair. But the main differences are in their height and footrest.

What is a Drafting Chair? 

The seats of a Drafting Chair are much higher in height than an office chair as a Drafting Chair is made for Drafting desks or higher working place.

Usually, the office chair seat height is adjustable from 16 to 21 inches whereas the drafting chair height is adjustable from 30 to 35 inches.

Also, in-office chairs footrest is very rare. But on a Drafting Chair, you will often see a foot ring. From an office chair, drafting chairs have many different features like they dont have adjustable armrests, high adjustable lumbar support, or even headrest.

Differences Between Office Chair vs Drafting Chair

Both Drafting Chairs and Office Chairs have many Differences that make them different from each other. The Differences also make them best for different peoples.

Moreover, both have many pros and cons. So below we will tell you the Differences between Drafting Chairs and Office Chairs and their pros and cons. 

Drafting Chair Office Chair
Seat HeightAdjustable Between 25 to 35 inchesAdjustable Between 16 – 21 inches
AdjustmentsInherently less adjustable than office chairsHas high adjustability
PriceComes much cheaper then office chairsUsually are expensive
BackrestHave lower and middle height BackrestHave middle and higher height Backrest
ArmrestUsually have Fixed, 2D or No ArmrestsUsually have 2D, 3D And 4D Armrests
Footrest or Foot ringMost chair have foot ring Very few have a footrest
Made For Architects, chemists, or users who have High height desks or Standing DeskMade for office works and for normal height Desks
ErgonomicsHave Less ergonomicsHave higher ergonomics
WeightAre often light weighthave weight from medium to heavy
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Seat height

Seat height is one of the major things that makes Drafting Chairs and Office Chairs different from each other.

Office Chairs have an average seat adjustment of 16 – 21 inches but the seats of the drafting desk have seat adjustment of 25 to 35 inches.

So you can clearly see that drafting has high adjustable seats. Different height adjustment seats make them best for different purposes.

Office chairs Seat height

Drafting chairs are best for higher desks or standing desks. They make it easy to work on high-height desks. On the other hand office chairs are made to work on office desks which have normal heights.

That is why they have lower-height seats than drafting desks. if you are using a high desk or standing desk that a drafting desk is best for you as you will be able to sit comfortably and do work.

For short-height users, a drafting desk can be hard to use. But it also depends on different desks and users.


Footrests are rare in office chairs and common in drafting chairs. On a drafting chair, you will not see an adjustable footrest like a gaming chair.

Drafting desks have a foot ring on which you can put your legs from support. They may not seem to be very helpful but in reality, they are very useful.

As drafting chairs are much higher in height, that is why your feet will need to support or you will start having hips pain and leg pains. And this footrest saves you from this pain and tiredness.


A drafting chair has a small and middle height back whereas a medium and high backrest comes in an office chair.

Both chair-type backrests make sure that your back can get proper support to the back. Both chair backrest provides support to both the lower and upper back.

But in terms of support, the office chairs do great the drafting desk, all because of the higher backrest. If you are looking for a more supportive back chair then office chairs are best for you.

They provide support to the upper back more than a drafting chair back. Not to forget that they have a more ergonomic design backrest that supports the spine than the back of the drafting chair.

If you often have back pain issues, then you should go with an office chair. Dont assume that your back dont get proper support in a drafting chair.

It will, but less than an office chair. Also, the neck support is provided more in an office chair.

Also, the headrest can be some in many office chairs, which increases the support and comfort to the neck area. Whereas in drafting chair they dont come.


In an office chair, you will get to see 2D,3D, and 4D armrests. As high adjustable armrests are common in a good office chair.

But on drafting chairs, adjustable armrests are not seen much. On a drafting chair, they often have fixed or 2D armrests.

Some drafting chairs dont have even armrests which are why arm support is compromised in many drafting desks.

As office chairs have high adjustable armrests, they become more supportive and provide support to elbows and arms than a drafting chair.

Overall, in an office chair, you have more freedom to adjust your chair armrests according to your need. The armrests of the drafting chair may not be as supportive as office chairs armrests but still, they support users’ arms.

In a good drafting chair, you will see 2D armrests that are padded well. And provides a soft and comfortable place for placing arms for support.

Adjustments Features

Office chairs are much ahead in terms of adjustability than drafting desks. Drafting desks are only ahead of office chairs in terms of height adjustability.

Whereas an office chair has an adjustable headrest, lumbar support, armrests. Which are not seen on a drafting desk.

Adjustability is an important feature that a chair should have. As it allows people of different heights to adjust these headrests, lumbar support, and armrests according to their body size.

By this, you can have more support to your neck, back, elbows and shoulders. So if you are looking for a high adjustability chair then office chairs are made for you.


You would have surely wanted to know about the price of both drafting and office chair, before deciding which chair type you should buy.


In terms of price, drafting chairs have the upper hand over office chairs. Drafting chairs are more affordable than office chairs.

However, the price also depends on your chair features, brand, and build quality. But still on average drafting desks comes cheaper than an office chair.

The price of both chair types can be from cheap to expensive, depending on the quality of the chair.


Both drafting and office chairs have great ergonomics. You will find a supportive backrest in both types of chairs that keeps our back straight.

On both chair types, your back will not have back pain issues. Both chair types, you will get armrests, lumbar support, and footrest that promote ergonomics.

Waterfall edge seats can be seen in both office chairs and drafting chairs. These waterfall edges seats reduce pressure from butts and hips area and make sure that blood flow between hips and butts is not stopped due to pressure.

This type of seat is more comfortable than normal shape seats. You can sit on these types of seats for long hours without any issue.

However, in terms of ergonomics too, office chairs have the upper hand. As the office chairs have a high backrest, more adjustable headrests, armrests, and lumbar pillows they become more ergonomics.

Which one should you choose Drafting Chair or Office Chair?

Both Drafting Chair and Office Chair have their pros and cons and are best for different types of users. If you work on a high desk or a standing desk then Drafting Chair is best for you.

These chairs have high seats and are affordable too. They come much cheaper than an office chair. Drafting chairs are very comfortable too and you won’t have any issues while sitting in them.

But they are not made for long hours sitting. However, this factor will depend on the quality of your drafting chair. But mostly they are best to sit for a few hours.

You will get a footrest in a drafting chair that will support your legs. On the other hand, if you are an office chair then office chairs are made for you.

Office chairs are more ergonomic and are more comfortable than drafting chairs. Office chairs are made for long hours sitting.

As on an office chair, you have to sit for long hours. Due to their comfortability, ergonomics, and high adjustability you won’t have tiredness on your body.

But premium office chairs can come expensive like Steelcase and Herman Miller are. But they are worth their prices they have many Premium features that a drafting chair dont have.

Can I use a drafting chair at a normal desk?

Drafting chairs are not generally meant to be used at normal desks. As drafting chairs are higher in height and are made to work with higher desks or standing desks.

If you use a drafting chair at the normal desk you will have difficulty using the desk because of the higher height of your chair.

That is why you should not use a drafting chair at a normal desk. Use normal office chairs as they are meant to be used with a normal chair.

In case you want to use a drafting chair with a normal desk then you need to set your drafting chair to the lowest height. But still, we will recommend buying a standing desk or a higher-height desk if you want to use a drafting chair.

Or you can get an adjustable height desk if you want it to use with a drafting chair.

Which is the Best Drafting Chair?

Hylone Drafting Chair is the best Drafting Chair that you can buy. The chair has a lot of premium features that make it one of the best drafting chairs.

Firstly, the chair has a breathable mesh that makes the chair very breathable. Due to easy air circulation, you won’t have seating issues while sitting on it.

The seats have sponge foam that makes seats very soft and comfortable. The soft seats dont hurt the butts and hips. The seats have a waterfall edge design that prevents pain in butts.

Flip-up armrests can be seen in this hylone chair. These flip-up armrests make the chair easy to store. Just flip up the armrests, and now you can put it under the desk.

On the chair, a footrest is given that will support your legs. So that your legs dont get tired or have pain. The chair has a BIFMA-Tested extra tall gas cylinder that makes its height adjustment easy.

Seats can move up down from 21.7 to 29.7 inches. And now lastly the chair comes with a strong nylon base and 5 casters.

On Amazon, the Hylone Drafting Chair has a 4.5 Star Rating and over 300 Reviews. 

Which is the Best Office Chair?

Steelcase criterion chair is the best office chair. Its features make it the best chair for users. The chair has a rating of 4.5 stars.

The chair has a mesh back and fabric seats that make this Steelcase highly breathable. You won’t have a sweating issue while sitting on this Steelcase criterion chair on hot days.

The chair is available in 12 stunning colors, so you have large color options to choose the chair in. Other Premium Features of this chair are-

  • Has waterfall edges seats that promote ergonomics.
  • Comes with both hardwood and floor carpets. 
  • Has fully adjustable 4D armrests.
  • Has LiveBack(TM) flexor system on its back.
  • Has a heavyweight capacity of 400 Lbs. 

The chair comes much expensive which is its major cons. But the chair worth its price has it has many unique features that do not come in a normal chair. 


Both Office Chair and Drafting Chair are best for different types of people and purposes. That is why you will see some differences in their features.

Buy a chair style according to your need and work. Choosing the wrong chair type will have an effect on your work and productivity.

So hope you find this productivity Office Chair vs Drafting Chair Blog useful. So make sure to share it with your friends.

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