Herman Miller Mirra vs Aeron: Comparision+Review

Aeron and Mirra are 2 amazing office chairs from Herman miller. Both chairs have much similar look and design but they have many different features.

Herman miller Mirra vs Aeron

So which is is better? and which one you should buy Aeron or Mirra?, we will tell you in this Herman miller Mirra vs Aeron Blog.

Herman Miller Aeron chair is more comfortable and has more features than the Mirra. But the Aeron chair also comes much more expensive than the Mirra one, which is common as the more feature a chair has the more expensive it will be.

Today, In this Blog we are going to tell you the difference and similarities between these two amazing chairs in detail. 

Herman miller Mirra vs Aeron– Quick Comparison

AeronMirra 2

56% elastomeric, 44% polyester– 67% elastomeric- 33% antimony-free polyester
Size:Comes in Multiple sizes (Size A, B & C)Comes in One Size Only But Can Fit 95% Users
Lumbar SupportFixed, Adjustable UP-DOWN and Adjustable PostureFit SLCan move UP and DOWN
Adjustable Armrest3D Adjustable Padded Arms4D Adjustable Padded Arms
Adjustable Seat Depth16.25″ – 18″
Height of the SeatSize A: 15″ – 19″
Size B: 16″ – 20.5″
Size C: 16″ – 20.5″
14.75″ – 22.25″
HeadrestNot But can be add-on
Maximum Weight CapacitySize A: 300 lbs
Size B & C: 350 lbs
350 lbs
CastersCarpet and Multi Surface CastersCarpet, Both carpet and Hardwood, caster with quick roll
Check on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Herman miller Mirra vs Aeron- Major Differences Between These Chairs

Both Aeron and Mirra chairs have many similar features, but also have some major differences that we will talk about first. So Aeron and Mirra have 7 major differences that make them different.

  • Price
  • Armrests
  • Seat depth
  • Size
  • Comfort
  • Back Support
  • Back Design

So now let’s talk about them in detail.

Armrests Adjustability

Both office chair armrests may seem to be similar but are different. Both  Aeron and Mirra chairs have high adjustable armrests.

Aeron has 3D Armrests that moves move up & down, forward & backward, left-right pivot whereas Mirra has 4D Armrests that can move up & down, forward & backward, left-right pivot, and inward & outward.

Mirra wins clearing in terms of adjustable armrests. Both chair armrests are padded well and have curve shapes that increase support to elbows and shoulders.

You can place your elbows over the armrests without any uncomfortable to your arms.

So overall in terms of support and comfort both chair armrests do well, but Mirra chair armrests give little more freedom to the user to adjust the armrests. Both office chair armrests make working on the desk easier. 

Seat Depth

Seat Depth is another major difference that you will see in Aeron and Mirra office chairs. Even though Aeron cost much more than the Mirra chair but still the seat depth of the Aeron is not adjustable.

But you can adjust the seat depth of the Mirra chair from 16.25 inches to 18 inches. So overall Mirra chair wins in terms of seat adjustability.

Size Options

Aeron comes in three sizes, small (A), medium (B), and large (C) but the Mirra is available in just a single size.

The size of Mirra is the same as the size of the Aeron B size chair. You can choose the Aeron chair according to your body size to get better support and comfort from the chair.

aeron size chair

However, the Mirra chair can also fit 95% of the body size users. But still, Aeron has an upper hand over the Mirra as it gives various size option that allows the user to get the perfect size office chair for himself.

Both office chairs have high adjustability features like lumbar support. armrests. seat height and depth etc. that allow the user to adjust the chair according to their height.

As the Mirra also has seat depth adjustment you can also adjust the Mirra chair to fit you better if the chair is bit large or small for you.

Choosing a perfect size office chair is important as these types of chairs are more comfortable than an office chair that is not the correct size for your chair as an office chair is made to support a targeted size, people.

Backrest Support

Aeron has three different types of back support:

  • Basic Back
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support
  • and Adjustable PostureFit SL

You can get one of these back support types in your Aeron. All back support will add a different price to the chair.

The Adjustable PostureFit SL is the most expensive option that you can add. But the Adjustable PostureFit SL is also more support to the back than the other two and provides great support to the spine.

On this type of lumbar support, you get Two individual pads to flex that work independently.

The horizontal pad supports your spine whereas the bottom helps stabilize your sacrum area. 

The Adjustable Lumbar Support lumbar provides supports to the spine and can move up-down by a 4.5-inch range. And Mirra 2 has two different back support options-

  • Adjustable Lumbar Support
  • No Support. 

On Mirra 2 you just 2 types of Lumbar Support. Or you can also call one. On no support, there will be no lumbar support.

If you choose The Adjustable Lumbar support option you will get the support that can move 4.5” in height adjustability and 1” in depth adjustability.

On it, there is also a built-in PostureFit that helps to support your lower back. So In terms of back support, Aeron wins easily.

Backrest Design

The backrest Designs of both Aeron and Mirra are quite different from each other even though they have similar chair looks and designs.

Both chairs have a breathable and cool-looking backrest. Air circulation is easy on both chairs, which makes them comfortable on hot days. Mirra has 2 types of backrest-

  • Butterfly Suspension Back 
  • TriFlex Polymer Back 
Mirra 2 backrest design

On the first type of back, the fabric layer has been merging with polymer veins. TriFlex Polymer Back dont has a fabric layer and is made up of polymer material.

This back has bent-like hopes on its back which allow maximum air circulation. So no doubt, that the TriFlex Polymer Back is more breathable.

Aeron just has a simple fabric layer backrest that feels soft to the back. You dont get 2nd back option like the Mirra 2 one.


Both Aeron and Mirra 2 Chair are expensive office chairs. This is common as both chairs have a lot of premium features, high build quality, and comfortability.

Mirra 2 base modal costs around 1000$ and can go up to 1400$, whereas the base model of Aeron chair costs $1,370 and can go 2000$ depending on features that you choose.

So Yes, the Aeron chair cost much more than the Mirra 2. But the features of Aeron are also much more than the Mirra. But the Mirra 2 is much more affordable.

You can buy a 2nd hand Aeron or Mirra chair if you can’t buy a new chair. The price dont have much effect on the build quality of both chairs.


You would have surely wanted to know which one is more comfortable Aeron or Mirra 2? In terms of comfort, Aeron is more comfortable than the Mirra 2.

There are many reasons that make Aeron more comfortable. Firstly the aeron has more ergonomic design seats and back than the Mirra 2 so you dont have pain in the back, butts, and hips.

And due to this, you can sit comfortably for a long time. The armrests and lumbar support of Aeron are more adjustable and supportive so you can adjust them to get better support to your elbows and back.

Due to the proper support to the elbows and back, it becomes easy and comfortable to sit and do work without any issue.

Not to forget that the Aeron has a fabric layer on its back that feels soft. And lastly, Aeron comes in multiple sizes so you can choose the best size chair according to you. Because of this, you will get a chair that will fit your body properly.

Herman miller Mirra vs Aeron– Similarities Between These Chairs


High Customizability comes in both Herman miller Mirra and Aeron chairs. It is also a thing that Herman Miller is known for.

You can add any feature to your chair that you want. You can choose the adjustability of your armrests and lumbar pillow, casters Type, Color, and Size.

Of course, the more features you choose in your Herman Miller chair the more cost of the chair will increase.

A fully loaded Aeron and Mirra chair will very become expensive but the comfort and support of that chair will also increase. One of the best things I love about both these chairs is that you can even choose the color of both chair frame and base.

You can Customize these chairs according to your need to get the best experience from these 2 chairs. This level of customizability cant is seen in any other office chair except then Steelcase.

Build Quality

Both chairs may have different prices, but the difference in build quality is not large. You may even not notice any difference in their build quality while using them.

The frame, base, casters, fabric all the parts of these chairs have high build quality. The mesh and fabric of both chairs will not get tears of wear for decades.

Because of the high-quality frame and base, the chair becomes very durable. Not to forget that its cushion will not get deflated or get hard after use too.

Herman Miller gives a very long warranty on their chair. It is all due to the fact that Herman Miller is sure about the quality of their product.

No company that is is not sure about the quality of product will give so long warranty. As it will result in loss of them if the product is of low quality.

Long warranty and Return Policy

Both Aeron and Mirra 2 are covered with 12 years long warranty. You can get your chair repaired for free of cost you encounter any problem with your chair by just contacting Herman miller. It also includes labor charges.

In the return policy, Herman miller has mentioned that no shipping charges will be charged when you will return the chair if you do not like it. Which is another great thing about Herman miller.

Ergonomic Back Design And waterfall Seats

Ergonomic Back Design is an important thing that you won’t be missed. Ergonomic Back Design chairs support the back spine more properly than a normal shape back.

As the ergonomic back has a design that supports the spine properly and keeps the spine straight.

Aeron waterfall edge seats

In this type of design backrest, back dont feel pain as more support is provided to them that reduces the pressure on the back.

And on both these Herman miller chairs you will see an S-Shape design back. Now let’s talk about waterfall seats. Both Aeron and Mirra have waterfall edge seats.

These types of seat designs are more comfortable for sitting as your hips and butts won’t get pain, sitting ion these chairs. In Our office chair cutting off circulation in the leg Blog, we have to talk about it in more detail.

In short, as the chairs have edge seats that are why pressure is not falling on the hips area. Moreover, the Aeron has a more ergonomic design waterfall edge that you can clearly see. 


Both Aeron and Mirra come fully assembled. So you dont have to put effort and time into assembling them. Just put your chair out from the box and use it just after it arrived at your doorstep.

Good and Bad of Aeron

Pros of Aeron

  • The chair has solid Build Quality. 
  • Highly comfortable and good for long hours sitting.
  • Highly breathable due to mesh back.
  • Eco-Friendly chair.
  • Has PostureFit SL pads that support the spine properly.
  • Very breathable and Easy to Clean.

Cons of Aeron

  • Comes much expensive and can be hard to afford for many people.
  • Not have any Headrest that can support the neck area. 

Good and Bad of Mirra 2 

Pros of Mirra

  • Has Wide and curved shape padded armrests that provide support to arms without any type of hardness.
  • Has Solid Build Quality and can last for decades.
  • Highly comfortable Body.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Has a high adjustable Lumbar Support.
  • Solid Base and Smooth Rolling Casters.

Cons of Mirra

  • The waterfall edge seats are not much ergonomic as the seats don’t have much curve edge.
  • May not be comfortable for some size users.

Which One is Better- Aeron or Mirra?

Both Aeron and Mirra are 2 amazing chairs that are made to give an amazing sitting experience to the user.

But still, Aeron wins over the Mirra as the chair has more adjustability, more supportive lumbar support, and more comfortable seats than the Mirra 2.

However, the Aeron also cost hundreds of dollars more than Mirra 2. It dont means that Mirra is not a good chair. Mirra also has an ergonomic design back, seats, and high build quality according to its price.

Not to forget that you also have seat depth adjustability. Which allows the user to adjust the chair according to body size.

And is also much more affordable than an Aeron chair. Mirra is also a great chair that you can buy. But if you can afford an Aeron chair then go with it as you will buy a chair once and then will use that chair for years.

So why not spend some hundreds of dollars more once, and get a more comfortable and ergonomic chair. 


So Today In this Herman miller Mirra vs Aeron Blog we talk about the features of both chairs and compare them. 

Aeron and Mirra are great options for users who want to sit comfortably for long hours. However, Aeron wins over mirra in terms of features but the Mirra comes cheaper than the Aeron.

Buy any of these office chairs that you can afford and have features that you need. But chairs have a solid build quality and can last for decades.

But make sure to read this Blog carefully to get a better idea that which one is made for you. If you like this Blog, then share it with your friends. 

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