Opseat vs DXRacer: Detail Review & Comparision

Opseat vs DXRacer! Which one is better and which one you should buy? This is the question that comes to the gamers mind when he hears about these 2 gaming chairs brands.

Opseat vs DXRacer

No doubt that both brands have many premium gaming chairs that are getting loved by gamers.

To end this Opseat vs DXRacer debate, we will do their brand comparison and their cool gaming chairs so that it can become easy for you which brand chair you need to buy.

To know all this in detail make sure that you read this Opseat vs DXRacer Blog from start to end. 

Quick Answer: Who Wins Between Opseat and DXRacer

OPSEAT Master Grey SeriesDXRacer Formula Series
Build QualityWinner by Small Margin
Price Winner ( More Affordable )
Color ChoicesWinner

Opseat vs DXRacer Detail Comparison

Brand and Popularity

Opseat is not a big brand like DXRacer. Both Opseat and DXRacer are 2 gaming chairs brands.

If you have searched for Opseat that you would have surely known that the OPseat brand has been closed and their gaming chairs are no longer available online.

Whereas in terms of popularity, DXRacer gives tough competition to big gaming chairs brands like Secretlab, GTomega.

Because of the DXRacer premium features, they have become popular among gamers. No doubt that Opseat also makes premium chairs that gave their popularity but the brand was unable to maintain its position in gaming chairs brands.

DXRacer comes in the top 5 most popular brands. Both brands focus on making budget price gaming chairs that have features, which can give a premium sitting experience to the gamer.

Dxracer has been able to establish himself, in a brand that makes premium chairs at less price as compared to other brand chairs.

So overall as compared to dxracer, opseat was the small brand in front of them.

Brand and Popularity

DXRacer has a large product line that has 7 gaming chair series, special edition series, ACCESSORIES, and Gear. DXracer Gaming chair series have-

  • Prince Series
  • Legacy Series
  • Gladiator Series
  • King Series
  • Tank Series
  • DXRacer Air
  • DXRacer Master 

It will not be wrong to say DXRacer has one of the biggest product lines in chairs brand. But when we talk about the product line of opseat, it is quite surprising, that opseat has a small product line.

Even though they are a gaming chairs brand they just have 2 series-

  • Opseat Master Series
  • Grandmaster Series

Gaming desk is another product of Opseat that comes in more than 8 colors. In comparison to the product line of dxracer they take no stand. OPSEAT Master Series is the most popular chair of OPseat, DXRacer OH/RAA106 Racing Series is the most popular and selling chair of DXracer.


Both brands make affordable gaming chairs. Dxracer chairs cost between $259 and go up to $629.

Legacy Series is their cheapest chair that just cost $259 and Tank Series cost 629$ which is their most expensive gaming chair.

Dxracer has Both affordable and expensive which is why DXRacer chairs are made for all budget gamers. Now let’s move to Opseat.

Opseat has affordable gaming chairs. They were the first brand that had many highly premium features gaming chairs in less price.

Less price is the reason that had to make opseat a great brand. Master Series cost $229 and Grandmaster Series costs $299, which is not much for a premium chair.


When it comes to shipping, both brands are quite similar in this. Both brands only ship their products in the USA.

However, there is some difference too like DXRacer ships outside the USA too but charges extra money whereas opseat dont ship even if you pay more.

Both brands ship inside the USA for free and dont charge any money. In order to buy opseat chairs outside the USA, you have only options to buy them from a 3rd party seller.

Quick Comparison Between OPSEAT Grey Gaming Chair and DXRacer Formula Series 

OPSEAT Master Grey SeriesDXRacer Formula Series
HEADREST AND LUMBAR PILLOWAdjustable and removableAdjustable and removable
BACKREST RECLINE180 Degrees135 Degrees
CASTERSPU castersPU casters
Weight53 Lbs48 Lbs
WARRANTY2 Year3 Year

Dxracer vs Opseat-Comparison of OPSEAT Master Grey Gaming Chair and DXRacer Formula Series 

Now, let’s compare gaming chairs of both brands. OPSEAT Master Grey Gaming Chair and DXRacer Formula Series are 2 of their popular chairs that have many costs. This is why it will be a fair comparison between these amazing gaming chairs.


The price of DXRacer Formula Series is $ 259.99. However, you need to pay an extra 50$ to get both the headrest and lumbar pillow too.

Which increases the cost of this DXracer chair from $259 to 300$. The chair comes in multiple colors but all colors come at the same price and thus, they dont have any effect on the price.

OPSEAT Master has a price point of 229$ with which both pillows come long. They dont add cost to the current price of the chair.

It’s clear that the price difference between these 2 amazing chairs is not big. And are also affordable at the same time.

Because of the less price, both chairs are a great choice for budget gamers who dont want to compromise in features. 


If you are a gamer you won’t have surely know the importance of comfort, Right? Without a comfy chair, it is hard to do gaming for long hours.

Both DXRacer Formula Series and OPSEAT Master Gaming Chair have PU upholstery and soft padded seats which makes them comfortable.

Soft PU feels soft to the skin and has soft padded seats, allowing the gamer to sit comfortably without any pain in butts.

In compared to back support, the DXRacer chair has a more supportive and comfortable backrest than the Op Master series chair.

The lumbar pillow of opseat is larger and wider in size that supports the back and provides comfort. Both have wider and highly dense seats, so no need to worry about hips and butts back.

As compared dxracer chair, more support is provided to arms by OPSEAT Master series.

In order to provide comfort and tiredness from the back, you can lay back on the high reclining backrest of Opseat.

In terms of comfort, DXracer wins by little difference as a large back and wider seat hugs the body properly to provide comfort to the back and butts while doing gaming.

Build Quality

Build quality of both brands’ chairs is amazing. First, if we talk about the frame, so strong steel is used in both chairs frame.

However the quality of the frame feels more premium. The base of dxracer and Opseat is made up of Nylon Base. PU leather quality of both chairs is the same too.

The soft foam of dxracer seems more premium as compared to opseat. Which is why the seat and back of dxracer will not deflate over time like opseat.

Both brands have used high-quality Gas lift cylinder, that allows the height adjustment of both chair seats smoothly and comfortably.

Dxracer seems to be more sure about the build quality of their chairs, which is why they offer a long warranty on their chairs as compared to Opseat.

Look and design

The look and design of DXRacer Formula Series are cooler and look stunning. The chair comes in 3 colors- red-black, blue-black, and Full black.

Color combination on the DXracer chair backrest and seats increases its look. OPSEAT Master Grey Gaming Chair comes only in black color and has a simple design.

On The base of Dxracer, color scripts are given to make their color according to the chair, which is not seen in OPSEAT Master Series.

Above the headrest Logo of both brands is embodied to increases their look. So overall, gamers who love cool look gaming chairs are going to love DXracer chairs.

Because of that cool look, using dxracer Formula Series feels more premium and enjoyable. However, there are many gamers who love simple-looking chairs like OPSEAT Master Series.


In terms of Adjustability, opseat has the upper hand over the DXRacer formula series. 2D armrests come in the dxracer chair, whereas 4D adjustable armrests come in the opseat chair.

These armrests can move to shift up and down, front to back, side to side, and rotate angle. Opseat has a full 180 degrees reclining backrest which is way more compared to dxracer just has 135 degrees.

It’s very comfortable and easy to lay back on the chair and take a nap.

On the High reclining backrest, doing gaming comfortably is easier as different angles can be selected to find the best sitting and resting angle for your backrest.

135 degrees reclining backrest is also low as compared to other gaming chairs in the market which is a major drawback of the DXRacer Formula Series.

Also, you can lock the backrest opseat at different angles too. The headrest and lumbar pillow are adjustable in both gaming chairs.

Want more support to your neck and back? Then just adjust their positions to get better support. 360 degrees swivel of seats comes on both chairs.


PU leather chairs have very low breathability as airflow between PU leather is not much. And this low breathability creates sweating problems on hot days.

And Yes, this breathability problem will come in both gaming chairs. However, DXRacer Formula Series have mesh corners that surely give them some breathability.

Because of mesh color, air circulation becomes easier. However, you will still face some breathability issues in this chair too but not much as in OPSEAT Master Grey Gaming Chair.

Size and Weight Recommendation

OPSEAT Master Grey Gaming Chair weighs 53 Pounds and can bear 300 Lbs of weight. This OPSEAT is best for medium and large size and weight gamers.

DXRacer Formula Series is the opposite of the OPSEAT Master chair in terms of this. DXRacer Formula Series is made for small and medium-size weight gamers that weigh less than 200 lbs and are 5’8″.

This different size and weight Recommendation makes them good for different types of gamers.

Warranty And Assembly

DXRacer Formula Series has 3 years warranty on the chair and a lifetime warranty on the frame. OPSEAT Master Gaming Chair has 2 years of warranty.

Both chairs need to be assembled on their own as you will receive them unassembled. DXRacer Formula Series comes in 7-8 parts and a wrench, and by using it you can put together the chair.

The Assembly of the chair is not hard either. Just by putting 10-15 minutes, the full chair can be assembled.

So what about the assembly of OPSEAT Master Gaming Chair? is it easy or hard? Like dxracer OPSEAT Master Gaming Chair is also easy to assemble. It doesn’t require any special degrees to assemble this chair either.

Pros and Cons of DXRacer Formula Series


  • Budget-friendly. 
  • Comes in multiple colors. 
  • Has a high and supportive backrest that prevents back pain.
  • Has smooth and silent rolling casters. 
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Has Good build quality.


  • It has fixed armrests which is its major drawback. 
  • Has a warranty of just 3 years.

Pros and Cons of OPSEAT Master Grey Gaming Chair 


  • Has a large and high backrest.
  • Comes with 4D adjustable armrests.
  • Comes with adjustable Pillows.
  • Smooth and easy high adjustment.
  • 5 Smooth casters come along.


  • The armrests are not padded.
  • Not Breathable.

Which is Better: OPSEAT Master Grey Gaming Chair or DXRacer Formula Series?

In terms of adjustability and weight capacity, OPSEAT Master Grey Gaming Chair is much better than DXRacer Formula Series.

But in build quality, comfort and durability, DXRacer has an upper hand. This is expected as DXRacer is known for this thing.

Plus, both gaming chairs have been made for different types of gamers. If you are a hardcore gamer, looking for a premium gaming chair, then DXracer chair is the right choice for you to buy.

On DXRacer chair you can sit comfortably in long gaming sections without any problems like neck, back, hips, and butts pain.


Both DXRacer and Opseat are great brands but still, Dxracer makes more premium gaming chairs than Opseat.

So if you want to game chair in budget price then you should go with Dxracer as they give more features and choices on their chairs which we dont seen in Opseat chairs.

DXRacer has many types of gaming chairs that are made for all size and weight gamers. And Dxraxer wins easily in most expects that a gamer looks for.

So overall winner of Opseat vs DXRacer is DXRacer. However, read the above blog to know all features of both gaming chairs, as by this you will get a better idea of it.

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