Ergochair 2 vs Secretlab Titan? Which One Is Better?

Ergochair 2 vs Secretlab Titan? Which one is better? Have you also had difficulty in deciding which chair is better, and which one you should buy? then you are not alone as they are many people who have difficulty in deciding.

But dont worry, he will do a detailed review of both chairs and will explain the ergonomic features of Ergochair 2 and Secretlab Titan which will make it easy for you to make a decision.

So read the Ergochair 2 vs Secretlab Titan blog from start to end, so you dont miss anything.

Ergochair 2 vs Secretlab Titan– Quick Comparison

Secretlab Titan ( Winner )Ergochair 2
Armrests4D Armrests2D Armrests
Lumbar PillowAdjustable Lumbar PillowDynamic Lumbar Support
Backrest Recline165 DegreesSynchro-Tilt
Base & Casters5 Star base 5 Star base
Weight77 lbs48 lbs
Weight Capacity290 Lbs330 Lbs
Height recommendation5’9″ – 6’7″5’1″ – 6″
Warranty5 Years After extended2 Years
Upholday choices31
Adjustable height YesYes
Gas lift CylinderClass 4 HydraulicsClass 4 Hydraulics
Color Options725+
Back Height84 cm56 cm

Comparison between Ergochair 2 and Secretlab Titan

Both chairs have cool features and are quite different from each other. We will compare all features of both chairs and will tell which one is better and has more ergonomic features.

It will make it easy to know whether Ergochair 2 is best or Secretlab Titan Gaming Chair. So let’s begin.


First, let’s talk about the comfortability of both chairs. Which chair is more comfortable? If we talk about comfortability, then both chairs are very comfortable.

Both have cushion seats, which feel very soft and we dont have pain in butts and pain. However as the Ergochair 2 has waterfall edge seats, they become a bit for comfortable than titan seats.

Titan has a large and supportive backrest that can provide support to our back.

Moreover, you will see adjustable lumbar support, which increases support and comfort to our back. You can lay back on the chair comfortably for many hours.

Now if we talk about Ergochair 2 then the chair has an ergonomic back and adjustable lumbar support which also provides support to our back like a titan.

Titan has a PU leather upholstery, that can have sweating issues on hot days and can be a bit uncomfortable, on the other hand, Ergochair 2 will remain comfortable on hot days too because of their breathability.

But The backrest of titan has a padded cushion, but Ergochair 2 dont have. So your back will feel softer on the titan backrest, than the backrest of Ergochair 2. 

Armrests adjustability

In terms of armrests adjustability, the titan chair easily wins. Ergochair 2 has 2D armrests which can move Up-down, whereas, in titan chair, 4d armrests come along.

Both armrests are soft and comfortable as they have been padded properly. The armrests of titan are padded with soft PU leather.

You will notice a curve on the forward area of both chairs’ armrests which is very helpful in reducing pain in the arms. In a titan chair, you have a lot of freedom to adjust your armrests position to get better support.


Which one is more breathable? I know you would have wanted to know it. Ergochair 2 is more breathable, as the chair has a breathable mesh backrest and cushion seats.

The airflow becomes easy in these mesh chairs, and air circulation between them is easy.

On the other hand, Titan comes in 2 upholstery one is Leather and the second is fabric. PU leather is not breathable and if you choose it then you will have a lot of sweating issues on hot days.

Fabric is much more breathable and soft and feels great to the skin. However, the breathability of the fabric is less than mesh.

Which makes it clear, that if you want a breathable chair, then going with Ergochair 2 chair is a great choice. Titan in fabric upholstery is also a good choice.


It’s hard to tell which chair is more ergonomic. Both chairs are high ergonomic, as firstly in both chairs you will find an ergonomic design backrest, armrests, lumbar support, and adjustable height.

Which adds great ergonomic features to both chairs. In Ergochair 2, an adjustable headrest is also included which is its plus points, but the armrests adjustability is less than the titan chair, which is plus points of the Ergochair 2 chair.

The seat depth and backrest height are adjustable in Ergochair 2, which we dont see in the Titan chair.

Adjustable sear depth and backrest make an office chair highly ergonomic as you can adjust its position to increase support to your lower back and hips.

However, with a high reclining backrest and adjustable seats, titan also ensures ergonomics.

This is why it becomes hard to tell which chair is better in ergonomics. But in my opinion, Ergochair 2 is more ergonomic than the titan chair. 

Seat Height And backrest

Titan chair seat height can be adjusted between 17.7 to 20.5 inches. Which no doubt is less for 500$ chairs. Low height adjustability is major cons of titan chairs.

So what about Ergochair 2? Sad to say but Ergochair 2 has an even more low seat adjustability height.

Its seats can move up and down from 18-20 inches only which seems to be nothing. Now, let’s move to the backrest adjustability of both Ergochair 2 and Secretlab Titan.

Ergochair 2 has a tilted area of 22 degrees, and while tiling you can lock the back at 5 different angles. Secretlab Titan has both tilt and recline areas.

Its backrest can recline from 85-160 degrees. However, the backrest of Ergochair 2 can also be adjusted in height.

Sizes and Weight Capacity

Ergochair 2 is available only in 1 size that has a weight capacity of 330 Lbs and a weight of 48 Lbs. Secretlab Titan comes in 3 different sizes-small, medium, and Large.

These sizes are made for different heights and weights people. Small size has a weight capacity of 200 Lbs, Medium has 220 Lbs of weight capacity, and 3rd and lasts for is large that can bear weight up to 396 Lbs.

In sizes are weight capacity titan wins as it gives different size and weight options to gamers, and it is the reason that no matter what size gamer you are going can buy a Secretlab titan chair.

Look and Design

Ergochair 2 is quite a simple-looking office chair, which is a common thing in an office chair. But the great thing about it is, its different charming colors.

You can get your Ergochair 2 chair in Red, Blue, Black, White, Yellow and Grey color. Secretlab Titan has no match in terms of look and designs.

This titan chair comes in more than 25 Colors/theme looks. many popular movies, esports teams themes are available in the chair like DC, Titan, Pokemon, Liquid, The Jocker, etc.

The design of the Titan chair is amazing and looks very attaching. This cool and classic look increases our sitting experience on the chair.

Moreover, it also increases our gaming experience.


Ergochair 2 cost 499$, and no matter which color you buy, each will cost you the same. But when we talk about the titan chair, the price will change according to your upholstery type, color type, and size. Like-

  • Titan Small size will cost $519
  • Titan Medium size will cost $519
  • Titan Large size will cost $569

The titan chair price cost between $519 to $999. The Hybrid leather of titan is the cheapest that just costs $519, Fabric upholstery costs $539 and NAPA leather is the most expensive of all upholstery that has a cost of 999 dollars.

There is no doubt that both Ergochair 2 and Titan chairs are quite expensive but they are worth it because of their features and build quality.


Both chairs are highly durable. Both chairs are made up of high-quality material and have not compromised in build quality.

The PU leather is much more durable than mesh, which is why the mesh backrest of the Ergochair 2 can wear way early than the Pu leather of titan.

The frame and base of both Ergochair 2 and titan are very strong which makes both chairs durable and strong.

And only becomes of durability, both chairs can last for many years. The cushion of both chairs is soft and dont deflate. And same applies to casters that dont broke and have heavyweight bear capacity.

So overall Ergochair 2 is less durable than the titan but the difference is very small. So no need to worry about both chairs’ build quality and durability.

Supportive Headrest

In ergonomic, the headrest is very important. Titan comes with a padded soft headrest that has Magnetic Memory Foam which makes it very soft and breathable. Your neck will not feel hard while getting support from the headrest.

The position of the headrest is also adjustable. Now let’s move to Ergochair 2, which has curve shape backrest whose height and angle can be adjusted.

The headrest also has a mesh layer that feels soft to the neck. In terms of support, Ergochair 2 is more supportive than the titan headrest.

Warranty and Return

Ergochair 2 just has 2 years warranty which is low for an expensive office chair. Generally, at this price range office chairs have a 3-4 years warranty.

You get 30 days free return in which you can return the chair back for free if you dont find the chair comfortable for you.

Like other titan gaming chairs, 5 years of long warranty and 49 days free return comes along. Which is way more than the Ergochair 2 chair.

The warranty of titan covers full chairs rather than some area of the chair.

Good and Bad of Ergochair 2 

Pros of Ergochair 2 

  • The chair has an S-shape backrest that supports the back properly.
  • Ergochair 2 is a very breathable chair as they have a mesh backrest.
  • The seats are very comfortable and soft.
  • Has smooth-rolling Casters.
  • Has multi-locking backrest.
  • Comes in 6 color options.
  • Has Adjustable Headrest.

Cons of Ergochair 2 

  • The chair is quite expensive.
  • The armrests are just 2D.

Good and Bad of Titan 

Pros of Ergochair 2 

  • Has large and supportive backrest.
  • Comes in multi sizes and Upholstery options.
  • Reclining is smooth and easy.
  • Has 5 years of long warranty.
  • Bith back and seats are very soft and dont feel hard to butts and Back.

Cons of Ergochair 2 

  • The chair is not breathable.
  • Pricey.

Which One Is Actually Better Ergochair 2 vs Secretlab Titan?

No doubt, both Ergochair 2 and Secretlab Titan are 2 amazing chairs that both gamers and office users can use.

Both chairs have high adjustability, comfortability, durability, ergonomics, Supportive, etc. Ergochair 2 and Secretlab Titan also have a cool look and designs which I like.

because of their features, they also become quite expensive but they are worth it. Both chairs also have very positive ratings, Ergochair 2 has a 5 Star rating and Secretlab Titan has a 4.9-star rating.

For users who want a cool-looking gaming chair that has high adjustability features then Titan is best for them.

But if you want t simple look office chair that has a more supportive backrest then go with Ergochair 2 as the chair back is very supportive.

Small size gamers may find Ergochair 2 small for them. At that time just go with titan’s small size. But to make a better decision, it will be best to read our Ergochair 2 Vs Secretlab Titan From the start.

As above we have to compare both chairs’ features that will make it easy for you to decide and to take the right decision.

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