Herman miller posturefit vs lumbar

Herman miller posturefit vs lumbar? Which Gives Better support? If you have a Herman Miller Aeron chair then you would have surely thought about this Question.

Herman miller posturefit vs lumbar

You are not alone who wants to know its answer. Aeron is a highly ergonomic chair that provides support to the backrest, much more than a normal office chair back.

On the chair, You Get 2 Types of Lumbar support Herman miller’s posturefit and lumbar from which you can choose one.

We will compare both this Herman miller posturefit vs lumbar and will tell which one is better and why to choose it. So read the Herman miller posturefit vs lumbar Blog from start to end. 

Herman Miller Posturefit Features and Its Pros and Cons


  • Because of 2 separate pads, they provide better support.
  • Can be adjusted in depth.
  • Soft and dont feel hard to back.


  • Cost extra 95$, which is pricey.
  • Cant be adjusted in height.

By spending 95$ more you can add Adjustable PostureFit SL to your Herman Miller Aeron chair.

Adjustable PostureFit SL has 2 pads that work independently to provide more support to your spine and sacrum which is situated below the lower back.

The lumbar spine is vertical in height that supports the back spine, 2nd the pad is horizontal in position supports our sacrum. See the Below image to understand better.

Herman miller posturefit vs lumbar
Herman miller posturefit

The lumbar support is fixed and can not be adjusted but the sacrum can be adjusted in depth to get better support.

The lumbar support is very supportive and decreases pressure to our back area and helps in sitting straight.

With the combination of Adjustable PostureFit SL and Ergonomic Back design, sitting on Aeron becomes more comfortable. And With Breathable back, sweating also dont occur. Now let’s talk about their pros and cons.

Adjustable Lumbar Support Features and Its Pros and Cons


  • Easy to adjust its height. 
  • Reduces back pain and promotes smooth blood flow.


  • Cost 75$ more.

In an Aeron chair, you can choose between Adjustable Lumbar Support and fixed Lumbar Support. Adjustable Lumbar Support comes 75$, so Yes it is cheap than Herman Miller Posturefit.

It was added to the Aeron chair in 2017 when the updated version of Herman Miller Aeron was introduced.

In Adjustable Lumbar Support, only one pad comes which will give support to your spine. And Yes, its height is adjusted which can move up-down by a 4.5-inch.

Better support is provided to our back area by this lumbar support. Again the Adjustable Lumbar Support is made up of plastic and has a mesh backrest to add breathability. 

Which one is Better- Herman miller posturefit vs lumbar? 

Herman miller lumbar provides better support to our spine but seems to fail to support the sacrum.

However, when we talk about Herman miller posturefit support is provided to both the spine and sacrum.

Both have the same build quality but the adjustability of Herman miller posturefit is more than lumbar. Moreover, you can get Herman miller’s posturefit just 20$ more than lumbar support.

So you can get better support to your backrest by Herman miller’s posturefit. So overall Herman miller’s posturefit is better than lumbar support and you should go with it.

Herman Miller Aeron Cool Features

Adjustable Armrests

4D armrests come in an Aeron chair. These armrests can move up-down by 6.8 inches, forward-backward 17.5 inches, and tilt by 15 degrees.

Both armrests are very soft and have soft padding with a curve shape which dont feel hard to our arms when we put over them for support.

Because of their high adjusting, you have a lot of freedom to choose their height according to your choice.

Ergonomic Backrest And Seats

Aeron mesh backrest

Aeron has an ergonomic design. the backrest of Aeron has an s-shape backrest, whereas the seats have a waterfall edge design.

And because of its ergonomic design, while sitting on an Aeron chair you will get support to your back and hips, which will prevent them from having pain.

The waterfall edge seats reduce pain in the hips areas and make sure that blood flow is not reduced in our hips. Both of them are also breathable.

Multiple Sizes

Aeron chair comes in multiple sizes. This feature comes in very less chairs, and Aeron is one of those chairs. Aeron is available in A, B, and C sizes.

All these sizes cover all size and weight users. You can choose the size of your chair according to your body size which will increase comfort to your body.

Highly Breathable

The Aeron chair is very breathable, thanks to its mesh back and seat. The mesh promotes air circulation in the Aeron chair and makes it easy for the chair to remain cool on hot days.

Your butts and back will feel the air and thus, the heating issue will be reduced. On this Aeron chair, you won’t have any sweating issues as we have in leather chairs.

The mesh is also very durable and can last for a long time without getting worn.


Aeron has high customizability like other Herman Miller chairs. It’s easy to choose features that you want to have in your Aeron chair.

Like you can choose your chair size, back support, tilt-type, armrest adjustability type, and casters type.

However, the price of the chair will also increase according to the features that you add to your chair. But the office chair will become more ergonomic and comfortable because of it.

Tilt Limiter

The Aeron chair has a multi-tiling backrest. With the tilt limiter, you can adjust the tilt angle of your backrest.

Tilt Limiter of aeron chair

Moreover, it is also easy to adjust the force needed to tilt your backrest. There are 3 three tilt postures in the chair: upright, mid-recline, or full-recline.

Moreover, Aeron’s back can also tilt forward by 5-degree, which is very effective in reducing pressure from the hips.

A rotating knob is given under the chair that makes this tilting easy.

Color Options

Aeron chair is available in 6 color options. The design of the Aeron is quite simple like it is of other office chairs. You won’t see any design over the chair back or seat.

The color of frame and base can be chosen in different colors. But the mesh color will remain the same. The Colors available in the chair are-

  • Graphite
  • Polished aluminum
  • Mineral
  • Black aluminum
  • Onyx Ultra Matte etc.


Aeron has a long warranty of 12 years. No other office chair has a such long warranty. In the warranty period, you can get repair your Aeron chair for free without spending any money on it. Also, the service of Herman miller is very fast and effective.


Aeron comes fully assembled and dont require assembly. Just after recovering the chair, you can use it.

Eco Friendly

Aeron is an eco-friendly chair. Heman Miller is known for its eco-friendly office chairs. Their motive is to make chairs that dont damage our environment.

Aeron is 91% recyclable and is also made up of recyclable material. If you want an eco-friendly chair, the Aeron is a great option for you.

Is the Aeron PostureFit worth it?

Aeron PostureFit is definitely worth it as it increases support to our backseat. Without it, the support to your back will reduce and because of it, you can have pain in your back.

Aeron PostureFit is very soft and is more adjusted than any other lumbar support. That is why the Aeron PostureFit may cost much but it is worth it.

As it makes it easy for gamers to do gaming without having uncomfortably in their backrest.

People who have often back pain should add Aeron PostureFit to the backrest of the Aeron chair as it helps them in reducing their back pain issue.


It is important to have support to our back while sitting. Without better support to the backrest, it comes hard to sit and do gaming.

Without good back support, our back posture can get bad that can cause a series of back problems. But with this Aeron chair, you will not face these problems.

Herman Miller chairs are known for their ergonomic design and comfortability. the chair may seem to be expensive but it is worth its price.

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