Aeron classic vs Remastered: Comparision & Similarities

Aeron classic is the most popular selling office chair. Aeron chair was introduced by Heman miller in the market in 1990, and become popular in no time.

And for one and half decades, no changes were made in the current chair. But in 2017, Heman miller announced that they made small changes to Aeron’s classic design and features.

And the new Aeron chair was named Hemman Miller Aeron Remastered. So today, we are going to do a comparison between Aeron classic vs Remastered so you can get to know which chair is better and what chair you should buy.

What is the difference between Aeron classic and Remastered chair?

Tilt Lock and tension

In terms of tilt lock, the Aeron classic is better than the remastered. Yup!! it’s true. In the remastered version, you have 3 angles in which you can lock your backrest.

help aeron chair tilt limiter sa

But in classic, there was no limit. You can have your back lock at any angle to you. The design of tilt tension and knob has been changed. Now let’s talk about tilt tension.

A rotating knob is given under the chair that you need to rotate to tilt the back. Herman Miller has made it easy to tilt tension the back of remastered.

By just rotating the knob 3 times, the back can be tilted, which we had to rotate 12-15 times to do the same tilt in classic.

More ergonomic Seat Design

Some changes have been made in the seat design of Aeron classic which makes more comfortable seats of Remastered chair.

First, the padding has been removed from the front part of the chair in the Remastered chair. Which no doubt has made seats of Remastered a bit less soft than the classic chair seats.

Seat Design

However the Waterfall Edge of Remastered is much more curve than the classic version, and because of this, the pressure dont fall on the hips.

Classic had low curve seats which were their drawback but they have fixed their problem.

And the second difference is in the seats is the flexibility of mesh that you see in the seats. Even though 8Z Pellicle is used in the remastered chair which is the same mesh that we see in classic but the flexibility has been increased.

It is easy to see the difference by just pressing the seat. Dont worry, the mesh flexibility will not decrease the mesh life. In fact, it has made the seats even more comfortable.

Material And Lighter Weight

Most parts of Aeron classic are made up of aluminum then plastic. But in remastered, this has been changed and the parts of remastered are made from plastic more.

And because of this, the remastered has also become lightweight than the Aeron classic. Remastered is 2-3 Lbs lighter than the Aeron.

Backrest and PostureFit SL- More Supportive

Both chairs features, Ergonomic back design that has made the Aeron chair high supportive backrest.

On both chairs, your spine gets great support and helps in maintaining back posture straight. Aeron classic has only lumbar pads, but in the remastered version, you will also see PostureFit SL.

Aeron classic lumbar pads and remastered PostureFit SL

Which is more supportive than the lumbar pads. You will also get a lumbar pads option in the remastered. You can choose between PostureFit SL and Lumbar pads.

But in classic, you have only the lumbar pads option. We have recently done a review of Herman miller posturefit vs lumbar So read it for more detail.

Herman miller’s posture fit has 2 pads that support both the spine and lower sacrum area, whereas only the spine is supported in lumbar pads.

In Herman miller’s posturefit a large area of our back gets support. Both lumbar support is very flexible and is made up of soft rubber.

The depth of support is adjusted in the Herman miller posturefit support. So overall, aeron remastered is much more supportive and effective in reducing our back pain than the classic chair.

More adjustability Armrests

Both classic and Remastered feature high adjustable armrests. But Remastered has more adjustability than the classic version.

Classic chair armrests have height, forward-backward, and pivot adjustability. Wheaers in the remastered, you will get height, pivot, and depth adjustment.

So Yes, depth adjustability has been added in the remastered version. The area of depth adjustability is way more than a normal chair which makes them more supportive.

Aeron classic vs Remastered- Armrests adjustability

Aeron remastered comes in vinyl and leather options too. It has also become easy to adjust the armrests of remastered.

In order to adjust the armrests of classic, we had to dial the armrests to lose it that was given on the backside of armrests.

After that, you can move your chair armrests, and after adjusting the position of the armrests, you need to dial up the lever again to lock the armrests at that height.

But now in remastered, you will get a larger size lever on the same area where the dial was given.

Just pull the lever up and adjust your armrests position and then to lock it just leave the lever. It will get locked easily.

As you can clearly see that it has become easy to adjust the armrests of remasted chairs and the comfort of them has also increased.

More Breathability

Both Herman miller Aeron classic and remastered have a mesh back and seats. Which makes both chairs highly breathable and helps in easy air circulation.

The quality of the 8Z Pellicle membrane is improved in Aeron and has been made more breathable and flexible.

On the 8Z Pellicle membrane, you will see the wider line on the mesh and feels soft to the skin. The durability of both chairs’ mesh is similar.

Aeron Classic vs Remastered Sizes and Weight

Like Aeron classic, Remastered chair also comes in 3 multiple sizes, A, B, and C. There is no difference in size options.

So Yes, you can choose your Aeron Remastered in any size you want. However, changes have been done to the size of the chair and its weight capacity. 

The Remastered has been designed to support more height and weight people. 

Remastered Size and weight

  • Height Range = 4’8” – 6’7 inches (A,B and C sizes )
  • Weight Range = 90 – 350 lbs (A,B and C sizes )

Classic chair size and Weight

  • Height Range = 4’10” – 6’6 inches (A, B, and C sizes )
  • Weight Range – 90 – 300 lbs (A,B and C sizes )

Similarities Between Aeron Classic vs Remastered

Warranty And Assembly

Both classic and Remastered have 12 years warranty, in which all parts of the chair are covered, including the labor charges.

Both chairs can be easily get repaired in any service center of Herman miller for free. The warranty of both chairs covers 3 shifts. So now let’s move to the assembly part.

You will get both chairs fully assembled at your doorstep. You dont need to spend your time and energy on assembling your Aeron chair.


Herman Miller is known for making eco-friendly chairs. Most of their chair is made up of recyclable material or ocean waste. And they are doing it for 100 years.

And the same has been done in the classic and Remastered versions chairs too.

High customizability

On all Herman miller chairs, High customizability is given. You can customize your Herman miller chairs. This same customizability comes in classic and Remastered too. You can choose-

  • Different colors
  • Armrests Types
  • Lumbar support types
  • Casters Types
  • Armrests covers etc.

On both classic and Remastered. However, you have to pay more money to get these features in your chair, which makes the current chairs more expensive.

Which has a cooler design- Classic or Remastered?

Both chairs have a cool and attractive design even though you won’t see any patterns or logos embodied in them.

The Aeron chairs increase the look and office chairs and give a premium feel. Both versions of Aeron also come in many colors, you can choose the color of frame and base.

But the mesh color will remain the same. If we talk about design, remastered has a more attractive design than the classic.

The remastered has a brighter color frame than the classic. Also, the mesh nets are wider than the classic chair back mesh. Which looks cooler.

Which one is better- Aeron Aeron classic vs Remastered?

After doing the review, it becomes clear that the Remastered chair is better than the classic.

Which is pretty common has Remastered chair is the upgraded version of the classic. The chair is more comfortable, adjustable, breathable than the Aeron classic.

And also new Aeron classic is also not available in the market too. The price of a Remastered chair is much more than the classic chair. The new Remastered chair cost 500-700$ more than the classic chair.

Which many people find hard to afford. However, you are going to get more features and build quality than a normal chair.

How can you tell the difference between Aeron Classic and remastered?

It’s not hard to tell the difference between Aeron Classic and remastered.

Both classic and remastered have a mesh back, Right? but the ones on the mesh back of remastered are wider than the Aeron classic. You can clearly see this in the image.

Also, the tilt box remastered is smaller than the classic version. The classic version has a big box under the chair seats.

We have to tell difference between features of both classic and remastered above, you can also tell difference between the chair by seeing and using the features of the Aeron chairs.

And this is the best way to tell the difference between Aeron Classic and remastered. 

Where can I buy an Aeron Classic chair?

Herman Miller has stopped producing Aeron Classic chairs 2-3 years ago. So you will not find the new classic chair on their site or on popular sites like amazon etc.

You have only option to buy a refurbished Aeron classic chair. These refurbished Aeron classic are available in many online places and office places.

Moreover, these refurbished chairs will cost you very less than a new Aeron classic chair. Which makes them best for budget users too who can’t buy a new Aeron chair.

While buying a refurbished Aeron chair, make sure that you buy it from a trusted website and many fake Aeron are available in the market too. Secondly, always buy an Aeron chair that is in warranty period and has good condition too.

How long can the Aeron Remastered chair last?

Aeron Remastered chair has a high build quality, which is why the chair has a long life. Aeron Remastered chairs can last for 15-20 years easily. Their life can also be increased by 5-10 years more by giving them proper care.

Conclusion– Aeron classic vs Remastered

Aeron chair is a great office chair and is one of the most popular office chairs. The older version of this chair also had a lot of ergonomic features, which has made it very popular.

But its upgraded version, Aeron Remastered chair is even better. You should go with the Aeron Remastered chair as you will have a better sitting experience in it.

If you are finding it difficult in affording the Aeron Remastered chair then go with the 2nd hand Aeron Remastered chair.

They are much more affordable. So if you find this Aeron classic vs Remastered Blog useful then share it with your friends. 

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