Herman Miller Celle Review

Herman miller celle is one of the oldest chairs of Herman miller. For people who want a less expensive premium office chair, then the herman miller is one of the best chairs for them.

However, the chair is not much good looking like aeron, which is why some people dont like it.

And today we are going to do Herman Miller Celle Review. And will tell you its features, pros, cons, and price. So read this Blog from start to end. 

Herman Miller Celle Review- Specification and Dimensions

Armrests4D Adjustable
Recline28 Degrees with Lock
Seats DepthAdjustable
Forward Tilt
Weight44 Lbs
Weight Capacity350 Lbs
AssemblyComes Fully Assembled
Dimensions‎15.5 x 29.25 x 44.38 inches
Multiple Sizes

Herman Miller Celle Review- Features


Comfort is the first thing that people consider. At first look, Herman Miller Celle dont seem to be comfortable as the chair has a cellular backrest.

But in fact, the chair is comfortable as the chair’s back is flexible and soft. Moreover, the ergonomic design of the backrest also makes it more comfortable.

The chair seats are also very comfortable, thanks to the seat cushion. However, the cushion is not very large but still, you can sit comfortably for long hours without having pain in your butts.

The armrest provides support to arms and elbows too. So that you can sit comfortably on this Herman Miller Celle chair.

By choosing different backrest angles, the best comfortable angle can be chosen for sitting on this chair. Overall, in terms of comfort level, its comfort is above average.

Seat design

The seats of the Herman Miller Celle chair are not much ergonomic as the Aeron chair. The waterfall edge design of these Herman Miller Celle chairs is less than Aeron chairs.

The edge from the forward side of the chair is not much too. Even though, the edge design will reduce the pressure to the hips area very much.

Herman Miller Celle waterfall edge seats

Aeron and Mirra 2 chairs have a much more ergonomic curve waterfall edge design. For People who want more ergonomic waterfall edge seats then looking for Aeron and Mirra chair is a great option for them.

The padding surely makes the chair seat very comfortable as the cushion is very soft and dont deflate either. Because of the padding, your butts won’t have a hard feel.

And the pressure will distribute all over the seats. The seats are wider in size so that you can sit comfortably.


Herman Miller Celle has an ergonomic design backrest and has lumbar support too. That promotes ergonomics to the chair, by proving extra support to our back spine.

The design of the backrest of Herman Miller Celle is very different from other Herman miller chairs like Aeron and Mirra. On its back, you will not find a mesh layer or padding.

Herman Miller Celle backrest design

In the Herman Miller Celle, Cellular suspension back is given which is made of 751 polymer cells. Which makes the backrest very flexible and supportive.

The Cellular suspension back supports all shapes of the human back. The adjustable lumbar support provides support to the back spine.

You can adjust the lumbar support height and depth to get better support. The Cellular suspension back also promotes breathability much more than the Mirra and Aeron chair.

However, the back of the celle chair is less soft than the Aeron chair, and some users may have a hard feel to their back.


Adjustability is an important part of an office chair. It allows users to adjust the chair parts according to their needs.

And the Adjustability of Herman Miller Celle chairs is no less than the adjustability of expensive office chairs like Aeron.

4D adjustable armrests come in the Herman Miller Celle chair, which can adjust by height, depth, forward-backward tilt.

Moreover, the seat height and width are also adjustable which you can do by pressing the level. The seat adjustability makes the sitting experience comfortable.

You can adjust the seat height and depth to remove pain from the hips and toes. The backrest of Herman Miller Celle can tilt back too.

With the tilt limiter, it becomes possible to change the tilt area of the backrest. Herman Miller has done good work in making this office chair high adjustable.

Look and Design

Herman Miller Celle is a cool, stylish, and solid office chair. In terms of look and design, the chair has got mixed reviews. Some users dont like its Cellular suspension back.

But there are also many users who love its Cellular suspension back because of design patterns. In my opinion, this Herman Miller Celle looks cool and stylish.

Many colors are available in this Herman Miller Celle chair like white, grey, blue, and brown.

In the Aeron chair, the color of the backrest dont change, but in this chair, the back color also changes with the rest chair color.

If you choose cushion seats, then the cushion will also change while looking attractive. Cool looking chairs, may not have any effect on comfortability, but they surely increase our sitting experience.


Herman Miller is known for their strong and durable office chairs. And Herman Miller Celle is one of their highly durable office chairs.

This Herman Miller Celle is made up of a good quality material that adds durability to the chair.

Herman Miller Celle Review

Herman miller gives the look of attraction to the durability of their office chairs. The parts of this chair are highly durable and have a long time.

While using this chair, you will feel its durability yourself. It’s most parts the made up of plastic which is surely a drawback.

A long warranty comes on this Herman Miller Celle chair which is because of its high durability only. This Herman Miller Celle can last easily for 12-15 years or even more.

If you are looking for high durable chairs, then you can consider buying this Herman Miller Celle too.

Size And Weight Recommendation

Herman Miller Celle can fix 90 percent of the global population which is very large but less than other Aeron chairs that can be used by 95% of the global population.

Herman Miller Celle features high adjustability, which allows the user to adjust the chair armrests, backrest, height according to his body size.

By this, if you are small or large for the chair, you can adjust them according to your body size. So now let’s move to weight recommendation.

The Herman Miller Celle chair has 350 Lbs weight capacity, making this office chair best for heavyweight people too.

Aeron is much better than the Herman Miller Celle chair in terms of size and weight capacity as the Herman Miller Celle comes only in one size but Aeron is available in 3 sizes.

And because of the multiple sizes, users can choose better size chairs for themselves.

Warranty and Assembly

Both assembly and warranty of Herman Miller Celle are the same as other Herman miller chairs have. This Herman Miller Celle comes fully assembled.

No extra money is charged for pre-assembly. And 12 years of long warranty comes on this chair.

This warranty covers a full chair. Herman miller repaired the chair for free. And the service quality is good too.


No brand can match Herman miller in terms of Customizability. Herman Miller Celle has high customizability too.

The chair comes in multiple colors, so you can choose any color in which you want your office chair.

Also, you can choose backrest type, armrests adjustability, cushion or non cushion seats, Casters Type, etc on the Herman Miller Celle chair.

The level of Customizability of Herman Miller Celle is the same as other Herman Miller chairs.

Because of this Customizability, you can add comfort and adjustability to your current Celle chair. But with more Customizability you add to your chair, the more expensive it will become.

Which is a normal thing. You can go with its base modal if you are finding it difficult in affording the fully loaded model of the Celle chair. With this, you can save a lot of money.

Return and Shipping

Herman Miller Celle has 30 days free return and free shipping. If you dont find your Herman Miller Celle comfortable or the chair dont fit your size, then you can return the chair for free.

The Herman miller will pay for shipping charges. It is major pros of Herman Miller Celle chair. 


  • Has a multi-locking backrest.
  • The backrest has an S-Shape design.
  • Has a waterfall edge seat design.
  • Comes in multiple colors.
  • Has Cellular Suspension back, which promotes easy air circulation.
  • Comes much cheaper than Aeron and Mirra.
  • has solid build quality. 


  • The back dont have any padding.
  • The backrest recline area is just 28 degrees which is less.
  • The armrests dont are padded well.

Is Herman Miller Celle a good chair?

Herman Miller Celle is a premium chair that is very comfortable. The chair costs very less than the Aeron chair, so users find it easier to afford.

The chair has an ergonomic back and seats which are very comfortable. Plus, the chair also has high adjustability too. Users can sit on this chair for long hours.

However, the chair has some drawbacks too. Like if you are looking for a padded backrest and high recline backrest then you may not like this chair.

As the back recline of this chair is very less. The armrests may have high adjustability but they are not very soft because of less padding.

The build quality of the chair is high, so you can use the chair for decades. So overall, the chair has both pros and cons. For its price, the chair is really worth buying.

You can get the chair if you like its features and dont have money to buy high-end chairs like Aeron or Mirra.

If you are able to afford an Aeron chair, then go with the Aeron chair as the Aeron is more comfortable.

Herman Miller Aeron chair

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Aeron chair is the best alternative to a celle chair. The Aeron chair has a high reclining backrest that can recline both backward and forward.

By reclining the seat forward, you can sit on a chair without having hips pain. Moreover, the seat also has a waterfall edge design.

The backrest has an Adjustable PostureFit SL, which is more supportive to the back than normal lumbar support. Adjustable PostureFit SL has 2 pads that support our spine and lower sacrum area.

Aeron chair comes in 3 multiple sizes-A, B, and C. These sizes support different sizes and weights peoples. Because of multiple sizes options, this Aeron chair supports 95% of people.

Aeron has 4D armrests that have been padded too. So you get a comfortable feel to your elbows.

The armrests are large in size, so no matter how big your elbows are, they will get great support.

The Herman miller Aeron is a more popular chair than the celle chair and also more expensive. The Aeron chair cost twice then the celle chair.

Smooth casters make it easy to move this heavy office chair. The Aeron is more comfortable than the celle chair but in adjustability, celle wins over the Aeron chair.

But if you can afford this Aeron chair, then there is no better choice than the celle chair.


  • The chair has high customizability.
  • Has a cool and attractive design.
  • Comes with 12 years warranty.
  • Has high reclining backrest.
  • Seats have a waterfall edge design.


  • Very pricey.


So today we do Herman Miller Celle Review and tell you its features. Herman Miller Celle is a good chair that has a lot of features but cost less.

But the comfort of this chair is less than an Aeron chair. We find in this Herman Miller Celle Review that Herman Miller Celle comfort is big high from average.

The low recline backrest and un-padded back are its major cons. If you want a high-reline chair then go with another Herman miller chair.

In other terms, Herman Miller Celle has done very well. Before you make your decision, make sure to read this Herman Miller Celle review Blog from start to end to get a better idea of this chair.

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