Steelcase Gesture vs Think

Steelcase Gesture vs Think?: Steelcase is a popular furniture brand known for its high-quality office chairs and other stuff. The company offers premium office chairs that rank among the best in the world.

Gesture and Think are two of Steelcase’s premium office chairs that people love because of their features.

That is why it also confuse people about which one is best and starts the debate between Steelcase Gesture vs Think? 

Today we are going to do a review of both Steelcase Gesture and Think and will compare both of them. So read The Blog Fully to Know all this. 

Steelcase Gesture VS Leap: Quick Answer

Steelcase Leap VS Think? Gesture has upper hard over the think chair has it gives more adjustable armrests and more supportive high backrest. That supportive back and helps the user to sit comfortable. So if you want a more comfortable and ergonomic chair then Go With Gesture chair. Think also has many premium features which makes it a good chair too. To Take better decision Read this Steelcase Leap VS Think Blog till the end.

Specifications of Steelcase Gesture VS Think

Steelcase ThinkSteelcase Gesture
Overall Height37 1/4″ to 42 1/2″39¼” – 44¼”
Overall Dimensions32.5” H x 27.5” W x 21.25” D24.75” D x 27” W x 38.5” – 43.5” H
Seat height from Floor16.2 ″ to 21.4 Inches16″ – 21″
Seat depth18.2 inches15.75″-18.75 Inches
Headrest availableNoYes
Seats3 Edge 3 Edge
Size available11
4 way adjustable armsYesYes ( 360 Degrees)
Backrest ReclineRecline with LockRecline with Lock
Weight53 Lbs73 Lbs
Weight Capacity400 Lbs400 Lbs
Warranty12 Years12 Years
Casters Both Hardwood and CarpetBoth Hardwood and Carpet
Check On AmazonCheck On Amazon

Comparison between Steelcase Think and Gesture 


Steelcase Gesture and Think are both extremely comfortable office chairs. The Steelcase chair is designed to provide a comfortable place to sit so that people can sit comfortably.

You can sit comfortably on both the seats and backs of the chairs thanks to fabric padding.

In addition to supporting your back, the backrest is ergonomically designed to prevent back pain and fatigue.

In addition, both chairs are extremely comfortable to sit in because of their design. Not to forget that both Steelcase Think and Gesture have adjustable armrests and a lumbar pillow that increases support and gives a comfortable sitting experience.

The Gesture chair, however, has adjustable arms and headrests that make it more comfortable to sit in than the Thinking chair.

It becomes easy to sit comfortably in the Steelcase gesture chair without experiencing pain in the neck and elbows.


Steelcase office chairs have a high degree of adjustability. There is no comparable level of adjustability in any other brand office chair except for Herman Miller chairs.

Armrests Adjustability 

The first thing we need to discuss is the armrests’ adjustability. With Think, you get 4D armrests, while with Gesture chair, you get 360-degree arms.

The Gesture chair’s armrests are easier to adjust. Furthermore, their adjustability area is larger than traditional armrests.

It is possible to move the gesture armrests in any direction and in any position. It is possible to adjust the height, width, depth, and pivot of both gesture and think armrests.

But as I previously said gesture armrests are easier to adjust. Gesture armrests have 10 inches of width adjustability which we don’t see in think.

Seat Adjustability 

The depth and height of seats for gesture and think can be adjusted. In gesture, you need to rotate the knob to adjust the seat depth.

The seat depth of the gesture is adjusted up to 2-3 inches. Just pull the same knob to adjust the seat height which you rotate to adjust the seat depth.

It’s very easy to simply do height and seat depth adjustments in a gesture chair. Think chair has 2 separate knobs and a lever to adjust the seat depth and height.

The lever is just under the forward part of the seat whereas the knob is given under the chair seat. Which makes it hard to adjust both the depth and height of the thinking chair than the gesture office chair.

Backrest Adjustability

The backrest reclining area of gesture and think is much similar. They have an adjustable tilt mechanism and multi-locking backrest.

Steelcase gesture and lean back can lock at 3 angles. The knob is given near the seat of both chairs, which can be used to lock back angles.

The tilt mechanism makes it easy to recline the back according to weight. In backrest adjustability, gesture and think chairs are similar.

Build Quality and Durable

Both gesture and thought are very similar when it comes to building quality. Each chair includes plastic parts in some areas.

These plastic parts are of high quality and are both solid and durable. In these two amazing chairs, you can clearly see Steelcase’s high build quality and durability.

There will be no tears in the fabric, mesh, or leather padding. Furthermore, the cushions on both chairs remain soft for a long time and do not deflate.

In Steelcase Think and Gesture, metal has also been used, ensuring their durability. However the gesture durability and build quality are big more than the think chair which is a common has to gesture that comes much costlier than the think chair.


In both Steelcase chairs, there are high adjustable armrests. Not only are they adjustable, but they are also wider.

Our arms and shoulders are better supported by their wider armrests than those with a small size. Think has 4D adjustable armrests whereas 360 arms come on the gesture office chair.

Gesture wins in terms of armrest support and adjustability. Because gesture armrests are much larger in size and adjustable than armrests of a think chair.

Backrest Design and Support

The supportive backrest can be seen on Steelcase’s gesture and think chair.

Featuring an ergonomic backrest with 3D LiveBack® technology, the gesture chair offers excellent back support as you recline or move.

The spine is supported and straightened with this S-shaped back and this technology. The lumbar support doesn’t move from its back when the user reclines.

By this support, the back remained in gesture chair even when he reclined his back. So, in the think chair, the back has a LiveBack® flexor system.

In the think chair, when you will do movement in the think chair, the backrest will conform to your moves and will provide support.

Backrest Design and Support in gesture and think is very similar but adjustable lumbar support in gesture is much more adjustable and supportive.

Design and Color Options

Gesture and Think have a solid look. Even though, you won’t see any patterns on the gesture and Think chair. The backrest of gesture and Think are very similar with very small differences.

The gesture back is a bit curvier in shape. The think has a more waterfall edge design than the gesture chair which looks has a straight shape with an upward curve design.

Also, there is a difference in the headrest area of the gesture and the Think chair. The design of the lower part of the gesture and Think is similar.

Now let’s move to Color options. Gesture and think have small color options. Both of them are available in 20 upholstery options and 3 frames and 2 base colors. 

The best upholstery colors of these Steelcase chairs are- Orange, Dark Blue, Light Orange, Light Black, and Green color which looks stunning on these Steelcase chairs.

I like the look and design of the think chair more than the gesture chair. But it can depend on a different person’s choices too, which design you like more. 

Weight & Weight Capacity

Steelcase Think chair weighs 53 Lbs and has 400 Lbs weight capacity. It has dimensions of 32.5” H x 27.5” W x 21.25” D. Gesture has 78 Lbs of weight and 400 Lbs of weight capacity.

The weight capacity of Steelcase gesture and think is similar. Both of them can bear very heavy weights, thanks to their durability.

However, Think is very lightweight so it will be easy to move from one place to another, on the other hand, the gesture is quite heavy.


For high customizability, Steelcase is known for. Their customizability level is much similar to Herman Miller chairs.

In terms of customizability, think wins over the gesture. As they give more armrests, lumbar support, and upholdary options than the gesture.

In gesture, you have 2 upholstery options and it think chair you have 3. The same applies to armrest options in which we have 3 armrest types whereas gesture just has 2 options.

However headrests can be added in the gesture, but in think, we cannot. Other things are similar in Steelcase gesture and think chair like they have 2 casters options and 2 lumbar support options.

This Customizability makes it possible to include features in your Steelcase chair that you want to have. By this, more ergonomics and support increase in the current chair.


The Steelcase Gesture and Think office chairs are quite expensive. Gesture starts at 1217$ and increases in price based on the features you add to the chair.

Compared to Think, which starts at $773.00, it is much less expensive. Like the gesture chair, the price will increase over time.

Think and gesture also come in stool versions. The stool version of Think costs 173$, while the stool version of Gesture costs 183$.

Steelcase LeapSteelcase Gesture
Base Price 773.00$1217$
HeadrestNot ComesNot Comes
Lumbar Support$41.00$25.00
Leather Upholstery$279
3D Fabric Cost 48$
4D Adjustable Armrests$36Already Have
Stool Style $173$182
Hardwood Casters$18$19

Assembly and Warranty

These Steelcase chairs have the same Assembly and Warranty. This gesture and Think are covered by 12 years warranty. Which is quite a long warranty for an office chair.

This also shows how sure Steelcase is sure about the quality of their chairs. Most parts of these Steelcase chairs are covered by a warranty.

So, assembly of these Steelcase chairs needs to be done. They won’t come to your doorstep preassembled like a Herman Miller chair.

Steelcase chair comes in a big box where parts of the chair are packed properly. Instruction mannual come in both chairs’ boxes which makes it easier to assemble these 2 chairs.


Casters is another think that is similar to this gesture and leap chairs. 2 types of casters come in gesture and think chair.

The first is a carpet caster and the second is a hardwood caster. On your chair, you can choose one of them. These casters are made for hardwood and carpet floors.

They are very durable and smooth-rolling casters that have made it easy to move this heavy Steelcase chair from one place to another. It’s possible to get 1 type of caster in your Steelcase gesture or think chair.


From the beginning, Steelcase has focused on sustainability. That is why these Steelcase chairs promote sustainability and are also eco-friendly.

The Steelcase chairs are made from waste material and are recyclable. The chair, however, is more environmentally friendly since 98% of it is recyclable.

In comparison, the gesture is only 41% recyclable. However, the gesture is 21% recycled and think is 15% recycled.

Pros of Steelcase Gesture Chair


  • The padding over the seat and back is very soft.
  • Weight capacity is very high.
  • High adjustable armrests that support shoulders and arms.
  • Can fit most size people.
  • Strong and high build quality. 
  • Long warranty of 12 years.


  • Very expensive.
  • The backrest height is not adjustable.

Pros of Steelcase Think Chair


  • Has 4D adjustable armrests.
  • Comes in multiple colors.
  • The back is supported with its ergonomic design and lumbar support.
  • Seats have soft and fluffy cushions.
  • Multi-Locking Backrest.


  • Pricey

 Steelcase Gesture vs Think: Which One is Better? ( Winner Gesture )

After doing this Steelcase Gesture vs Think, it becomes clear that gesture is more comfortable, durable, and adjustable than think.

Despite this, there is not much of a difference in terms of build quality and comfort. In both of these situations, these chairs are of a higher quality than any normal office chair currently available on the market.

The Think chair is more cool-looking, so if you want a cool chair, think is an option you should consider. The gesture is able to give more support to the back and neck area.

If you often have back pain, then gestures will be best for you. Think comes at a much lower cost and is much more affordable.

But the gesture costs more because of its features so it is worth its price too. People who don’t have a high budget can go with the think chair or base model of the gesture chair.

But overall, Gesture wins in this Steelcase Gesture vs Think Comparison blog. 

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