How To Stop Bum Sweat on Chairs?

In both office and home, have to sit on a chair for long hours. And sitting on long hours on hot days can leave bum sweat on the chair. Which is embarrassing too.

Many times sweat bum gives a bad smell to the chair because of which another person dont like to use that chair. Commonly Bum sweat problem happens because of not wearing breathable underwear, using leather chairs on very hot days. 

Dont worry today we will tell you how to stop bum sweat on chairs? So you can get away from this problem. 

Steps to Top bum sweat on chairs

  1. Dont sit in the same place for a long time
  2. Get a cooling cushion
  3. Stop using Leather Chair
  4. Keep your room cool
  5. Only for Ladies: Try panty liners
  6. Take extra pair of underwear 
  7. Wear loose clothes
  8. Use surface wipes
  9. Maintain hygiene

Below we have explained these steps in detail. So to know more about these steps in detail read the blog further.

Why do you need to stop bum sweat on chairs?

The bum sweat on the chair looks very dirty and smelly and is embarrassing as well. When the bum sweat problem is happening it is sure that there will be sweat and moisture on your butt and underwear.

how to stop bum sweat on chairs

Moisture in the butt and underwear for a long time can cause skin infections, rashes in your butts. And the infection can increase too much in just a short time.

To prevent these problems you need to stop bum sweat on chairs as fast as possible. The problem is very easy to solve and will below tell you how to solve this problem.

Ways to avoid bum sweat on chairs

Dont sit in the same place for a long time

Sitting in the same place for a long time also causes sweating in our butts. So never sit for long hours straight. After sitting for some time stand up and take a walk.

By this, you won’t have sweat as your butt will touch the air that will help it to remain cool. Air dont fall on butts makes them warm, and after them, they become sweaty and cause bum sweat.

After every 1-2 hours stand up from your chair and walk for 5-10 minutes. We have talked about this in our Office chair cutting off circulation in the leg Blog too.

As it is good for blood circulation in the legs and hips area too. 

Stop using Leather Chair

Leather office chairs are not breathable. Sitting on them causes sweating issues as your back and butts will get warm.

Sitting on leather chairs on hit days can cause sweating in your butts. As the air dont pass through the seat and they dont remain cool.

So if you have a leather chair then dont use it as it can be the main reason for bum sweat. Go with mesh and fabric chairs that are very breathable and dont cause bum sweat.

If you cant buy a new office chair then just use a Turkish towel. It will not remove bum sweat but the bum sweat mark will come to this Turkish towel rather than on the chair. After that just take this Turkish towel with you. 

Get a cooling cushion

Cooling cushions are easily available in the market that can be used with the chair to prevent bum sweat.

These cooling cushion also turns a hard and uncomfy seat into a comfortable seat. They also prevent our butts from getting sweaty by allowing air circulation to the butts.

Easy to use and affordability is their other best thing. Just buy a cooling cushion and put it under your butts before sitting on your office chair.

They come in different sizes too so get a cushion that can fit your chair. Gel Seat Cushion is the best seat cushion that just costs 25 dollars but has a 4.5-star rating. Gel Seat Cushion main features are-

  • They are nonslipping so your butts won’t slip while sitting. 
  • Comes in 4 Colors and looks attractive. 

Keep your room cool

Bum sweat always happens because of the high temperature. That is why if you want to avoid bu sweat on your chair then just keep your room cool. Keep your room ac on and maintain your room temperate.

If you have an AC then you can also use a leather chair. No need to buy mesh and fabric chairs. Because of the cool environment you not have sweated in your bum.

Trim your Public Hair

Public Hair increases the temperature in your butts area and after that sweating occurs and results in bum sweat in the chair. You can shave, wax, or trim them. But make sure to trim them.

Use breathable Underwears

Non breathable underwears often cause a sweating issue. Air dont pass through them because of their low breathability. Go with cotton underwear as they are very breathable and will help in reducing bum seating.

And because of that bum sweat on the chair will reduce too. Fabric underwear can also be used as 2nd option as they are not as breathable as cotton wears.

Take extra pair of underwear 

If you have to go gym then you should take extra pair of underwear with you. As after doing a workout it is sure that you will get sweating.

Because of which bad sweat comes from underwear and if you sit on any chair wearing those sweating underwear. bum sweat mark will leave on that chair.

That can get you to embrace in front of your friends as well. So after doing a workout change your current underwear with the extra underwear that you take with you. It’s a simple thing that can save you from getting embarrassed.

Wear loose clothes

Wearing tight clothes always gives sweating problems as the air circulation from them is not much. Make sure your pent and underwear is loose so air can get through them.

People who wear loose clothes often dont have sweating problems and other problems like bum sweat and comfortability.

Use surface wipes

Using Use surface wipes may not reduce bum sweating but will help you to remove bum sweat marks. Whenever you see bum sweating, then use these Use surface wipes to clean that makes before leaving that chair.

Use surface wipes are easy to carry too. Seventh Generation bum wipes are a great product that you can use. Check that ( HERE )

Only for Ladies: Try panty liners

If you are a woman then you can try panty liners as well. They absorb all the sweat which is why you won’t have butt sweat.

But buy a good quality panty liner as low-quality panty liners are not soft and tear up easily. And remember to change then after some hours as well or your butts can have rashes. 

Seventh Generation Pantiliners Pads are one of the best panty liners that you can try out. They have a 4.6-star rating and over 4k reviews. They come in 3 options as well. 

Maintain hygiene

Always maintain your hygiene and wear clean clothes that are sweat-free. Take shower on hot days and dont eat spicy food as they are another reason for excess sweating.

After you do a workout then take a shower and clean the sweat properly. By this, your body will remain cool and sweating problems will reduce.

Moisture down The Butts area

The Moisture on the butts area smells very bad. That is why you need to Moisture down The Butts area. This process may not stop bum sweat on the chair but will surely remove the bad odor from the butts.

On the market, many types of Moisture spray come that can Moisture down your butt area. But make sure to use a Good quality Moisture spray as the low-quality spray can give infections or rashes to your skin.

Leave a Towel on The chair seat

Leave a Towel on The chair seat is very helpful when you have a leather chair before you sit on the chair. The towel will absorb the bum sweat and the chair seat will not have sweat marks. It will save you from embarrassment.

Like the seat, if your back also leaves sweet then dont forget to leave the towel on the chair back. It will ensure that the chair back dont get any types of marks from the back sweat.

Using Wipes is useful

First dont sit on the chair for hours. Take short breaks and start-up from your chair. If you notice any sweat marks on the chair then use the wipes to clean the seat. Do this when every time when you start up from the chair and notice any marks on the seat.

Even if the marks are small dont just leave it without cleaning. As it will prevent that makes from getting permanent.

Clear Your Chair With Cleaning Liquids

If you spot sweat marks on the chair After sitting on the chair dont forget to clean your chair by Cleaning Liquids. As these marks will only get dark if they are cleaned properly with Cleaning Liquids like soap water etc.

Use cotton underwear

Cotton is highly breathable underwear that is skin-friendly too. people that have excess bum sweat should pick cotton underwear for themself. They will allow cool air in your butts and will prevent them from getting warm which will reduce bum sweat too. However one of the cons of them is their get wet.

As they trap sweat very easily. So make sure to take extra pair of cotton underwear with you as you will need to change your underwear after a few hours of wearing it.

Methods not to use to stop bum sweat on chairs

Dont use powder on Butts

Using power on butts to reduce sweating in that area to stop but sweat is not a good option, Researchers show that using power on butts can increase the risk of skin cancer. However, there are also many articles that oppose things.

But still, as the method is not effective much then why use them and take a risk with your health? Just use other methods that we have told you about above.

Dont use deodorants

Many people now will think to use deodorants to eliminate the smell of a sweat from the butts area.

But it’s not a good idea as butts do not have apocrine glands that give sweating. So using deodorants on the buttocks area will just have a bad effect on the skin areas in butts because chemicals are present in the deodorants. So avoid using it.


So today we tell you how to stop bum sweat on chairs. This problem may seem to be big but in reality, it is not much. These methods are easy to follow.

Follow any method that is easy for you to follow. Bum sweat on the chair should not be ignored as it can cause many issues.

And even after using these methods bum sweat problem dont get solved then you have hyperhidrosis in which people often have excess sweating problems.

In that case, consult a doctor. So if you find this how to stop bum sweat on chairs Blog useful then share it with your friends. As they may also have this problem🙂.

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