Herman miller celle vs Aeron

Herman Miller is a brand that is best known for its premium office chairs. They have many office chairs in their product line that comes in top chairs in the world.

Herman miller celle and Aeron and 2 of their chairs that have premium features and high build quality. Their premium features often start Herman miller celle vs Aeron debate between people that which one is best- Herman miller celle or Aeron.

So read this blog from start to end to know which chair is better and which one you should buy as we will compare them both.

Herman miller Celle vs Aeron– Quick Comparison


56% elastomeric, 44% polyesterPlastic and Steel
Size:Comes in Multiple sizes (Size A, B & C)Comes in One Size Only But Can Fit 95% Users
Lumbar SupportFixed, Adjustable UP-DOWN and Adjustable PostureFit SLCan Adjust UP and DOWN
Adjustable Armrest3D Adjustable Padded Arms4D Adjustable Padded Arms
Adjustable Seat Depth
Height of the SeatSize A: 15″ – 19″
Size B: 16″ – 20.5″
Size C: 16″ – 20.5″
15.75″ – 19.25″
HeadrestNot But can be add-on
Maximum Weight CapacitySize A: 300 lbs
Size B & C: 350 lbs
350 lbs
CastersCarpet and Multi Surface CastersCarpet, Both carpet and Hardwood, caster
Check on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Herman miller celle vs Aeron- Major Differences Between These Chairs

In both of these chairs, you will find some differences and similarities. First, let’s talk about the differences between these chairs and compare them which is better in these features. So let’s go!!

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Both Aeron and celle chairs are very comfortable office chairs. The waterfall edge seat comes on both chairs.

The Aeron has mesh seats that are comfortable but because of no cushion, they sometimes feel hard to butts as fame and touch your butts.

On the other hand, a seat cushion that is soft and fluffy makes the celle chair more comfortable in sitting. However many people have complained that the padding of celle is very low.

Herman miller celle vs Aeron- comfort

However, Aeron armrests have a curve shape and have more padding than the celle armrests. This makes the armrests of celle chair more comfortable.

More Supportive and ergonomic lumbar support and make makes the backrest of the Aeron chair more comfortable.

However, the difference in back comfort in of celle chair is not much because they have 751 polymer cells.

Overall Aeron chair wins in comfort but not by a big margin as celle is very comfortable too. 

Ergonomic Features

When it comes to Ergonomic Features, Herman millers are great at doing it. Both of them have ergonomic back designs and lumbar support.

They have high adjustable supportive armrests too. Adjustable headrest comes in an Aeron chair that increases the ergonomics of Aeron.

Celle back has a 751 polymer cell that is more flexible and supportive to the back. It can support different shapes back.

In Aeron adjustable posturefit can be adjusted that is more ergonomics and supportive and can support spine and sacrum area.

Both chairs have waterfall edge seats. The backrest of Aeron and celle can tilt back too due to which you can lay back and take a rest.

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Overall both chairs have taught competition in ergonomic features. One chair has a 751 polymer cell and another chair Aeron has Herman miller’s posture fit. Both of them make their back ergonomics. So it’s a tie!!


Celle chair comes much cheaper than the Aeron chair but celle matches the level of adjustability of the Aeron. Celle also comes with a 4d adjustable Aeron.

Both chair armrests can adjust by height, depth, forward-backward tilt. However, the padding of Aeron armrests is much more than the celle chairs that have very little padding.

Herman miller celle vs Aeron- adjustability

To adjust the Aeron chair armrests you will get a lock at the ending of armrests that you need to unlock to adjust their height.

And in celle chair, the lock is given just near the armrests and is quite different to use then Aeron armrests. In-seat adjustability celle is ahead of the Aeron chair.

The height and depth of celle seat can be adjusted but in an Aeron chair, only height can be adjusted. And in lumbar adjustability, Aeron has an easy win. Both Herman miller chairs have tilt limited that allows them to adjust the back at multi-angles.

In adjustability, celle wins as the chair comes cheaper too. But still has depth adjustability seats which are very helpful. However, if you want more adjustable lumbar supportive go with Aeron. 

Look and Design

The look and Design of celle and Aeron are quite different. The mesh back of the Aeron looks cooler than the 751 polymer cells back.

The colors of celle chairs are more vibrant than Aeron chairs are dull colors like light black, dark black, grey, light grey, etc.

Red, blue, green, and orange are some of the colors that you can get your celle chairs. The waterfall edge shape seats of Aeron look good than the celle chairs that look flat.

And you won’t see any logos, designs embodied on both chairs’ backs and seats. The curved shape design of Aeron armrests is another thing that increases the look of Aeron.

I Like the design of the Aeron chair but you may have different thoughts on design. As some like the back design and seat design of celle more. And also colors choices are different of persons too. So it’s a Tie!! But no one can deny both Herman millet chairs looks stylish and give a solid feel. 

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Build Quality & Durability

Herman Miller makes high build quality and durable office chairs. No Herman Miller chairs have low durability.

The mesh used in the Aeron chair back and seats are of good quality and dont tear up as a low-quality mesh does. The parts of the Aeron are made up of plastic and metal and provided durability to the chair.

And in celle chair, both the 751 polymer cells and seat cushion feels solid. They won’t break and the seat cushion will not deflate.

They have high-quality casters too that roll smoothly and dont leave scratches. Sitting on durable chairs like Herman Miller Aeron and celle is safe. And because of their high build quality and durability, their chairs also last longer like 15-20 years or even more.

So which one is more durable Aeron or celle? Both chairs are durable and have high build quality. But Aeron seems more solid and has more premium quality material used in it. This is common as the chair comes much more expensive than a celle chair. However, you may not feel any difference between their Build Quality & Durability. 


Celle chair just comes in 1 size but Aeron comes in 3 different sizes that have different weight capacities too. Aeron comes in A, B, and C sizes.

That is why people can use the best size chair for their size and weight capacity. Not to forget that a celle chair is made to hold almost all sizes and weights people.

Herman miller celle vs Aeron- sizes

But as Aeron comes in 3 sizes it can be used by any size user. No doubt he is small, medium, and large. Or heavy size or low size.

The Celle chair is larger than the A size of the Aeron chair and has a similar weight capacity like of B and C size of the Aeron has.

In terms of sizes, Aeron chair easily wins. 

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Herman Miller chairs are very expensive and no one can deny this fact. But the Aeron comes much costlier than the Aeron chair.

A simple Aeron chair can cost 1695 dollars and the price gives even more when we add more features to the Aeron chair.

On the other hand, the celle chair cost 895 dollars will also go according to your features but still, its price is lower than Aeron. Many people affording Aeron can be very difficult.

Both Aeron and celle chairs can be bought at less price in sales at 15-20 percent cheap. For low price people celle chair best option to buy as it has many premium features and high comfort and much better than other of chairs.

If budget is not your problem can go with Aeron as it may come expensive but worth its price based on its many features that dont come in any other chairs.

Celle chair is a winner for a low budget price and Aeron is for high budget people. 


Herman miller aeron and celle chair are breathable . Aeron has a mesh back and seats from where airflow easily between the chair and maintain the Aeron chair cool.

On the other hand, celle has a 751 polymer cell back which is more breathable than the mesh back of the Aeron.

These Herman Miller chairs will remain cool on hot days and will remain comfortable on hot days. You won’t have a sweating problem in both chairs while sitting on summer days too. Celle and Aeron will not get hot, thanks to easy air circulation.

Celle chair is more breathable as it has 751 polymer cells that are more breathable than mesh backrest.

Herman miller celle vs Aeron- Similarities Between These Chairs

Warranty and Assembly

There is no difference in warranty and assembly of bot Aeron and celle chair. Herman miller celle and Aeron come with 12 years of warranty.

Their warranty works on 3 shifts of 4 years and all parts of Herman miller’s chair are covered in them. The warranty also dont cost more. It is one of the longest warranty periods that comes in an office chair.

The long warranty also is proof of the durability of celle and Aeron office chairs. Now let’s talk about assembly. Both of these chairs come pre-assembled.

You can use these chairs just after they come to your doorstep. Just take the chair out of the box and use the chair. The warranty of Herman miller is very fast too. Also, the assembly does not cost more.

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High Customizability

Herman Miller Aeron and celle chair have High Customizability. The adjustability level of armrests, lumbar support, tilt limiter can be customized in both chairs.

You can also choose armrests adjustability to cover type and casters type. Both office chairs have hardwood and carpet casters options.

Both of these Herman miller chairs also come in many color options too. Celle chair has both non cushion seats and cushion seats. Aeron is available in 3 different sizes.

But on the other hand, only 1 size comes in celle chair. Because of this customizability, both chairs can be customized according to your need. However, the Aeron is more customizable than the celle has it gives the user to choose size according to your choice.

Free Shipping

Herman miller gives free shipping and free return. On both of these chairs, they have 30 days of free return. if you dont like this celle and Aeron chair you can return the chair for free.

It will not cost you any price to return their chair and Herman miller will bear the shipping chairs. You can buy and check whether the chair is comfortable for you or not. And if it is not then return the chair.


No headrest is available in the celle chair and Aeron chair. This is also the drawback of these 2 amazing chairs.

However, a headrest for the Aeron comes from 3rd part seller that can be added to an Aeron chair. But officially no headrest can be seen on the Herman miller website.

No headrest for celle chair is available in any 3rd party seller too. The Aeron headrest cost more than 150$, which is expensive for sure. 

Eco Friendly

Herman miller focus on making eco-friendly chairs. These chairs can be recycled too. All their office chairs are made up of recycled and waste material.

Herman Miller uses waste that they get from the ocean. Their chairs dont harm the environment like other office chairs do as they use too many chemicals while making their chairs.

This is also bad for your health but Herman miller dont use many chemicals while making their chairs which is why Herman miller’s chairs are safe for humans and dont cause problems like skin cancer.

Good and Bad of Aeron

Pros of Aeron

  • The Aeron has a high build quality as its all parts are made up of good quality material.
  • It has waterfall edge shape seats that prevent pain in the hips.
  • All parts are made in the USA.
  • Has 12 years warranty.
  • The armrests are soft and sturdy.
  • High adjustability.
  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Comes in multiple colors and sizes.

Cons of Aeron

  • Has no seat depth adjustment.
  • The butts do not feel the hard frame.
  • Pricey.

Pros and Cons of Celle chair

Pros of Celle

  • The colors look stunning and charming.
  • Has a solid and premium build quality.
  • Has high adjustable lumbar support.
  • Comes with 4D adjustable armrests.
  • Has high breathable and flexible backrest.
  • 12 years warranty.
  • Arrives fully Assembled.
  • Has S-shape backrest.

Cons of Celle

  • The armrests have less padding and can feel hard due to it.
  • No padding or mesh layer over the backrest.

Which One is Better- Aeron or Celle chair? ( Winner )

Herman Miller Aeron and celle chair are the 2 best chairs. Aeron is one oldest chairs of Herman miller and also is most selling.

More than 30 million Aeron chairs have been sold. Both chairs have great features and give tough competition to each other.

Both these chairs are very comfortable, adjustable, and breathable. For budget users, celle is best as the chair is more affordable than the Aeron chair, which is very expensive.

And if you can afford the Aeron chair go with it as it is more comfortable, ergonomic, and more durable than a celle chair.

It will be an investment for you as you will get the best office chair for yourself that will last for many years.

No need to buy another office chair after buying this Aeron chair. However, the celle has a supportive back and almost the same adjustability and durability as an Aeron chair.

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In this Herman miller celle vs Aeron Blog, we compare these 2 premium chairs from Herman miller.

Both chairs are very premium chairs and are no doubt one of the best office chairs that you can buy. These are durable, breathable, comfortable, and adjustable.

Aeron may have won this Herman miller celle vs Aeron but even though celle chair comes very cheaper than Aeron it gives a tough fight.

Read the blog fully to understand better which chair is best for you as they both have pros and cons. So if you find this Herman miller celle vs Aeron Blog useful then share it with your friends.

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