Herman miller sayl vs Lino

Herman miller has very expensive office chairs. Their chairs can cost you hundreds of dollars. Herman miller sayl vs lino are 2 of their cheapest office chairs that come much cheaper than the other office chairs like Aeron and mirra.

But still, Herman miller’s sayl and lino have features that other chairs at this price range dont have.

Today we will do Herman miller sayl vs lino and will compare both these chairs and will tell which one is better so it can become easy for you to know which chair is best.

Both office chairs have a similar price tag so it will be a tough competition. So read this Herman miller sayl vs lino Blog to know all this. 

Herman miller Sayl vs Lino– Quick Comparison ( Winner: Sayl )


Nylon and die-cast aluminum frameSteel, aluminum, and plastic frame
Size:Comes in One Size Only But Can Fit 95% UsersComes in One Size Only But Can Fit 95% Users
Lumbar SupportCan move Up-downCan move Up-down
Adjustable Armrest4D Armrests4D Armrests
Adjustable Seat Depth
Height of the Seat17.5-22.5 Inches15.75″ – 19.25″
Maximum Weight Capacity 350 lbs350 lbs
CastersCarpet and Multi Surface CastersCarpet, Both carpet and Hardwood, caster
Check on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Herman miller sayl vs lino- Major Differences Between These Chairs


We all want a comfortable office chair in which we can sit for long hours without any problem. And Herman miller sayl and lino chairs are good in it.

These are very comfortable chairs, no one can deny it. The sayl chair has a V shape backrest and padded seats.

The back supports the user and the seats give a soft feel to the butts. The chair also has high adjustability that increases the comfort level of the chair.

Herman miller sayl vs Lino

The lumbar support is given to keep your back in a comfortable position. The lino has a mesh back and a soft fabric seat.

This makes the sayl chair more comfortable as the padding of seats is softer than they say seats that have less padding than sayl seats.

Also, the mesh back is more comfortable than the elastomer back flexes. however, it dont mean that the sayl is not a comfortable back. The elastomer back flexes is comfortable too and the armrests of the chair are highly adjustable.

But the lino chair wins in comfort by a small margin. If sayl has a mesh layer on its back then the sayl would also have achieved a level of comfort like lino.

Armrests Adjustability

4D armrests come on both sayl and lino chair. Their armrests can adjust by height, width, depth.

The high armrests give more freedom to the user to adjust their armrests to get better support to their elbows and shoulders.

Their armrests are very wider in size which supports better than the small size armrests. It is also easy to adjust the armrests of both sayl and lino chairs as the button is given near the padding of both chairs.

The armrests of lino chairs have more adjustable area than of sayl chair. That is why in armrests adjustability sayl wins easily. But remember that the difference is not very big. And in softness, both chairs’ armrests have performed the same.

Backrest design

Herman miller’s sayl and lino chair have an ergonomic back design. Herman Miller has made their designs that can support the human spine more than other chairs’ backrests.

The back of the sayl is wider in size than the lino. But lino has a more spine-friendly design than sayl as it has a curve shape backrest that has lumbar support too.

Herman miller sayl vs Lino

You can lay back on the chair and relax your back. The backrest design of both office chairs will promote healthful back posture. 

The lumbar support of sayl is very large in size and provides support to a large portion of the back whereas lino also has large lumbar support but is a little small than the sayl.

The lino back is very large in size than the sayl back and this will keep your backrest straight. And will help you to sit comfortably. In back design, both chairs have scored similar and that is why it is a Tie.

Seats Design

Sayl Chair has a very similar seat design to celle chair. The seats have a soft seat cushion that has a curve shape from both seat sides.

On the other hand, waterfall edge seats with a soft and fluffy seat cushion can be seen in lino chair that is more comfortable and ergonomic design than the sayl chair.

The sayl seat cushion can feel hard to some users as the padding is low. Lino padding is very soft and will distribute all the pressure over the seat.

You won’t feel any butts and hips pain, sitting on the lino chair. In swat design, I like the seat design of sayl more.

However curved edges on both sides of the seat also make sayl seat ergonomics but Herman miller should increase padding of the seats that will make them as comfortable as the lino chair is. 

So In terms of seat design, winner is Lino.

Build Quality and Durability 

Herman miller never compromises in Build Quality and Durability. Their chairs have to Build Quality and Durability. Herman miller sayl and lino both are made up of high-quality material.

High-quality steel, fabric, nylon, mesh, aluminum is used to make these chars. The lino frame is made up of steel, aluminum, and plastic and its base is made up of aluminum.

The mesh is durable. Sayl has a Nylon and die-cast aluminum frame that is also strong and durable. However, the frame in lino is more durable than the sayl frame.

Herman miller sayl vs Lino

But the Elastomer back of sayl is more durable than the mesh back as it will not tear easily as a mesh can.

It dont mean that the mesh will tear up, dont worry it is of good quality and won’t tear but still is less durable than the Elastomer back.

Both chairs have an aluminum base that is lightweight durable. And the build quality of casters of sayl and lino is the same too. 

Expect frame and back durability, both chairs have similar durability and build quality. In back durability, sayl wins over the lino mesh back. But in the frame, quality lino has an upper hand over the sayl. 

Colors Options and Design

Sayl and Lino office chairs have large differences in Colors Options and a cool Design. The frame and back of lino have 10 color options.

Some cool colors of lino back and frame are- Red-Mineral, Grey, black and Grey, dark black, Light back, Black. The fabric cushion also has 3 color options- Blue, Light Grey, and Light Black. Sayl Chair has more charming colors than the lino.

Sayl Chair has 19 colors options and all colors look very attractive. The color of frame and seat cushion can be chosen in many color options.

The frame and base have many color options as the lino has. But in the seat cushion, the color variety of lino is bigger.

Bright yellow, red, blue, black grey, orange looks very good on the seat cushion. The design of sayl is just better than the lino chair as the back design of sayl looks great.

Plus, charming colors increase the look of sayl even more. Lino also looks cool no doubt, but not much as the sayl look. However, you may have different thoughts on the design of both chairs.


Herman miller sayl and lino are much cheaper than the other herman miller chairs like aeron. Sayl chair price starts from $785 and can go up to more than 1350$.

Lino chair starts from 800$ dollars can go up to 1000$. The price of sayl and lino will go up according to features that you include in your chair.

The base variants of both chairs are much more affordable. However, the loaded variant of these chairs can be un-affordable for some people.

The more seat depth Type, Armrests type, lumbar support, casters type, and tilt limiter of both chairs can be added to the chairs by giving extra money.

Sayl is more affordable than the lino chair. But you need to know that the price of Both chairs is not very different from each other. The Assembly and shipping of these chairs will not cost more.

Herman miller sayl vs lino– Similarities Between These Chairs


Herman miller chairs have Customizability. Their chairs can be customized according to your choice.

The sayl and lino chair has 3 types of armrests, 2 types of tilt, 2 different seat depth options, and 2 lumbar support types.

Also, the color of frame, base, and cushion can be chosen from the large color options. Sayl and lino chairs also have 2 different casters- one is hardwood and the second is carpet casters.

This type of customizability doesn’t come in other office chairs except for Steelcase which also has high Customizability features.

This Customizability helps the user to get features in his chair according to his need. The more premium features you choose in your chair the more expensive it will become.

We have discussed it in our pricing section. In Customizability both sayl and lino chair have scored similarly.


A non breathable chair is not comfortable on hot days as they get warm easily. And then cause sweating problems.

And due to the sweating problem, it can become hard for the user to do work for many hours straight. The sayl and lino are very breathable chairs.

Herman miller sayl vs Lino

There is easy air circulation between both chair’s backs and seats. They dont get warm on hot days because of the air circulation. Long hours of sitting can be done on both of these chairs on hot days too.

And thanks to this breathability, sweating problem will not come in both sayl and lino chair. The sayl has elastomer back flexes that are more breathable than the mesh back but the difference is not big.

Long warranty and Return Policy

Sayl and lino chairs are covered by 12 years of long warranty. Such a long warranty is not seen in a normal office chair.

Herman Miller is sure about the quality of their chairs that is why they give 12 years of warranty. All parts of Herman miller chairs are covered in this warranty.

However, any damage to the chair that will occur by your fault will not get covered in this warranty. All Herman Miller chairs come with 30 days free return.

So if you buy any of the chairs and dont like it, just return the chair. It will not cost you anything and the shipping charges will also be pain by the herman miller itself.


Herman miller sayl and lino arrive fully assembled. And dont require an assembly. They can be used just after they arrive at your doorstep.


Herman miller sayl and lino are quite heavy office chairs but are not hard to move from one place to another.

They have strong and smooth-rolling casters that make the movement of these chairs easy. They can roll on the floor without giving any damage to the floor.

Choose caster type according to the floor type your room has. Go with carpet casters if your floor has carpet flooring, if not have carpet flooring then just choose hardwood casters. These casters are 2.5 inches and can bear heavyweight.

Good and Bad of Sayl

Pros of Sayl

  • The chair is strong and sturdy. 
  • The lumbar pillow is very large and wider in size.
  • Has wider and high adjustable armrests.
  • Easy to use adjustability feature of sayl.
  • Has a cool and stunning look and design.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Comes much cheaper than other Herman Miller chairs.
  • Made in the USA.

Cons of Sayl

  • The seat cushion is not much wider.
  • The armrests have no padding over them which makes them less soft.

Good and Bad of Lino

Pros of Lino

  • The back had an ergonomic and spine-supportive design.
  • The armrests are much larger in size and support the elbows properly.
  • Armrests are easy to adjust.
  • The seats are very soft and breathable. So butts won’t have hard feelings.
  • The lumbar support is adjustable.
  • The backrest feels soft to the back.
  • Has forward tilt seats. 
  • Can bear a very heavyweight.

Cons of Lino

  • Pricey.
  • The customizability costs extra money.

Which One is Better- Sayl and Lino? (Winner)

Sayl and Lino chairs are eco-friendly chairs. They have a lot of adjustable features and have a much similar price tag too.

Sayl Chair has a cool look and attractive colors on it make it even more attractive. In terms of look and design, sayl is much better than the lino.

If you want cool-looking and best design chairs, sayl is a good option for you. The sayl has an upper hand over the sayl as its back support, breathability, and look are much better than the lino.

Also, its seats may be less comfortable than the lino chair but still, the difference is not very big. That’s why sayl wins over the lino.

But the budget is your problem then lino can be a good option for you as it is much similar to sayl in adjustability, comfort durability, and build quality but cost less than sayl. However many features of both of these sayl and lino chairs are similar.


Herman miller sayl and lino give tough competition. But still, there can be only one winner in this Herman miller sayl vs lino, and that winner is sayl.

Its back support and look is the best thing that all users will like. Do doubt lino is also a premium chair but still, sayl is ahead of lino.

Both these chairs are great chairs for people who want to sit comfortably and are not able to do it in their current uncomfy chair.

To take a better decision read this Herman miller sayl vs lino Blog fully as by this you will get to know features of both Herman miller sayl and lino.

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