Best wood for adirondack chairs

Adirondack chairs are widely used in the porch, backyard, garden because of their unique and cool design. Its cool design and look increase the look of the place where they are put.

They can be made at home too but you need to make sure that you are using the best wood for Adirondack chairs

Do you know, What is the best wood for Adirondack chairs? Teak, cedar, oak, and eucalyptus are the best wood for Adirondack chairs as these woods are durable, cool-looking, weather-resistant, and waterproof.

That is why the Adirondack chairs made of this wood will last for many years and will look good too. There are also other woods that are best for Adirondack chairs that we will discuss below in detail. So read further to know about them better. 

What Is an Adirondack Chair? 

The Adirondack chair is an outdoor lounge that is made up of wood and has a fancy look. They have armrests, back like a normal chair.

The first Adirondack Chair was invented by Thomas Lee between 1900 and 1903 in Westport, New York. The name of the Adirondack Chair references the Adirondack Mountains.

Now Adirondack Chairs are made up of different types of wood. The first Adirondack Chair was gone by the name of Westport chair.

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8 Best wood for Adirondack chairs

The durability and softness of an Adirondack chair will depend on the type of wood that will be used to make the Adirondack chair. That is why it is important to use the Best wood for Adirondack chairs.

We will discuss below some best woods that can be used to make Adirondack chairs. These woods cost different and have quality.


Best wood for adirondack chairs | Teak Adirondack Chair

Teak wood is the best wood as teak wood is one of the highest quality wood. The teak wood looks good without any polishing over it.

The wood is durable, weather-resistant, and does not have splitting, cracking, or getting fungus.

That is why the Adirondack chair made of this teak wood will last for more than 20 years and will not get damaged by the weather like in summer, raining, and winter.

By painting the teak Adirondack chair its look will become more charming. The chairs made from teak wood are considered very durable. However teak is quite an expensive chair because of its so many properties.


Cedar Adirondack Chair | Best wood for adirondack chairs

Cedar is a wood that is known for its long-lasting factor. Chairs made from Cedar last for decades. The Cedarwoods are also natural resistance to deterioration.

Cedar is widely used in making furniture like beds fencing, siding, and Adirondack chairs. The Cedarwood belongs to the genus of coniferous trees that belongs to the plant family of Pinaceae.

Cedar is a softwood and is native to the mountains of the Western Himalayas and the Mediterranean region in India.

Cedar has many types like Alaska Cedar, Spanish Cedar, Deodar Cedar, red cedarwood, etc but the red cedar wood is best for making Adirondack chairs as it is durable and very lightweight.

That is why chairs made of it will not be hard to move from their place to another. 


Oak Adirondack Chair | Best wood for adirondack chairs

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Oak is a very popular wood that is widely used in making furniture. The oak has a shiny look which is why they are used in flooring too.

The chairs made up of Oak look shinning. Oakwood is grown all over the world. The oak comes from a plethora of oak trees. There are 2 types of oak wood-white and red.

The oak wood dont get damaged by water but you need to maintain Adirondack chairs that are made up of oak, to give them a better life.

Oak Adirondack chairs can be placed outside as they dont get damaged in any type of climate. But make sure to do proper maintenance of Adirondack chairs regularly so they keep looking shiny. Oak trees can grow to a height of 100-feet.


Mahogany   Adirondack Chair | Best wood for adirondack chairs


 Mahogany wood is found in areas of North and Central America. Mahogany wood is known for Durability, water-resistant, Resistant to Rot, and long-lasting factor.

It is easy to make an Adirondack chair from Mahogany wood. The Mahogany wood also Hold Paints and Polishes very well, which is why your Adirondack chairs paint will not get fade like in some woods does.

The Mahogany natural colors keep fading away as time passes but the effect can be reduced by giving them proper care. The Mahogany wood is quite heavy which is another disadvantage. 


 Eucalyptus Adirondack Chair | Best wood for adirondack chairs

Eucalyptus wood is widely found in areas of North and South America. The Eucalyptus species are native to Australia and were bought to the USA in 1850.

Eucalyptus wood comes much cheaper than other woods like teak, that is why they are used widely in making chairs, beds, stool, etc.

More than 700 varieties of eucalyptus are found in America and Australia. Eucalyptus is not water-resistant which is why Adirondack chairs made from need to be polished and waxed properly so they dont get damaged by water.

Keep doing sealing, polishing, and painting the Eucalyptus wood to keep them in good condition and will prevent them from having cracks, scratches.


cypress Adirondack Chair | Best wood for adirondack chairs

Cypress is a softwood wood but is often considered because of its hardwood-type properties.

Cypress has water-resistant properties and that is why it is one of the perfect choices for making exterior furniture like Adirondack chairs, outdoor stool.

Cypress wood is also great for indoor furniture and flooring. Cypress Discoloration is a common problem when furniture made from Cypress is exposed to sunlight.

And because of that, cypress furniture like chairs can get the yellowish-brown. Maintain the Cypress wood properly as they can get scratches easily. But Cypress is not hard to paint. 


acadia Adirondack Chair | Best wood for adirondack chairs

Acacia wood is another wood that is widely used for making wood products as they are easily available and come cheaper than other types of wood.

Acacia trees can grow in temperate, tropical, or desert areas easily. Acacia trees can grow up to 20 to 30 feet.

Acacia wood is more durable than oak, bamboo, and hickory wood which is why they become great wood for making Adirondack Chair as these chairs will last longer.

More the 300 different varieties of Acacia are availabe and products made from this wood can last for decades. Acacia wood is not much good in the outdoor environment as they get faded and cracks when placed in summer.

That is why Acacia chairs need to give proper maintenance to keep them in good condition for any time.

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Fir Adirondack Chair | Best wood for adirondack chairs

Fir is the last wood on our list that is best for making Adirondack chairs. Fir is a very popular wood around the globe as it is used widely in different furniture, flooring, etc.

Fir is a good-looking and very durable wood. Firwood is water-resistant and dont get cracking easily in different weathers which is why it is best for using Adirondack chairs.

They can bear different temperatures, moisture environments. Fir products dont need much maintenance. However, maintenance can be done to increase their lifespan.

How Long Do Adirondack Chairs Last? 

The life of Adirondack Chairs will depend on the quality of wood that is used to make the Adirondack Chair.

A good quality Adirondack Chairs can last for a decade and for average Adirondack Chairs they can last for 5-10 years.

However, the life of an Adirondack Chair will also depend on care given to that Adirondack Chair. Adirondack Chair that is made up of Cedar, oak, and teak wood can last for 25-30 years easily.

That is why make sure to use good quality wood as after that you won’t have to spend money and time in making a new Adirondack chair.

How can I make my Adirondack chair more comfortable?

Adirondack chairs are good for short hours of sitting like 3-4 hours. But in sitting for long hours they can become uncomfy as they dont have padding like office chairs.

That is why padding can be added to Adirondack chairs to make them softer and more comfortable. Also, add wider armrests and headrests to your current chair to make it more supportive.

Leg pain can occur in long hours of sitting and to reduce this problem use stool with the Adirondack chair to get better support to your legs.

By using these things you can make your Adirondack chair more comfortable for long hours of sitting.

Are Adirondack chairs ergonomic?

Adirondack chairs are not ergonomic. They dont have ergonomic backs or seats. Adirondack chairs are made for sitting for some hours in the park, garden, or at other outdoor places.

Lumbar support, ergonomic backrest, headrest, and adjustable armrests dont come in an Adirondack chair.

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Even though some Adirondack chairs come with armrests and headrests but they are not soft and comfortable like they are in an office chair.

But their non-ergonomic is not their cons as they are made for long hours sitting. But Adirondack chairs are more durable than office chairs and last for decades.

What things do you need to keep in mind while selecting wood for your Adirondack chairs?


The wood that is going to be used for making an Adirondack chair should be durable. Hardwood is more dense and durable than softwood, which is why give prefer buying hardwood rather than softwood.

Hardwood may come costlier than softwood but they are worth it as they will last longer. If you want to use Softwood then make sure that softwood is not very soft and is of good quality.

The durability of the Adirondack chairs will also depend on the durability of wood.

Weather Resistance

It’s important to consider Weather Resistance as Adirondack chairs are placed outside the home where they face sunlight, rain, winds, and moisture.

If the wood is not Weather Resistance, then the chair will get cracking, smelly, and warping easily. Woods can be made Weather Resistance by waxing, polishing, and painting them properly.


Adirondack chairs can need a lot of Maintenance. But the quality of Maintenance will also depend on wood.

Some wood needs a lot of Maintenance and some need less Maintenance. Maintenance costs time and money.

And if you dont want to do Maintenance every day then choose the wood that needs the least Maintenance. So you can save money and time that will spend on the Maintenance of your Adirondack chairs.

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Easy to use

Some wood is not easy to use. They dont accept paint, wax, and oiling. Some wood is also hard to cut and turn into any product. They are hard to be used by new workers.

Woods that are easy to use should be used by new workers so you can make your own chair from that piece of wood without any master skills.


Adirondack chairs are the best choice for using them in the garden, near the floor and parks. They are good-looking and durable chairs.

They can be made at home easily by using wood of good quality wood and some other instruments and tools. Many online guides and videos can be found online that show how to make an Adirondack chair for yourself.

However, they can also be buyers online and offline. Any design can be given to your Adirondack chairs by yourself. Their features are making them very popular worldwide. Make sure to choose the best wood for Adirondack chairs.

So if you find this blog useful and get to know about the best wood for Adirondack chairs then share this blog with your friends.

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