Are Ikea chairs ergonomic?

Are Ikea chairs ergonomic? It is a common question that is asked by people who are looking to buy an ergonomic office chair and wanted to know, whether Ikea chairs are ergonomic or not. Ergonomic office chairs are different from a nor

mal chairs. An ergonomic chair provides better support to the backrest, elbows, and neck area that is why buying an ergonomic chair is best.

So let’s get to the main question- Are Ikea chairs ergonomic? Yes, Ikea office chairs are ergonomic as they have a headrest, lumbar pillow, and adjustable armrests that make them highly ergonomic. Their ergonomics makes sitting on their chairs more comfortable than other non-ergonomics chairs.

Below we will also discuss what makes IKEA chairs ergonomics? in detail. So read further to know it in more detail. 

What Makes an Ikea Office Chair Ergonomic?

In an Ikea office chair, you will find a supportive headrest, lumbar pillow, swivel height adjustment, and armrests. These features make their ergonomics.

Are Ikea chairs ergonomic?

These features provide better support to our spine and make sure that we sit in a straight posture.

The armrests and headrest reduce the pain and pressure from neck and elbows areas and make sure proper blood flow remains in those ears which are good for health.

Also, by adjusting the height of the seat according to your body size pressure can be reduced from the toes area.

These features make an office chair ergonomics as they make our sitting healthy. Without them sitting on an Ikea chair will not be comfortable and healthy.

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Ergonomic Features of an Ikea Office Chairs

Ikea has tons of office chairs in its product line. They have different ergonomics features. Moreover, some Ikea chairs dont are ergonomics too.

That is why we will tell you the ergonomic features of the Ikea Markus chair which is one of the most ergonomic chairs of Ikea. So now let’s move further.


The headrest is an important thing that makes IKEA chairs ergonomic. The headrest provides a comfortable place for the head to rest.

Without a headrest, the user will feel pressure and pain in his neck area. Which will make sitting uncomfortable. Ikea headrest is soft padded too which dont feel hard on to neck and head.


Like headrest armrests are part of ergonomics. Armrests provide support to the neck and shoulders. Even though the Markus dont have padded and adjustable armrests still they will surely help in reducing the pain in the elbows a bit.

However, its armrests are not much ergonomic, as they should be. But still, as they have at least armrests they adds ergonomics to the Ikea chair.

Lumbar Support

Ikea has a fixed by supportive lumbar support. Its lumbar support supports the lower back area and makes sure your back dont feel pain in long hours sitting.

The lumbar support of JÄRVFJÄLLET is adjustable and more supportive of the lumbar support of the Markus chair.

If getting adjustable lumbar support is your need, then go with JÄRVFJÄLLET. As it will give your back more support.

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Adjustable Seat Height

It is important to adjust the seat height according to your body size. if the chair is small for your height, the legs will remain in the air, and on the other hand, if the chair seat height is high then the toes will touch the ground too much.

In both cases, the pressure will fall on the legs. Moreover, the pressure can also fall on the hips area too.

And that is why you need to adjust the height of the seat according to your size. The legs should be at 90 degrees angle and the toes should be on the ground.

By this pain in the hips and toes area will not occur. All Ikea chairs have an adjustable height that makes them more ergonomic. Ikea seats also have a curved shape in which pressure dont fall on hips. Which increases our sitting experience too.

Ergonomic back design

The ergonomic back design is more supportive to the back than a normal shape backrest. An ergonomic back is more spine-friendly and hugs the backrest more.

Ikea chairs have an ergonomic back design which will help in reducing tiredness and pain in your back.

Reclining and tilting

Ikea office chairs have reclining and tiling backrests. Their backrest can be tilted back and reclined back. By reclining the Ikea backrest, you can provide rest to your back.

Also, by tilting and reclining your chair back, the best back angle can be found to have better sitting and working expenses. However the tilt and back of Ikea chairs si not much like other premium office chairs.

Are IKEA Chairs Good For Your Back?

The adjustable lumbar support, ergonomic back, and headrest make the Ikea chair good for the back. These things make sitting comfortably by making sure your back dont feel tired or pain.

However, their back support is less than some premium chairs that come at the same price. It’s because the lumbar support and ergonomic design are not much good. But for some hours of sitting Ikea chairs will be best for your back.

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Conclusion– Are Ikea chairs ergonomic?

Ikea chairs are one of the best office chairs that cost less too. Ikea chairs are ergonomic too but more ergonomic can be added to them.

But still, they are much better than many chairs that come at the same price but have less ergonomic and low build quality. Their Markus and JÄRVFJÄLLET are the 2 best ergonomic chairs of Ikea.

They are also their 2 best selling office chairs. So hope you get the answer, Are Ikea chairs ergonomic? if you like this blog then share it with your friends.

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