Steelcase series 1 vs leap

Steelcase has a big and amazing office chairs line. All their chairs have different and premium features, build quality, and ergonomics.

Just takes Steelcase series 1 and leap for Example, which are these 2 amazing office chairs. The features of these chairs make it hard for people to decide which is better Steelcase series 1 vs leap.

We are going to do a comparison of both these chairs so you can know which chair has more premium features and which one is best for you. But to know all this you need to read this Steelcase series 1 vs leap blog from start to end.

Specifications of Steelcase Series 1 VS Leap

Steelcase Leap Steelcase Series 1
Overall Height38.5″-43.5″36 2″ -41 4″
Overall Dimensions24.75” D x 27” W x 38.5” – 43.5” H30.5”D,29.5″W,13.5”H
Seat height from Floor15.5″-20.5″16″ – 21″
Seat depth18.4 inches15.75″-18.2Inches
Headrest availableYes ( ADD ON )Yes ( ADD ON )
Seats3 Edge 3 Edge
Size available11
4 way adjustable armsYesYes
Backrest ReclineRecline with 5 Lock AnglesRecline with 3 Lock Angles
Weight45 Lbs69 Lbs
Weight Capacity400 Lbs400 Lbs
Warranty12 Years12 Years
Casters Both Hardwood and CarpetBoth Hardwood and Carpet
Check On AmazonCheck On Amazon
Steelcase Leap VS Gesture

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Steelcase series 1 vs leap– Quick Answer

Steelcase series 1 vs leap? Steelcase leap wins over the series 1 as it is more comfortable, durable and adjustability. And only in terms of affordability and breathability series 1 chair is better then the leap chair.

Good and Bad of Series 1 


  • The build quality is solid.
  • Comes with fully 4d adjustable armrests.
  • Comes with 3 angles locking backrest, so lock back at an angle that gives better support to your back.
  • Has a seat depth feature, which is rare in office chairs.
  • Much Affordable than other Steelcase chairs.
  • Has tons of color options and all colors look bright.
  • Has a weight-activated mechanism that adjusts the seat and back automatically according to your weight. 


  • The non-padded backrest feels hard to back.
  • The armrests have very little padding too.
  • The lumbar support is not much supportive.

Good and Bad of Leap chair


  • Comes with five different tilt lock positions.
  • Has a highly adjustable and more supportive lumbar support.
  • Has 2 upholstery options- fabric and leather.
  • 3 edge seats to reduce pressure from butts and hips and to give a better sitting experience.
  • Can be used by all sizes and weights people. 
  • Has an S-shape backrest that hugs the spine much better.
  • Cool and stunning look and design.
  • A height and depth adjustment seat.
  • Has 12 years of long warranty.


  • Quite expensive.
  • Customizability increases its price as high up to $1500.
  • The back height is not adjustable.

Steelcase series 1 vs leap– Major Differences Between These Chairs


The first Difference between Steelcase leap and series 1 is their comfort. The leap has a padded seat and back, that are softer and dont feel hard to back.

The proper back support and edge seats make sitting on a leap chair comfortable for long hours. However, the series 1 chair dont have a padded backrest.

Steelcase series 1 vs leap- Comfort

Instead of padding, mesh back can be seen in it. That no doubt is breathable but not much soft like a fabric cushion. While sitting on series 1 back can have hard feel that will decrease the comfort level.

However, still, series 1 has comfortable seat that has an edge shape too. So the difference between the comfort level of leap and series 1 will not be much.

The lumbar support and headrest on both Steelcase chairs add more comfort to the chair.

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There is a much difference between the armrests of leap and the series 1 chair. In both office chairs, 4d armrests come along that can be adjusted height, width, depth, and pivot.

However, the leap has more adjustment area than series 1. Not just that leap chair armrests are more padded and wider in size that provides better support to elbows and shoulder area.

Series 1 armrests feel cheap and are not well padded. Because of this pain in the elbows and shoulders can happen.

The curve edge of both chairs‘ armrests will make sure the user dont feel pain in their arms while putting them over the Steelcase chair.

Backrest and Lumbar Support

A major difference in backrest can be seen in the office chair of Steelcase Series 1 and Leap. Steelcase Series 1 has a mesh backrest that has an ergonomic design too.

That is why the airflow between the Steelcase Series 1 backrest will be easy. On the back, adjustable lumbar support is given that the user can adjust to get better support to the back area.

Steelcase series 1 vs leap backrest and lumbar support

Leap comes with a cushioned backrest and a more adjustable lumbar support than the Steelcase Series 1.

Leap back is more comfortable and supportive as it will give a soft feel to the back and more free down to the user to get better support by adjusting the lumbar.

Also, the backrest design of leaps is more ergonomic and spine supportive than the Steelcase Series 1.

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However, dont assume that the series 1 back is not ergonomic, it is much better than the many other premium office chairs.

Its s shape backrest with the combination of lumbar support is very supportive to the back. Also, the air circulation between the series 1 chair is much better than the leap chair. 

Overall leap chair wins in terms of backrest design and support but series 1 wins in back breathability.

Back recline

Who dont love to recline on the chair and sit comfortably. The recline of Steelcase chairs is much better than you will see in other chairs.

These Steelcase 1 and leap have a weight mechanism. However, the leap has a response weight activation and series 1 has a manual weight mechanism.

Both these mechanisms will make sitting comfortably by smooth reclining according to your body weight.

Steelcase series 1 vs leap Back Recline

The Steelcase Leap Chair comes with five tilt locking positions whereas just 3 tilt locking positions come in the Steelcase Series 1.

Also, only 1 knob is given in series 1 to do both recline and tilt locks. And in the leap chair, 1 different knob is given to do this task. The 2 additional angles that we see in the leap chair make very little difference in the back angle.

Look and Design

Steelcase chairs have a solid and premium design. Their chairs give a feel of premium office chairs. Steelcase Series 1 and leap have a difference in look and design.

The different design back, armrests, and lower base make these chairs look different from each other. Moreover, the leap has a taller back than the series 1 which looks good. The look and design of the leap office chair are much better than the series 1.

However some people love the transparent backrest than a cushion back, and that is the reason the series 1 chair look is liked by them more than the leap chair look.

Build Quality and Durability 

Steelcase dont compromise in build quality and which is why their chairs are very durable and long-lasting. Steelcase Series 1 and leap give the feel of their durability.

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Both leap and series 1 have a Polished aluminum frame and base. That is why these Steelcase chairs are very durable even though they are lightweight. The leap has a fabric back and seat cushion that feels premium and won’t tear or wear.

On the other hand, series 1 has a mesh backrest and fabric cushion seats. The mesh is less durable than the fabric upholstery and can tear much more easily than the fabric.

Steelcase series 1 vs leap build quality

Moreover, as series 1 comes much cheaper than series 1, the fabric, aluminum base, and frame quality of the series 1 will be less than the leap chair.

Both leap and series 1 can last for more than 15 years even after heavy use. Their long warranty also shows their durability and long-lasting. You will find many people who are using Steelcase chairs for more than a decade. 

Steelcase series may have less build quality and durability, but their currency between it is very less. And many people will not even notice this difference. However, there is a difference between their mesh build quality and durability.


When you look at Steelcase’s series 1 price tag, you will find it much cheaper than the leap price. Series 1 chair starts from 492 dollars which is much more affordable.

However, the leap is an expensive office chair that has a starting price of $1,037.00. No doubt this high price can be hard to afford for many people.

The price of both these Steelcase chairs increased according to more adjustable lumbar support, armrests, headrest, and more good quality casters, and the type of upholstery you choose in your Steelcase office chair.

The type of upholstery and headrest will add the highest price to the current Steelcase series and leap chair.


When it comes to Breathability, series 1 has an upper hand over the leap. First, let me clear both of these Steelcase chairs are high Breathable.

These chairs will remain cool on hot days. No sweating issue will come to a user sitting on it. And because of that, you can sit for a longer time on hot days too.

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So why has Series 1 more Breathability than the leap? It’s because the mesh back of series 1 promotes better air circulation than the fabric cushion back.

And the mesh has better air circulation than the fabric. The mesh remains cool on very hot days then the fabric upholstery. 

Steelcase series 1 Vs leap – Similarities Between These Chairs


The customizability level of both leap and series 1 is very similar. They both give tons of color options for frame, upholstery, and base.

Not just that, the level of adjustability in armrests, lumbar support can also be chosen. You can get your Steelcase chair with or without stool and headrest. The most chair has only 1 type of casters-hardwood or carpet casters.

But in this Steelcase chair, you can get any type of cancer in your Steelcase chair. The upholstery type option is given in the series 1 and leaps chair.

Such Customizability allows the user to Customize their Steelcase chair according to his need. And make your sitting experience more comfortable and easy. Only Herman miller has the level of Customizability like the Steelcase chair.

Seat design

Steelcase leap and series 1 has 3 edge seat which is more ergonomic and comfortable than a flat-design seat. While sitting on the curve edge seat of this Steelcase chair, the hip area will not feel pain as there will remain space in front of the hip area.

The seat has a soft cushion too, and the butt won’t feel hard. There is also a similarity in the seat and depth adjustability of both series 1 and leap. Seat depth is not seen in many office chairs. In order to do both these work, the lever is given.

Long warranty and Return Policy

Steelcase all chairs are covered by a 12 years long warranty. And also, a 30-day free return comes with it. For 12 years you can get your Steelcase chair repaired for free.

And the best part is, all parts will be covered in this long warranty. There are some office chairs that just give a 2-3 years warranty. And because of this 30-day free return, the chair can be returned for free if you dont like the chair.

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The base version of leap and series 1 may not have a headrest. But it can be included by giving extra money. Both headrests have height adjustment but lack, width adjustment.

The series 1 has a wider headrest than the leap one. But the padding and comfort of both headrests are the same with the very minimum difference.

Steelcase series 1 vs leap Headrest


Both Steelcase series 1 and leap dont come assembled. So Yes, you need to assemble on your own. Dont worry its assembly is not going to be hard.

Steelcase has given an installation manual in the box that makes the chair easy to assemble. Also, an assembled video has also been given on youtube that shows in detail the assembly process of the chair.

Size and Weight Capacity

Steelcase Series 1 and leap have the same weight capacity of 400 Lbs. But the series 1 chair is bigger than the leap chair.

Even though, both series 1 and leap can fit almost 95% size people. The design and adjustability of the Steelcase chair have made it possible to be used by any size and weight peoples.


Steelcase focuses on making sustainable products. And this leap and series 1 office chairs are their 2 Sustainable office chairs. The large part of these series 1 and leap is made up of recyclable material.

Also, the chair is also recyclable itself. Steelcase makes sure its products dont harm the environment. So by buying their chairs, you are also helping in reducing climate change.

Steelcase series 1 vs leap- Which is Better?

So, after doing a comparison of both these amazing chairs, its clear leap is better than series 1. The leap chair is more ergonomic, adjustable, comfortable, and builds quality than the series 1.

But the leap chair is also very expensive. And some people may not be able to buy this chair.

And on the other hand, the leap is much more affordable and affordable than the leap chair. The series 1 chair can be buy-in half price of leap chair.

And if you have a tight budget but still want the best chair at this price, then the series 1 is a great chair. It is better than most of the office chairs at this price. The leap and series 1 chairs are best for users who want to sit for long hours comfortably.

Both of these Steelcase chairs can last for decades. And best customer support will be given on both these chairs.

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