How to get rid of Bed Bugs In The Office Chair?

How to get rid of Bed Bugs In The Office Chair? if you are searching about this then surely you have to want to get rid of Bed Bugs in your office chair.

This problem is very frustrating as it damages our office chair and makes it uncomfy, weak and bad looking. Do worry as we are going to answer this question in this blog so you can get rid of this frustrating problem. 

So, How to get rid of Bed Bugs In The Office Chair? Bed Bugs can get rid of by heating the room to 122°F or 50°C or by using hair blowers and then blowing the hot air over the chair where bed bugs can be hidden. 

Below we will discuss it more deeply so you can know how to do it more carefully and properly. So make sure to read further. 

How to get rid of Bed Bugs In The Office Chair?

Bed bugs and their eggs get killed in hot environments. So, the First thing that you can use is heating up your environment to 122°F or 50°C.

Or does it just turn up the heater?. The hot environment will kill the bed bugs not only from the chair but also from the room.

Hair blowers are another thing that can be used. Just use the blower to blow hot air to the chair. Do this for hours. Make sure to blow the air to all corners of the chair. Especially areas that are always hidden as bed bugs always are in those areas.

Bed bugs and their begs are often hidden in the cracks area of the chair. That is why make sure to blow the hot air in that area properly.

Do not forget to clean the drawer, bed, desk, and corners of the room too. As the bed bugs can easily move from other areas of the room to the chair again.

Bed bugs killer spray also comes that kills all bed bugs instantly. Buy and spar them over the chair areas where they can be found. It’s an easy and cheap method that can be used.

But make sure not to use the spray over the chair too much as it can be harmful to you. Hot Shot HG-96440 is the best spray that you can buy.

Areas that need to check and Clean while removing bed bugs


Bed bugs are often hidden under the seat, where they also lay the eggs. They can be under the seat cover too. So before doing the cleaning of bed bugs, make sure to not miss the seating area. The seat cover can also be removed before heating the room up.


Dont forget to check the backrest area as it is another common place where bed buys often are seen. As bed bugs can get easily get to the backrest through your back.

We often place our jacket, shirt, or any other cloth over the backrest of the chair. And from them, they can easily transfer to backrest through them. Examine the backrest property and then clean it.

Office chair

To get rid of the bed bugs it’s not enough to just clean the office chair. Bed bugs can also be in the office chair. And it’s important to clean the room as they can get to your office chair again after you have done cleaning the office chair.

Check the corners of the room, and objects that are near your office chair like desk, bed, chairs, drawers, etc as they can also have bed bugs.

How Long Does It Take to get rid of bed bugs?

By using the Heating the room method, you can get rid of bed bugs within 12 hours but they can come back after some days.

As there is no protection that will prevent bed bugs from coming back. Bed bugs can get back to the office chair from your clothes, or another thing easily.

And Chemical treatment is a long process that can take 2-4 treatment sessions easily but after doing it bed bugs will not come back for a very long time.

As the chemical will remain in your office chair and other objects in your room that will prevent that for living. Moreover, bed bugs’ eggs also won’t survive due to chemicals.

Also, the number of sections of chemical spray will also depend on the level of infestation. If the infestation is not much then just 1 section will be enough that will just last 1-2 hours.

Where can bed bugs hide in the room?

It’s important to keep your office chair room bed bugs-free like keeping office chair free. And to clean the room you need to find the places where bed bugs can hide in the room. So here are common places where bed bugs can hide in an office room- 

  • In the cracks and covered places of chairs and couches
  • Between cushions and under curtains.
  • In desk drawer cupboard and luggage.
  • Under the painting or frames.
  • In AC vents.
  • In electrical boxes and appliances.
  • In the screws on different furniture
  • On the areas where clothes are placed.
  • Under the cracks of tables and stools.
  • Stitchings and tufts of the mattress and boxsprings.


Bed bugs can be hard to remove from the chair but not impossible. If you find this problem then solve it rather than ignoring it as the problem will get worse rather than solving.

And in the future, it will cost more time and money. Heating up your environment method is the best and easiest of them. Not to forget it is also cost-effective.

But you can also follow other methods as well that we have discussed in this blog. So hope you get to know, How to get rid of Bed Bugs In The Office Chair?. If you find this blog useful then share it with your friends. 


Why Are Bed Bugs Hard To Get Rid Of?

There are many reasons for it- First they are Pyrethroid Resistant and second they Multiply very Quickly. So lets me explain it further.

A pyrethroid is a chemical class that is commonly used in pets management applications. And bed bugs dont get much effect by this chemical as that is why they dont get killed easily by this pyrethroid.

So when you will use pyrethroid, many times they beg bugs will still remain in your office chair and room. And secondly, One female can lay about 113 eggs in her life.

And not just that, their population will get doubled in 16 days. And also they are very small in size and hard to spot.

Can bed bugs transfer from one chair to another?

Yes, they can. When you will sit on a chair that has bed bugs, they will get attached to your clothes and then if you sit on an office chair, these bed bugs will get to that chair too. That is why bed bugs get transferred from one place to another easily.

Is professional Bed Bug treatment expensive?

Professional Bed Bug treatment is quite expensive as it cost between $300.00 – $1000. But keep in mind this price is for an entire room or house rather than just an office chair. An office chair alone can cost between then 50 to 100 dollars.

Can bed bugs get in fabric and mesh chairs?

Unfortunately, Beg bugs can get in both fabric and mesh chairs.

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