Steelcase Leap v1 vs v2: Differences and Comparision

When it comes to ergonomics and comfortability, no one can Steelcase chairs. And Steelcase leap v1 and v2 are 2 of their very popular and most selling office chairs, all because of their features.

The leap V2 is the upgraded version of leap v1 that has been done after the success of their v1 office chair. Today we will tell you the difference and similarities between leap v1 and v2 and will tell which one is better after doing their detailed review.

So if you want to know all this, make sure to read this leap v1 vs v2 Blog till the end so you don’t miss anything.

Specifications of Steelcase Leap v1 vs v2

Steelcase Leap v1Steelcase V2
Overall Height38.5″-43.5″38 1/2″-43 1/2″
Overall Dimensions24.75” D x 27” W x 38.5” – 43.5” H24.75 x 27 x 43.5 inches
Seat depthYes, AdjustableYes, Adjustable
Headrest available
Seats3 Edge 3 Edge ( More ergonomic curve )
Size available11
Adjustable arms3D4D
Adjustable Lumbar Support
Backrest ReclineRecline with multi Lock angleRecline with multi Lock angle
Weight48 Lbs50 Lbs
Weight Capacity400 Lbs400 Lbs
Warranty12 Years12 Years
Casters Both Hardwood and CarpetBoth Hardwood and Carpet
Check On AmazonCheck On Amazon

Steelcase Leap v1 vs v2: Which one wins- Quick Answer

Steelcase Leap v1 vs v2? Steelcase v2 is better than the v1 chair in terms of adjustability, comfortability, and ergonomics. The v2 chair provides a better sitting experience than v1. However, the build quality of both chairs is the same. The main pros of the v1 chair are its affordability as it comes cheaper than the v1 chair.

Good and Bad of V1 chair


  • Comes in tons of color options.
  • Has 12 years of long warranty.
  • Has a high reclining and tilting backrest.
  • The 3 edge seats prevent hips pain and promote healthy sitting.
  • The ergonomic back with lumbar support helps in maintaining posture.
  • Not very expensive.
  • Has 3d adjustable armrests.


  • The padding on the seats is thinner.
  • The armrests are not very sturdy and shake.
  • Not easy to clean.

Good and Bad of V2 chair


  • Has a charming and modern look.
  • Has highly adjustable and stable armrests.
  • The backrest has a large S-shape.
  • Backed by 12 years warranty.
  • Comes with an adjustable headrest.
  • Seats’ height and depth are adjustable.
  • Assembly is easy.
  • Can fit most sizes and weight people.


  • Very pricey and can hard to afford.
  • The customizability cost more.

Steelcase Leap v1 vs v2 – Major Differences Between These Chairs


When it comes to comfortability, the Leap v2 has an upper hand over the v1 chair has it is more comfortable.

The back and seat of the v2 chair are more soft and comfortable than v1. More ergonomics and adjustability are another reason that the v2 wins over the v1 chair as they makes steelcase v2 more comfortable.

The Steelcase also has a comfortable and supportive body that makes sure user feels comfortable sitting on their chairs.

The comfortability has been increased in the v2 chair which is a common thing, as the padding over the back and seats are more than the v1. The leap v1 chair has thinner padding over the seat and back.

Backrest Design

The first and the biggest difference between these 2 Steelcase chairs are in the back design. The leap 2 has a large and more ergonomic design backrest than leap 1.

The curve shape on the back of the v1 chair has been increased, so better support is provided to the back spine. Also, the larger backrest supports the back more.

Stelcase Leap v1 vs v2 backrest design

The leap v1 also has an ergonomic back design which is also supportive to the back but its short size back fails to provide the level of support that v2 provided. The patterns over both v1 and v2 chairs are similar.

The large size backrest of the v2 chair will provide support to the greater area of the user’s back.

The lumbar support on the v2 and v1 chairs is similar and will make sure you can sit on both chairs without experiencing back pain.

Seats Comfort and design

Seats Comfort is a thing that you won’t want to compromise. An uncomfy seat will just create uncomfortably.

At first look, no big difference will be noticed in the seat comfort and design of v2 and v2 chairs. However, the ergonomic design of v2 has been made for ergonomic like the backrest.

Leap v1 vs v2 seat and back

Not just that the cushion has also been padded softer and Thickness has been increased. Both chairs have 3 edge shape and promote hips and butts pain-free sitting.

Sitting on a comfortable seat of the v1 and v2 will going to be a very amazing experience. However, the difference between the sitting experience on both v2 and v1 chairs is not going to be big.


Armrests are a very important part of an office chair and the level of comfort that Steelcase chairs give is not seen in other office chairs.

So, there is a very big difference in the armrests of these 2 Steelcase chairs. And Steelcase has made Steelcase v2 chair armrests more comfortable and adjustable.

The padding on the v2 chair has been increased making them more comfortable. V1 chair armrests were not much padded and that is why many people were having a hard feel to their back.

steelcase Leap v1 vs v2 armrests

And Steelcase has solved this problem. The v1 chair 3d armrests can adjust by Height, width, and sliding pivot. The forward and backward adjustment has been added to v2 armrests.

The adjustment area of the v1 chair is better than the v2 chair. V1 armrests have more Height, width, and sliding pivot area than the v1.

These armrests give freedom to the user to get better support to elbows and shoulders. Also, the pads of v1 are much wider than the v2 armrests pads but are shorter in height.


Steelcase V2 chair comes much costlier than the v1 chair which is common, as Leap v2 is the upgraded and better version v1 office chair. And premium features cost more and makes steelcase chairs expensive.

And more comfort, adjustability have been added to the v2 chair. The v1 chair is more affordable and budget-friendly.

Whereas the high price of v2 chairs can be unaffordable for many people. The V2 chair starts from $1,037 and can go up to 1500$, depending on features that you add to your v2 chair.

The headrest and leather upholstery add the highest price to the v2 chair. For budget people, v1 is the best choice as it gives many similar features to the v2 chair at a cheaper price.

And the v2 chair may be costly but will give you a better sitting experience too.

Base Shape and material

Just take a look at the base of both Steelcase chairs. The taller and round shape base of leap v2 looks stylish and gives a premium feel.

But when it comes to stability, there is not a difference in the base of v2 and v1 chairs. The v1 has a steel base that also makes the Steelcase v1 chair very heavyweight.

But on the other hand, now Steelcase has used nylon which is strong and light. Dont worry as the nylon frame is very strong and durable and that is why both chairs have similar weight capacities and durability.

The base of these Steelcase chairs has allowed these chairs to remain stable when you will sit on them and do your work.

The Lumbar Support

Steelcase has now added adjustable lumbar support to the v2 chair, which was fixed in the previous v1 office chair. Its lumbar support can be adjusted by height.

So the v2 lumbar support will provide you better support to back and freedom to adjust, than the v1 chair.

Leap v1 vs v2 lumbar support

And by this lumbar support, back pain problems can be reduced. The lumbar support will also help in promoting proper blood flow in the lower back area.

Size and Weight

The v2 chair is a bit larger in size than the steelcase leap v1 chair. However, the difference in size is not going to be much big.

But when it comes to weight, v1 has a lighter weight than the v2 as v1 has 48 lbs and v2 has 50 Lbs.

The Steelcase v1 chair is going to be easy to store because of its small size than the v2 chair. The v has 24.8 dimensions of 27 by 43.5 inches (L x W x H), and the V2 dimensions are 24.75 x 27 x 43.5 inches.

Steelcase Leap v1 vs v2 – Major Similarities Between These Chairs

LiveBack technology 

Steelcase v1 and v2 chairs back have LiveBack technology. The LiveBack technology was introduced by Steelcase in their office chair.

And that is the reason expensive office chairs also dont have LiveBack technology The back of both Steelcase chairs has LiveBack technology, and in this type of back, the back will change your back shape to get better support to the back spine.

LiveBack technology is another reason that Steelcase chairs back are more supportive than a normal chair back.

Warranty and 30-day return

A 12 years warranty comes on both Steelcase Leap v1 and v2. Such a long warranty dont come on a normal office chair. In the warranty period, Steelcase repairs its office chairs for free.

The long warranty on both Steelcase chairs also shows the durability of both v1 and v2 chairs.

So for 12 years no need to worry about your chair, and if it gets damaged just get your chair repaired from any Steelcase center.

If you don’t like the Steelcase chair after buying it, then dont worry just returns the chair to Steelcase for free, all because of the 30 days free return that Steelcase gives on both v1 and v2 chairs.

Build Quality and Durability

In build quality, Steelcase never does compromises. The v1 and v2 chairs have a premium build quality. The high quality and durable plastic, fabric has been used in these 2 Steelcase chairs.

That is why there is no big difference in the durability of these 2 Steelcase chairs. The Steelcase long warranty is also proof of the high durability of this Steelcase chair.

The padding on these chairs will not deflate and the fabric will not tear or wear. The fabric is very soft and dont give rashes to the skin. The strong frame and base, give these Steelcase chairs a high build quality and long-lasting.

Even thought v2 chair is an upgraded version of v1, you won’t see any difference in Build Quality and Durability.


Steelcase chairs have high Customizability. It is also a reason,Why Are Steelcase Chairs So Expensive? On these chairs, you can Customize the features according to your choice.

For Example- you will get tons of color options in the frame, cushion, and base. There are options in the adjustability level of armrests and lumbar support.

2 types of upholstery come in Steelcase 1 and 2 chairs. You can choose from 2 types of casters-hardwood and carpet. Also, a headrest can also be added to these Steelcase v1 and v2 chairs that make these 2 chairs very ergonomic.

V2 may have some more customizability to the v1 chair, but their differences in them are not big.


Dont want to get sweaty on hot days while sitting on your office chair? Then buying a Breathable office chair is a good option.

Both of these Steelcase chairs have fabric padding over their back and seat and that is why they are very breathable.

These Steelcase chairs don’t get warm on hot days, thanks to their good air circulation that helps them to remain cool. Sitting long hours on these chairs can be done without any difficulty.

Steelcase leap v1 vs v2– Which is Better?

So after doing Steelcase leap v1 vs v2 comparison, it becomes clear, v2 is better than v2 in terms of comfort, adjustability, and ergonomics.

It was obvious that v2 will win over the v1 chair as Steelcase has upgraded their Steelcase v1 chair to make it more premium.

They have added many premium features to the chair that were not in the v1 chair. However, the features come with a price and have made the v2 chair much more expensive than the v1 office chair.

When it comes to affordability, Leap v1 wins over it but it also gives a very premium sitting experience to the user.

And not forget the chair has many similar features like the v2 chair. If budget is your problem then Steelcase Leap v2 is a chair that will love.

But if you want a much more affordable chair then go with a v1 chair. You will not regret your decision.

Where can I buy an Steelcase V1 chair?

You would have noticed that the v1 chair is not available on the Steelcase official website. As Steelcase has removed the v1 version from their website.

However, you can get a v1 chair from the page of Steelcase on amazon. But on Amazon, you won’t see much customizability.

Also, old Steelcase chairs are also available on other online websites like Ebay. The condition of the Steelcase v1 chair is very good on eBay and also they are real chairs.

If you are looking to buy a v1 chair make sure to buy from a trusted website like eBay and Amazon as there are many fake v1 chairs in the market too.


So today, we compare the features of a very popular Steelcase v1 chair and its upgraded version v2.

No doubt both if they are chairs that very office worker wanted to have. But as there can only be one winner and that is the Steelcase V2 chair.

It is better in all aspects from the v1 chair. The Steelcase has added all the features in this chair that many people were looking for in the v1 chair.

To take a better decision read this Leap v1 vs v2 Blog, as by this you can decide why to buy a v2 chair over the v1.

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