What Chair Does Tommyinnit Use?

Who doesn’t love watching TommyInnit gaming streams? Despite his youth, he has become one of the most popular Minecraft streamers.

Today we are going to answer what chair does tommyinnit uses as it is one of the most asked questions that TommyInnit fans often ask. And another question is why he is using that chair. 

So again what chair does tommyinnit use? TommyInnit uses a MARKUS Office chair that is a budget-friendly but premium chair from Ikea. The chair has a large back and breathable body that makes it comfortable on Hot days too. 

This MARKUS chair has been used by him for a long time. Below we will discuss MARKUS chair features so you can know why he uses it and should you buy this chair.

Quick overview of Tommyinnit chair – MARKUS Chair

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Here is a quick overview of the Tommyinnit Gaming Chair. So you can get quick overview of this Amazing office chair.

ArmrestsFixed Armrests
Weight 47 Lbs
Weight capacityMore then 200 Lbs
Material Mesh and Fabric
Seat Height from Floor46 to 57 cm
Assembly RequiredYes

Who Is TommyInnit? Small Intro

Before we talk about the chair features let’s have a look at the background and life of TommyInnit. As I am sure you will also like to know his background too.

TommyInnit real name is Thomas Simons and he was born on 9 April 2004 in Nottingham, England. And as of 2022, he is just 17 years old.

TommyInnit Gaming Chair

He is a popular youtuber and twitch stream and does like a stream of Minecraft and has started my career on youtuber. Even at such young age, he has achieved things that many peoples even cannot achieve in their life.

TommyInnit has 7 youtube channels that have more than 24.4 million subscribers and his main channel alone has 11.5 million subscribers.

And his twitch channel that he had made in 2018 has not 7.03 million followers with over 63.1 million views. TommyInnit has also achieved 2 Guinness World Records in twitch-

  • Most viewers of a Minecraft gameplay live stream on Twitch.
  • Most followed the Minecraft channel on Twitch.

Also, TommyInnit has collaborated with popular streamers like- Dream Ninja Vikkstar123 Wilbur Soot Sidemen.

TommyInnit Gaming Chair- Premium Features

The TommyInnit Gaming Chair is loaded with features even after it is a budget-friendly option. The chair has a rating of 4.7 stars on Ikea, which is impressive.

Due to its high price on Amazon, it has a low rating on Amazon, but a good one on the IKEA website. However, all of its features are identical on both sites.

We will discuss its features in detail so that you can decide whether it’s worth buying.


First and foremost, a gamer looks at the comfort of a chair. With its large backrest that supports the gamer’s back, the MARKUS chair provides a comfortable sitting experience.

Since the seats are soft and comfortable, you will not feel hard on your buttocks. By using the ergonomic design high back, you can sit comfortably in a straight position without experiencing back pain.

TommyInnit chair backrest

For comfort and support, there are also soft armrests over which you can place armrests. Lastly, the tilting back of the chair allows the back to be more comfortable by reducing pressure on it.

The less padding on the back and armrests, however, will also reduce the comfort level. 


Additionally, the MARKUS office chair has excellent breathability. A mesh back and fabric seats on the MARKUS provide the highest level of breathability.

This is due to the mesh and fabric being very breathable and not trapping heat as leather does. Markus’ breathability allows gamers to sit comfortably on hot days without sweating.

Gamers often have to sit for prolonged hours, and this MARKUS chair will help them to sit and do gaming in long gaming sections. Seats also won’t get hot, so your butts won’t feel pain too.

Locking Tiling Backrest

TommyInnit gaming chair comes with a tiling backrest that also gets locked at many different angles.

Under the seat, a knob is given that allows the back to change its tilt area. By tilting the back at different angles, the best comfortable back angle can be found.

Where a gamer can lock his back to increase his comfort level. Also sitting on a good angle also increases productivity level and gaming experience. The titling is smooth and easy, thanks to the smooth tilt mechanism.

Ergonomic Backrest

MARKUS chair Comes with an Ergonomic back design. Its back design promotes healthy sitting without pain in the back area. 

How Does MARKUS Do it? So MARKUS’s back has an S shape design and adjustable lumbar support to increase support to the back. MARKUS chair backrest hugs the user’s back and maintains its posture.

Also, a wider headrest also increases the ergonomic level of this chair. The ergonomic back design promotes smooth blood flow in the back area and neck area too. 


So what about the Durability of the MARKUS Office chair? In terms of durability too, MARKUS has scored well as well.

Its steel frame and aluminum base, adds durability and stability to this MARKUS chair. Mesh and foam inside the seat are durable as well.

Ikea has a Powder-Coated base, frame, and armrests so that they dont catch rust and durability is not reduced over time. The seat cushion is not going to get deflate overtime after many uses too.

Safety castors 

Yep!! You heard Right. Ikea gives safety castors on this MARKUS chair that promotes safety to the gamer sitting on this chair.

With a pressure-sensitive brake mechanism, the casters get locked when the user stands from the chair releases automatically when you sit down. By this, the chair dont roll from its place where you will not be sitting on the chair.

TommyInnit gaming chair

Dont worry, locking can be turned off too. So the chair can be moved from one place to another when needed.

Safety castors feature often comes in the expensive chair. but Ikea gives it in a budget office chair. 

Ikea Warranty

Now let’s move to the warranty and assembly part. Like all chairs are covered by 10 years of warranty, and this chair also does.

For a budget office chair, this is a very long warranty. Office chairs with this price tag, often have not more than 4 years of warranty.

With 10 years of warranty period, it’s not hard to guess the quality and durability of this MARKUS office chair. So now what about assembly.

Its assembly is easy and dont consume much time too. Without 30 minutes, TommyInnit Gaming Chair can be assembled and can be used just after that.

Top Seller

This may not be a feature of this TommyInnit chair but shows its popularity for sure. Ikea MARKUS Office is the best-selling chair of Ikea. And it has a rating of 4.7 stars, so Yes gamers are liking the product too. And the reviews It has received are positive.

How Much Does TommyInnit’s Chair Cost?

After knowing about the chair features, now you would surely want to know the MARKUS Chair price. As I have earlier mentioned, Ikea MARKUS is a budget office chair with a price tag of $195.

The chair is much cheaper than many other chairs at the thing price range. Its price points make it not hard to afford and a great chair for budget gamers.

The chair is best to buy at the official website as it will cost you around $229. Whereas on Amazon it cost 180$ more with a price tag of $399. It’s not clear why the price is high at amazon than their official website.

Should you Buy TommyInnit Gaming Chair?

Ikea MARKUS is no doubt an affordable office chair that is comfortable and durable. The chair’s high back and soft seats with back support really help in doing gaming comfortably.

For budget gamers, it’s a good deal as they will get a comfortable chair that will last for years. It is also a reason TommyInnit is using it for many years.

For budget gamers, who do gaming for 6-7 hours a day will find this chair a great chair. But the chair may not be a very good option for hardcore gamers who do gaming for the whole day.

Its main reason is its fewer adjustability features and nonpadded back and armrests which surely decreases its comfort and support level.

In long hours sitting, your back may feel hard.

Also, armrests are not padded so you will also have a hard feel to your arms. Hardcore gamers should spend more money and should buy a premium chair that has high padding and high adjustability.

For eg- The gesture Chair is also used by Nickmercs. As those chairs are more comfortable, adjustable, and best for gamers.

If the Ikea MARKUS chair had more adjustable armrests and some padding over its back and seats, it would be the best chair at this price. 

Best Alternatives of TommyInnit’s Chair

Steelcase Gesture Office Chair

Steelcase Gesture Office Chair, Licorice
  • Connect fabric is 100% polyester
  • Wheels for carpet flooring
  • Ergonomic chair – this model includes an adjustable...
  • All day comfort and back support - Gesture’s seat and back...

Even after Steelcase Gesture is an office chair, it’s the best alternative to MARKUS. For the hardcore gamer, Steelcase Gesture is a chair that you should consider.

With a large back, seat, and heavyweight capacity, Steelcase Gesture gets fit to almost all-size people. The gesture has S shape backrest and 3 edge seats.

The back is supported with its ergonomic design backrest whereas seats reduce the pain from butts and hips and promote blood flow in that area. Steelcase Gesture has may more adjustability than any other office chairs as it has-

  • A Fully Adjustable 4d armrests.
  • A reclining backrest that gets locked at 4 different angles.
  • Adjustable Headrest and Lumbar support.
  • And depth and height-adjustable seats.

With high adjustability, it becomes easy to adjust this chair according to your need and by this neck, back and hips, elbows and shoulder get better support.

The Connect fabric feels soft and is breathable too. In terms of durability too, Steelcase Gesture is much ahead.

High-quality material is used in making this gesture chair and that is the reason gesture is Durable and lasts for decades.


  • Comes in multiple color options.
  • Has ergonomic large backrest.
  • Has high adjustability features.
  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Backed by 12 years warranty.


  • Pricey

Steelcase Series 1 

Steelcase Series 1 Work Office Chair - Licorice
  • Back mesh and Connect seat fabric are 100% polyester
  • Wheels for carpet flooring
  • Ergonomic chair – this stool height model includes...
  • All day comfort and back support – back technology...

Steelcase Series 1 is another best Alternative to TommyInnit’s Chair. The chair cost more than the MARKUS Office chair and less than the leap chair.

With a rating of 4.4 stars, it has over 1.1k reviews. Steelcase Series 1 has a cool and modern look with over 10 charming bright colors. With mesh back and seat fabric the Steelcase Series 1 is both breathable and comfortable.

The seat cushion is very fluffy and soft however the mesh back can feel pain as padding is less.

The back features a LiveBack flexor system that conforms to the user’s body and moves according to moves when postures change to better support.

And the 4D adjustable armrests can move to raise up and down, pivot in and out, move forward and back, and side to side. Armrests are wider in size but not are padded well.

The Steelcase chair weighs 29 Lbs and 400 Lbs. Thanks to its comfortability, Steelcase Series 1 is another best chair for hardcore gamers who want to sit comfortably while doing gaming. 


  • Comes in many color options. 
  • Has a 12 year of long warranty.
  • Has very comfortable waterfall edge seats.
  • Has a sturdy build quality.


  • The un-padded back can feel hard to back.

Conclusion– What Chair Does Tommyinnit Use?

IKEA MARKUS chair is surely a good chair for casual gamers. It has a mesh back, comfy seats, tilting back, and durability.

But for gamers who want to sit for the whole day and do gaming then you should go with alternatives to this MARKUS chair.

So hope you get asked to question, what chair does tommyinnit uses? and why you should buy or buy not this chair. if you find this Blog useful then make sure to share it with your friends.

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