Von Racer Gaming Chair Review

Finding a premium gaming chair at less is not a easy task. As there are not many good gaming chairs are available at a budget price. However, some gaming chairs brands have launched some premium chairs at less price.

One of them is von racer and today we will Von Racer Gaming Chair Review and will tell you should buy this chair and why it is Von Racer so much popular gaming chair.

In this Von Racer Gaming Chair Review, we will tell you its main features, pros, cons, and price. So read the full blog to know all about this gaming chair.

Von Racer Gaming Chair Review: Specifications

So before we move further and see features of this Von Racer Gaming Chair lets see the chair Specifications.

Armrests Type3D
Headrest and Lumbar Pillow✅, Adjustable
Recline Area135 degrees
Weight36 Lbs
Weight Capacity250 Lbs
Warranty1 Year
Assembly Required

Pros and Cons of Von Racer Gaming Chair 


  • Looks cool and stylish and gives multiple color options.
  • Affordable.
  • Has adjustable armrests, headrest, lumbar pillow, and footrest.
  • Soft and padded seats.
  • Reclining and tilting back.
  • Smooth casters for easy mobility of chair.
  • Stable and durable chair.


  • Not breathable and gets sweating on hot summer days.
  • Not made for large size and weight gamers.

Features of Von Racer Gaming Chair 

Let’s talk about some main features of this Von Racer Gaming Chair in detail so you can get to know what sitting expense you will get from this Von Racer Gaming Chair. So let’s start.

High reclining

Reclining is a common but important feature of a gaming chair. In the market, there are very less chairs that dont have reclining back.

Von Racer Gaming Chair has a high reclining backrest that has a reclining area of 90-135 degrees. Not just that while reclining the back you can also lock the back at 4 different angles.

Von Racer Gaming Chair Review

These different locking angles give the best angle to the gamer to lock the back and do different works like gaming, resting, watching movies, and sleeping.

The reclining is smooth and is easy to do. Just near the seat, Von Racer has given a lever that can be pulled to recline its back.

Laying back on the chair also reduces the tiredness that gamers often face after doing gaming for long hours. However, the reclining area is a bit low for this price chair.


Von Racer gaming chair is comfortable for sure because of the well-padded back and seats. The back and seats of this chair feel soft to the back and butts.

In the seats, they have given soft cushion which feels soft to butts when you will sit on the chair. Your butts won’t feel hard too. The back and seats are large and have a headrest and lumbar pillow.

Both of them not just make back supportive but also will keep your back untired. The backrest will remain comfortable because of these padded and comfortable seats and back.

The adjustable armrests and footrest also increase the comfort level of this chair. The padded footrest will provide legs supportive and comfortable.

So overall your body will get comfort which it will need to do gaming comfortably.

High adjustability

At these price chairs, gaming chairs often have less or no adjustability features. But Von Racer’s chair is quite different from those chairs.

Von Racer put a lot of features in this gaming chair. The chair headrest and lumbar pillow are adjustable by height. The chair has 3D armrests whereas other chairs at this price have fixed or 2D armrests.

Von Racer Gaming Chair Review

These armrests can move up-down and right-left. So you can adjust them according to your desk size and this will make gaming easier.

The back has both reclining and tilting features that can be controlled by the knob and lever. Also, the footrest that this Von Racer has can be adjusted and it also can be put under the desk.

And lastly, the seats can swivel by 360 degrees.

PU Upholstery

Von Racer Gaming Chair has PU Upholstery. Pu leather is durable, strong, waterproof, and unfading. The leather won’t get damaged by water or other edibles.

Now you won’t have to worry about your upholstery after dropping food items over the chair. Also, the PU leather won’t get dirty easily and can be cleaned easily by using a wet or dry cloth.

Other pros of pu leather are that it does get tear-wear or cracking. However, the PU leather is not breathable and gets hot easily on hot days.

Moreover, the back and butts can get sweaty. To get rid of it use A.C in your room which will keep the chair cool. And will prevent sweating issues. However, PU leather also is much more affordable.


Von Racer Gaming Chair back has many ergonomic features. Firstly its back has a spine supportive back design that keeps the back in a straight posture.

The headrest and lumbar pillow are attached to the chair which has increased its ergonomics. The ergonomic back design will help will improve your sitting posture.

Other ergonomic features of Von Racer Gaming Chair include- Adjustable headrest, lumbar pillow, and footrest.

That promotes blood flow in different main areas of the body that receives most pressure while sitting like the neck, back, elbows, hips, and foot.

Also, its seat height can be adjusted between 18-21 inches. Sitting on right seat height also reduces pressure falling ion ties and hips. So overall Von Racer Gaming Chair has scored very good in terms of ergonomics even after coming at such a budget price.

Look and Design

Love Cool Looks Gaming Chairs? Then you will love this Von Racer Gaming Chair. The chair has a cool, stylish, and racing-style design and has color combination designs over the back and seats.

Its cool look is loved by gamers as it increases their sitting experience over this chair. Von Racer Gaming Chair comes in 4 different colors- 

  • Pink
  • Blue 
  • Grey 
  • Black

You can pick any of these colors you like. However, all colors look attractive on the chair because of the Pu upholstery which reflated the colors over it more.


Yup!! Von Racer Gaming Chair has an adjustable footrest which is padded too. The footrest is attached to the chair to provide support to the foot.

You can lay your feet on the chair while doing gaming. It will reduce pressure falling on the feet and hips. However, if you dont want to use the footrest you can put it under the chair seat. 

Strong Base and Smooth Casters

A large and stable base is attached to this gaming chair which is 26.8 inches wider and has 26 inches depth. It is the reason for the stability of this wider base.

And the wider base also provides the chair with stability. This is why this gaming chair dont shake while a gamer sits on it.

Moreover, the base is durable too and can bear a heavy weight of 250 lbs. But still, for very heavy-weight gamers, this chair is not meant.

So what about casters, are they smooth? Yes, they are smooth and provide mobility to the chair. These casters roll 360 degrees which makes it easy for the gamer to roll chairs anywhere in the room.

However, the caters are less durable as they are made up of plastic and they may leave some scratches on the floor.

Warranty and Assembly

Von Racer Gaming Chair may have just 1 year of warranty but is not bad for a budget gaming chair.

However, if Von Racer should have given at least 2 years warranty on their chair. In this warranty, they cover all the chair parts.

So the assembly of the Von Racer Gaming Chair is easy and dont take much time too. They have given all tools that you will need in its assembly. So now you won’t have to buy assembly tools separately. And the chair will come in a few parts in the box.

Is Von Racer Gaming Chair worth buying?

After knowing its features next question that comes to mind is, is Von Racer Chair worth buying? No doubt Von Racer Gaming Chair has a lot of features.

Like the chair is comfortable and has high adjustability features. Build quality of the chair is also OK.

However, this chair is worth buying for budget gamers, not for hardcore gamers. If you are a hardcore gaming and want a gaming chair that can provide the best gaming experience in long gaming sections then look for other premium chairs like Secretlab or autofull chair.

This Von Racer Gaming Chair is made for budget gamers who cant spend money on an expense but still want the best chair at this price.

In long gaming sections, you may begin to feel tired. Also after 2-3 years, Von Racer Gaming Chair will get broken or its comfort will reduce. Which is expected for a chair that does not even cost 150$. 


You may find tons of gaming chairs in the market but most of them cost hundreds of dollars. And it becomes difficult for a budget gamer to buy a good quality gaming chair.

However, Von Racer has made a quality chair for budget gamers. This chair is surely a worth chair that a budget gamer can buy to get a comfortable gaming experience at less price.

Before you make any decisions make sure to read this Von Racer Gaming Chair Review Blog till the end to know each and everything about this amazing chair.

So if you find this Von Racer Gaming Chair Review Blog useful then share it with your friends for sure. 

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