Ikea Markus vs Järvfjället

Ikea Markus and Järvfjället are 2 amazing office chairs from Ikea that are worth buying. Both of these chairs have many ergonomic features with many adjustable features.

It becomes hard for the user to choose between these 2 chairs as they both give tough competition to each other. Dont worry today we will do Ikea Markus vs Järvfjället and will tell you which one is better after comparing these chairs.

Ikea Markus vs Järvfjället

So, Ikea Markus vs Järvfjället? Järvfjället is better than Markus becomes of more comfortable seats, adjustable lumbar support than Markus. However other features of both Ikea office chairs are the same. And in terms of affordability, Markus is better than Järvfjället. 

Below we will talk about this in detail and will know which office chair is better and which one you should buy. So read further. 

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Ikea Markus vs Järvfjället: Features

Markus Järvfjället

Polyester and MeshPolyester and Mesh
Lumbar SupportFixedUp-down
Adjustable ArmrestFixed3D Adjustable Padded Arms
Adjustable Seat Depth
Height of the Seat 50 3/4 ” – 55 1/8 “17 3/4 ” – 22 “
HeadrestYes, but FixedYes, but Fixed
Maximum Weight Capacity252 lbs252 lbs
Check on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Ikea Markus vs Järvfjället– Comparison


The first difference between these 2 chairs is comfort level. Surely Ikea Markus and Järvfjället are comfortable office chairs whose backs give support to the back and thanks to the headrest the neck remains straight and supported.

Ikea Markus and Järvfjället high back and soft padded seats ensure comfortable sitting without pain in butts and back.

However, the Järvfjället has an upper hand over the Markus as its lumbar pillow provides better support to the back and ensures the user can sit comfortably without any pain in the lower back.

And the seats of Järvfjället chair are more comfortable than Ikea Markus. However, in terms of comfort, there is not much of a big difference.

Ergonomic Features

The next difference is in the Ergonomic Features of both these Ikea chairs.

Some features of these 2 chairs are much similar like on both these chairs you will see- headrest, lumbar support, armrests, reclining and tiling, height adjustment, and 360 degrees which are important features of ergonomics.

Also, Järvfjället and Markus have an Ergonomic supportive back design that keeps our back straight and helps in correcting body posture.

The back design of both chairs is not different. The seat height adjustment is also the same. But because of adjustable lumbar support in Järvfjället, this chair wins over the Ikea Markus which has fixed lumbar support.

So, now you can adjust the height of Järvfjället lumbar support according to your back size.

Build Quality and Durability

Both Ikea Markus and Järvfjället have high build quality. Ikea has used high-quality material in making these 2 chairs.

On their back, they have used high breathable mesh and the seats have soft cushions. The frame has been made up of strong steel and for the base, they have used aluminum in both Ikea Markus and Järvfjället.

After using these chairs I found that both chairs have the same Build Quality and Durability. Both of them easily last for a decade.

And a long 10 years warranty on these chairs is proof of it. As for why a company will give a long warranty on their chairs if that chair will not last longer than that warranty.

In order to increase the life of these chairs, make sure to use them properly and give them proper care.

Look and Design

At first look, it comes hard to find a difference between the look of Ikea Markus and Järvfjället. They have the same design back and seats.

And Yes headrest look is also similar. However, the look and design of armrests and lumbar support are very different.

Ikea Markus vs Järvfjället Look and Design

The Markus has wider lumbar support whereas small but supportive lumbar support is attached to the Järvfjället Office chair.

The armrests of Markus have a round shape but in Järvfjället they are half-opened. Järvfjället armrests also can be removed from the chair.

So overall both Markus and Järvfjället are cool look chairs. They may look simple but their design surely attracts people. And they will stand out in the office chair.

Reclining and Tilting

Reclining and Tilting are 2 important feature of an office chair that allows the user to adjust the backrest of an office chair.

And this Ikea has given Reclining and Tilting in their Järvfjället and Markus chairs which make sitting on thee chairs comfortable. Now the back of these 2 chairs can be tilted or reclined back.

The locking features allow the user to lock the back at an angle any they want. By doing this you can find the best angle for sitting and it also decreases the pressure on the back.

Size and Weight Capacity

The size and weight capacity of Järvfjället and Markus are similar. Both of these chairs are made for all-size users. Their high back supports large-size users too.

But as they both have 252.5 pounds weight limit, so they are not made for very heavy users. The Markus has a weight of 49.7 Lbs whereas the Järvfjället office chair weighs only ‎41 Lbs. So in weight Järvfjället is much lighter. 

Assembly and warranty

Again in Assembly and warranty, you won’t see any difference in these 2 chairs. These 2 chairs are easy to assemble and also can be dont within 20 minutes.

On the IKEA website, you will find assembly instructions for assembling these chairs. Now let’s talk about warranty as to its an important thing that every buyer looks for.

After Steelcase and Herman Miller, IKEA is a brand that gives a long warranty on their all chairs. They have given 10 years of long warranty on Järvfjället and Markus.

So for 10 years you dont need to worry about the quality and durability of these chairs. The customer support of Ikea is also fast. And they solve problems of the customer very fast.

Which One is Better- Ikea Markus vs Järvfjället? ( Winner Järvfjället )

In Ikea Markus vs Järvfjället, both these chairs give a tough competition to each other but Järvfjället office chairs win over the Ikea Markus with a small margin.

Järvfjället and Markus have many similar features like ergonomics, mesh back, high back, adjustability but the more comfy seats and more adjustable lumbar support are plus features of Järvfjället, and these features take Markus to the victory line.

That is why you should buy a Järvfjället office chair as first the chair is more comfortable and ergonomic than Markus and second, the price difference between these chairs is not big.

Järvfjället cost $210, whereas Markus has a price tag of $197. So just by spending more than 13$, you will get a more comfy and supportive chair.

So why spend just a few dollars and buy a less comfy chair. However, as the comfort and build quality of both chairs are the same, some buyers may not want to spend more money to get some more features due to a tight budget.

So they can consider Markus’s chair.

Good and Bad of Ikea Markus Chair


  • Very breathable because of the mesh back.
  • Comes with a Large and Ergonomic back design.
  • Wider seats and back.
  • Covered by 10 years of warranty.
  • High good build quality.
  • Comfortable.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Has fixed armrests.
  • No padding over back.

Good and Bad of Ikea Järvfjället Chair


  • Affordable.
  • Ergonomic back design with adjustable lumbar support.
  • Easy to store because of removable armrests.
  • Padded seat cushion.
  • Pressure-sensitive brake mechanism In Casters.
  • ANSI/BIFMA certified.
  • Comfortable.


  • Unpadded armrests.
  • Less reclining back.


So in this Ikea Markus vs Järvfjället Blog, we compare these Ikea Markus and Järvfjället Office chairs that have quite a similar look and features but with few differences.

After reading this blog you would now have clear views on what chair you should buy. But before going to any conclusion make sure to read Ikea Markus vs Järvfjället Blog as it will help you to make a better decision.

And also make sure to read Ikea Järvfjället Office Chair { Review 2022 } to know all about Järvfjället chair. So if you like this blog then make sure to share it with your friends.

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