Office Chair vs Task Chair: Are they Really Different?

Task chair and office chair are 2 very common chairs that you will see in offices. Both of them are used by office workers to have a comfortable sitting and to increases their productivity.

Office Chair vs Task Chair: Are they Really Different?

However, most people dont know the difference between the Office Chair and Task Chair. That is why today in this Office Chair vs Task Chair Blog we are going to tell you the difference between these 2 types of chairs.

 Office Chair vs Task Chair- Differences? The main difference between Task Chair and the office chair is that the task chairs are small in size, weight, cheaper in price than the office chairs. But in comfort, ergonomics, and Adjustability office chairs are much ahead of Task chairs. 

Below we will discuss these points more deeply so you can decide which one is better for you. So make sure to read further. 

Office Chair vs Task Chair- Comparison Table

Office ChairTask Chair
ErgonomicsMore ErgonomicErgonomic but less then Office chairs
PriceAre generally Costly Comes cheaper
Build QualityHave higher Build QualityMost have less Build Quality
MaterialFabric, Mesh, Leather, Steel and AluminiumFabric, mesh and Plastic
Look and DesignModern LookHave a simple look.
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Office Chair vs Task Chair- Major differences

Ergonomics features

One of the major differences between the Office Chair and Task Chair is in the ergonomic features.

Task Chair comes with basic ergonomic features like ergonomic back design, lumbar support, 360 degrees swivel, height adjustment, and armrests.

However, very less task chairs have adjustable armrests or lumbar support and very few have a headrest.

Whereas office chairs are equipped with high ergonomic features like they have both headrest, lumbar pillow, and S-shape backrest which promotes good sitting posture.

Office chairs have multi-tiling backrests that can lock at many angles. Some expensive office chairs like Steelcase gesture and Aeron have a seat depth adjustment which is a premium ergonomic feature that a task chair never has.

Office chairs have all other features that task chairs have like 360 degrees seats, adjustable seat height, casters, etc. So overall, users who are looking for ergonomics should go with office chairs.

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Task chairs are usually much cheaper than office chairs. They are made to be more affordable than office chairs.

An office chair starts from 100$ and can go up to 1500$ depending on what brand and features chair you are buying. However, a good office chair can be bought for 200-300$.

On the other hand task chairs start from 50$ and mostly dont go more than 400$ and a good task chair can be bought at 150$.

Office chairs may come much more expensive than the task chairs but their high price is due to their more comfort, durability, and ergonomic features that increase their price.

And as you are going to use that task or office chair for years so make sure to invest some good amount of money on a chair.

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Size And Look

Task chairs are generally smaller in size than office chairs. Also, task chairs have less weight capacity. Whereas office chairs come in many sizes and weights.

They can have a small size, medium, and large sizes. Now let’s talk about the look of the task chair vs office chair.

Task chairs have a simple look and mostly come in 1 color which is black. However few task chairs also comes in multiple color options whereas office chairs have a modern look.

Many office chairs in the market may have only black color but there is also a good number of office chairs that are available in tons of color options. Office workers who dont love black color chairs should go with office chairs rather than a task chair.

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Office chairs provide better Productivity than task chairs. Task chairs only have basic ergonomics, comfort, and adjustability which is they are not good for long hours working.

They dont provide support to the back and arms and you can have back pain in the long hour of sitting which will have a bad effect on your productivity level.

You cant do work properly while sitting on an uncomfy task chair. Whereas office chairs are more comfortable and reduce pain in the back, butts, and neck areas too and ensure the user can sit comfortably so he can concentrate on his work.

Which results in better productivity. However, those users who work for a few hours can go with task chairs as their basic features allow better Productivity.

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Material And Durability

Task chairs often come in 2 types of upholstery-mesh and fabric. You won’t see them in any other upholstery.

They have a padded seat cushion in the seat and have only a mesh or fabric layer on the back. Whereas office chairs come in mesh, fabric, and leather upholstery.

The frame and base of both the Office Chair and Task Chair can be made up of steel and aluminum. Some office chairs also have a nylon base which is more lightweight than a steel base.

Most components of task chairs are made up of plastic whereas steel is used in office chair parts. As many parts of task chairs are made up of plastic that is why they are less durable than office chairs.

However, if a task chair of a good brand is bought that chair can last much longer. But still, task chairs have less durability than office chairs as they come cheaper than an office chair.

And they will break, tear or wear much before then an office chair. Steelcase and Herman miller chairs can even last for decades.

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What Is A Task Chair?

Task chairs are another type of chair that have basic features to allow the user to sit on them for a few hours and do their small tasks. They are generally small in size and lack high ergonomic and comfortable than office chairs.

Task chairs dont come with high adjustability features like office chairs which is another thing that makes them different from office chairs.

What is an office chair?

Office chairs are a type of chairs that are used at desks or offices. Office chairs have a seat, backrest, headrest, armrests, gas lift cylinder, base, and casters.

Office chairs were made first in the mid-19th century when workers had to work on the desk. Office chairs are meant for medium or long hours of sitting and they give better productivity to workers.

In just recent years many companies have made office chairs that have unique features which were not available in previous chairs like adjustable seat depth.

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Office chair vs task chair: Which one is better?

After knowing the difference between these 2 types of chairs. Now you would have wanted to know which one is better, Right?

So office chairs are better than task chairs which is pretty common as office chairs comes much more expensive than task chairs.

But in reality, both task and office chairs are best. But, Why? It’s because both of them are made for different purposes. Task chairs are best for small offices or home offices where you only do work for a few hours and are looking for an affordable chair.

You dont need to buy an office chair for those purposes. Whereas if you have a big office and want an office chair that can increase productivity in your office then go with office chairs.

As it is in the name, office chairs are made for offices whereas a worker has to sit for the whole day. To do that he will need an office chair.

Office chairs may come costly but their high cost is because of their premium features and their long-lasting feature.

You can go with Steelcase leap, gesture, series 1 chairs if budget is not your problem, or also you can go with budget office chairs that are available in the market. 

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