Can My Office Chair Cause Leg Pain?

Are you experiencing leg pain while sitting on your office chair? Then you are not along with most office workers who have to sit 8-9 hours at the desk have the same problem. 

But it becomes hard to know whether the problem is due to other reasons or due to the office chair. That is why many people ask themself the same question, Can My Office Chair Cause Leg Pain? 

Can My Office Chair Cause Leg Pain?

Don’t worry today I am going to answer this question so you can know the right answer to it. So, Can My Office Chair Cause Leg Pain? Office chairs can cause leg pain when a user sits on their chair for a prolonged period. However, this problem often comes when the office chair is not ergonomic and the user don’t sit in proper posture. Below we are going to discuss this topic more deeply and will tell you ways to prevent leg pain.

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Can Sitting in a Chair Cause Leg Pain?

Yes, sitting on an office chair causes leg pain but only in prolonged periods. Leg pain dont happens while sitting for a few hours.

There are many reasons due to why leg pain often happens. Sometimes the leg seats are hard or the seat padding is very less due to which your hips touch the frame and the frame feels hard to legs which causes leg pain.

Can My Office Chair Cause Leg Pain?

Also due to hard or flat seats, blood flow is reduced in the hips and leg area which also results in leg pain. However, there are also many reasons due to why leg pain can happen.

If you are also from those persons who have leg pain while sitting on an office chair like me then you need to points you that problem and fix it as fast as possible. Below we will tell you how to fix that problem so that you can get rid of leg pain.

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Why Does My Office Chair Cause Leg Pain? 

There are many reasons for this problem. Like many people including me used to sit on a chair for many years straight without taking breaks.

When you are sitting on an office chair you need to take a break after every 30-40 minutes as pressure falls on your legs when you sit on the chair.

Due to the pressure on hips, blood circulation in the legs is also reduced which can also cause swelling and pain in the legs. Sometimes our chair seat is hard as they create more pressure on the hips and reduces the blood flow in the hips and legs.

It is another reason that you can have leg pain. Sitting in the wrong posture also increases leg pain.

Can My Office Chair Cause Leg Pain?

Sometimes our office chairs are large or smaller for our body height and due to this our legs dont touch the ground or sometimes the legs touch the ground too much.

In both cases, severe pressure falls on the hips and toes and this also increases pressure on the muscles on the legs. This can also reduce blood flow and can damage the veins of the leg which increases blood clots in the lower part of their legs.

And a condition called deep vein thrombosis is caused. So to reduce this make sure to sit at comfy seats and keep your chair seat at the proper height.

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What problems can happen in our legs when we sit for prolonged periods?

Sitting for prolonged periods can cause many leg problems. When we sit for prolonged periods the blood flow in reduces in legs which also causes swelling and muscles to shorten of leg area.

Blood coat can also happen in the veins of the leg. Also in long hours sitting we dont do the movement of legs and due to no movement for a long time, the Legs and Glutes also keep getting weak.

Problems like thrombosis also happen due to prolonged sitting on a chair. When we are sitting on a chair, at this time those powerful lower body muscles that are made to hold us up are not working and this causes muscle atrophy and it weaks our muscles of legs.

How to stop leg pain caused by a prolonged on an office chair?

Take Small Breaks 

Taking Small Breaks while sitting for prolonged periods can reduce this problem very much. Dont sit for 8-9 hours straight.

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Always get up from your chair and do walk, and stretch your body so their tiredness in the body can reduce and blood flow in the legs area can increase once again. After every 30-40 minutes do this step.

I am sure half of your leg pain problem will solve by doing this small thing. Doing this is not just good for your leg but also for your back, shoulder and arms as it increases blood flow in that area too. It will also help you to focus on your work.

Adjust your seat height

Office chairs seats can be adjusted to different heights. When you are sitting on a chair you need to make sure that the chair height is at the right height according to your body height.

The seat height should be at such height from where your toes touch the ground properly and there is a 2-3 inches gap between the hips area.

Can My Office Chair Cause Leg Pain?

Make sure your legs do remain in the air as in that case the leg pain will happen because of pressure on hips and toes. Some office chairs dont have height adjustment features, so make sure to stay away from those chairs.

Seats Design

Dont go with office chairs that have flat seats as they are not good at reducing pressure from the hips. Waterfall design and soft seats are best in reducing pressure over the hips.

Most ergonomic office chairs that have ergonomic seat designs are best at reducing leg pain too. Deflating pressure all over the seat properly is another benefit of these types of seats.

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Get a footrest

Footrest helps in reducing the falling pressure over the hips and toes. Now you can put your leg over the footrest to keep your legs pressure-free.

If you are a short person your legs won’t touch the ground, right? If not then make sure to use a footrest to provide support to your legs rather than just letting your feet be in the air.

Go to Docter

Leg pain is not a big issue and often dont require visiting a doctor. However, if you have suddenly felt pain in your legs, or the swollenness in your feet has got big then you need to go with the doctor.

Dont ignore this thing as the problem can get too big. No need to visit a doctor if the problem is not big as leg pain is normal and can also happen due to many other things.

Buy an Ergonomic Office chair

Ergonomic office chairs are better in providing a comfortable sitting experience. In an ergonomic chair your leg, neck, back, and elbows pain will get reduced. Also, they are good for promoting blood flow in our body and make our sitting healthy too. Go get a premium good quality office chair.

Can My Office Chair Cause Leg Pain?

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How do I know if my office chair is bad?

Your office chair is bad if your chair lacks these things-

Dont have a Comfy seat cushion

Many office chairs come with hard seat cushions. Those type of chairs is bad as you won’t have comfortable sitting on those chairs as butts and hips pain is common on those chairs. The more soft the seat cushion is, the better the sitting experience you will get.

Not have adjustable seat height

To get relief from leg and butts pain you need to have an adjustable seat office chair. It will also reduce pressure from your toes.

Any chair that dont have adjustable seat will not be comfortable sitting as you won’t be able to adjust the seat height according to your body height. It is not sure that you will get the best seat height according to your body height which is why adjustable seats are so important.

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Not have Lumbar support

Like leg pain, back pain is another thing that users can suffer while sitting on a chair. So it’s important to have lumbar support in your chair so that proper support to your back area. If the chair that you are using lacks this then you need to replace that chair as lumbar support also promotes back posture.

Has less warranty

If you are going to buy an office chair then make sure that the chair has at least a 1-year warranty. Never buy a chair that has less than a 1-year warranty as there are high chances that the chair is of low quality and won’t last for even a year. The more warranty a chair has the more high build quality that chair is likely to have.

Weight Capacity is less

If your office chair has less weight capacity than your weight then you need to replace that chair. If you are using low weight capacity chair then your weight is not safe as that chair can break at any time. And you can get injured due to that. If you have a weight of 250 Lbs then go with a 280 Lbs or more weight capacity chair.

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Can My Office Chair Cause Leg Pain? – Conclusion

Leg pain while sitting on an office chair can be caused by different things. Bad posture, less ergonomic chair, or having the seat at the wrong height are major reasons that a user has leg pain while sitting on their office chair.

Dont ignore this problem as it will have a bad effect on your health and your work. Work Productivity will also decrease if you are constantly suffering leg pain. The steps to remove this problem are easy and simple.

So make sure to follow them. I hope you know the answer to the question, Can My Office Chair Cause Leg Pain? Find this article useful? Then dont forget to share it with your friend and help them to get rid of this problem.

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