Is Herman Miller’s chair worth it?

Herman Miller office chairs are among the most expensive office chairs. Herman Miller chairs can cost hundreds of dollars each. That is why many people wonder if Herman Miller’s chairs are worth it before investing so much in them. 

So, Is Herman Miller chair worth it? Herman miller chairs are definitely worth it because they are more durable, designed, ergonomic, comfortable than any other office chair. They have come costly but their high price is due to features which we get in these chairs.

Below we will discuss it more deeply so you can know more about the reasons why are Herman Miller chair worth it? So make sure to read Is Herman Miller chair worth it? Blog knows all this.

What makes Herman Miller chair worth it?

There are many reasons that make the chair worth buying. We will talk about them one by one so you can understand them better.

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1. They are more comfortable

Its comfort is the first reason why the Herman Miller chair is worth its price, despite being too expensive. The chair is much more comfortable than any other chair.

Is Herman Miller chair worth it?

It has a comfortable seat and back, so it is more pleasant to sit in it. They have ergonomic features such as armrests, headrests, lumbar pillows, and padded seats that allow the user to sit on them all day.

You’re right. The Herman Miller chairs allow you to sit all day. Since Herman Miller chairs provide excellent comfort and ergonomics, you will not feel tired while using them.

On the other hand uncomfy and tiredness are common in cheap chairs. So if you want a comfortable chair, go with a Herman Miller chair.

2. High Build Quality

Herman Miller specializes in producing high-quality office chairs. Herman Miller is known for producing high-quality chairs.

Another reason for the high price of Herman Miller chairs is their high build quality. As a result, their chairs don’t wear out, tear or break due to the high-quality material they use.

Moreover, Herman miller chairs’ comfort does not reduce over time due to their high build quality. Some office chairs in the market may come cheap but they also have low build quality.

It is only because of Herman miller’s chairs’ build quality that, their chairs even last for decades.

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3. Ergonomic Features

A wide range of ergonomic features is available on Herman Miller chairs. Here you will find all the ergonomic features you can think of on a chair.

These chairs have features such as adjustable headrests, adjustable lumbar cushions, four-dimensional armrests, height and depth adjustments, multi-tilt backs, smooth casters, and 360-degree swivel.

In addition, all Herman miller chairs can accommodate users of any size. They also cost more because of these ergonomic features.

But ergonomic features are very important for health and comfortable sitting. As these Ergonomic Features features will provide support to your neck, back, shoulders, butts, hips, and toes and will enhance blood flow in those areas.

In our Office chair cutting off circulation in the leg Blog, we have talked about it. These ergonomic features will prevent you from experiencing health issues in the long run.

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4. Long Lifespan And Return

Herman Miller chairs last for decades. This thing also makes Herman Miller chairs worth buying. After buying their chair once you won’t have to buy another chair for at least 20 years.

In How Long do Herman Miller Chairs Last? Blog we have talked about it more deeply. By this, hundreds of dollars will be saved.

There are some chairs that are cheap, but they don’t last even for a few years, so users have to buy a new one every couple of years.

Now it depends on you, whether you invest in a long-lasting chair or you buy a low-quality chair again and again. All Herman Miller chairs also have 30 days free return which allows buyers to return the chair for free if they don’t like the chair.

Also, the buyer won’t have to pay shipping charges. This is a great thing as now you can test the chair and if you don’t like the chair, just return it. 

5. Brand Value

Brand Value also increases the price of any product. And Herman miller has a rand value of their product.

People trust Herman Miller because they make high-quality chairs, which is why they buy their chairs.

Is Herman Miller chair worth it

Even so, Herman miller’s chairs have a lower cost than the company selling them, but their brand value is also a factor. For example, the iPhone is much cheaper than Apple sells it because we pay for the brand value as well.

Some applies to Herman miller. You will find the same chair of the less popular brand with features that you will get in Herman miller chair but at less price.

6. Customizability

The level of Customizability that we see in Herman miller’s chair is not seen in any other chairs except Steelcase.

In Herman miller’s chair, you can customize the chair according to your need and choice. Like you can choose the adjustable level of headrest, lumbar pillow, armrests back recline, etc.

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Also, you can get your office chair in any color you want. Herman miller chairs can fit any size and weight users.

So no matter you are small, middle size, or big, now you can sit on Herman miller chairs. The level of Customizability is another reason why is Herman miller worth their price. 

Which is the best Herman miller office chair?

Herman Miller Aeron is the best Herman miller chair. Aeron is also the most popular office chair from Herman miller. There are many features that make this Aeron chair one of the best chairs that you can buy-

  • It has a multi-tiling backrest that can be locked at 3 different angles.
  • The Chair has an ergonomic back and waterfall swats.
  • Comes with 12 years of long warranty.
  • High build quality.
  • High Breathability.
  • Comes with high customizability.
  • Has PostureFit SL which is more supportive than any other lumbar support. 
  • Comes in 3 different sizes and weight capacities.

Should you buy Refurbished Herman Miller Chairs?

Refurbished Herman Miller Chairs come much cheaper than new Herman Miller Chairs. And you can definitely buy them if you find it hard to afford new Herman Miller Chairs.

Herman Miller Chairs can last for decades and their quality dont get down for decades so any old Herman Miller Chairs you will buy will give you a comfortable sitting experience like a new chair.

But you need to keep in mind some points. Like-

  • Always buy a Refurbished Herman Miller Chair from a reputed or trusted place or website as there are many fake Herman Miller chairs in the market.
  • Never buy a Herman Miller Chair that dont have a warranty period even if that chair comes much cheaper. 
  • Buy a chair that has good condition and that chair has not been used too much. Chairs that have been used in the home are best to buy.

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Is Herman Miller chair worth it? – Conclusion

Overall, Herman Miller’s chairs are worth their price even though they come with a big price tag. Although Herman Miller chairs can be expensive, they also offer features and comfort that other chairs do not.

You will not regret purchasing a Herman Miller chair if you are searching for a high-quality and comfortable chair. Using these Herman Miller chairs, you will no longer experience fatigue and pain while sitting on an office chair.

Buying Herman miller chairs is just an investment because after purchasing one, you won’t need to purchase another for years or decades.

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