Razer Iskur Vs Enki

Razer Iskur Vs Enki? Are you also confused about which of these razer chairs is best? Both these gaming chairs come from the razer brand that has started making gaming chairs.

These 2 chairs are their popular chairs and have a very similar look and features which makes it hard to choose between these chairs. But now no need to worry, as today we are going to do a comparison of these chairs.

Razer Iskur Vs Enki

So, Razer Iskur Vs Enki? Razer Enki is better than the razer iskur gaming chair as the Enki chair is more ergonomic and comes with many features that iskur chairs dont have. Even after these additional features both Razer Enki and Razer iskur chair cost the same. 

However, Razer iskur is ahead of Enki in some features. So make sure to read this blog till the end to read the detailed comparison of both chairs’ features.

Razer Iskur Vs Enki– Quick Comparison

Razer Iskur Razer Enki
Armrests Adjustability4D 4D
Back Recline139 Degrees152 Degrees
HeadrestSmall ( Add On )Large And Wide
Lumbar SupportYes , AdjustableNO
SeatsStraight DesignEdge Shape
Weight60 Lbs53 Lbs
Weight Capacity300 Lbs
400 ( XL )
300 Lbs
Warranty3 Years3 Years
Check on Amazon Check on Amazon
Razer Enki Gaming Chair: All-Day Gaming Comfort - Built-in Lumbar Arch - Optimized Cushion Density - Dual-Textured, Eco-Friendly Synthetic Leather - Reactive Seat Tilt & 152-Degree Recline - Green
  • Designed for All-Day Gaming: 110-degree shoulder arches and...
  • Built-in Lumbar Arch: Feel less fatigued over long periods...
  • Optimized Cushion Density: Unparalleled comfort with a...
  • Dual-Textured, Eco-Friendly Synthetic Leather: Core areas of...
Razer Iskur XL Fabric Gaming Chair: Ergonomic Lumbar Support System - Ultra-Soft, Spill-Resistant Fabric Foam Cushions - 4D Armrests - Engineered to Carry- Foam Head Cushion - Dark Gray
  • Ergonomic Lumber Support System: Enjoy total lower back...
  • Ultra-Soft, Spill-Resistant Fabric: The chair's densely...
  • High Density Foam Cushions: The denser, durable cushions...
  • 4D Armrests: Adjust the armrests’ height, angle and move...

Quick Overview of Razer Iskur Chair

Razer Iskur is a Gaming Chair from Razer that is made for gamers who do gaming for long hours. This Gaming chair is designed to provide the best possible support to gamers’ backs and to keep them comfortable in their place.

With High-Density Molded Foam seats, it will make you feel like sitting on a soft sofa. With cool black and green design and cool stitching, the Razer Iskur Chair is one of the best-looking gaming chairs.

Razer Iskur Vs Enki

That will increase the look and environment of your gaming room. Not just that, it comes will premium features like 4D armrests, Reclining and high back, Smooth casters, Soft Upholstery, and Adjustable back support it will help in increasing your Gaming Performance

Quick Overview of Razer Enki Chair

Razer Enki comes with those gaming chairs that are made for hardcore gamers. Its high back not just provides back will greatly support but also improves back posture.

Thanks to its curve padded seats the hips and butts won’t feel pressure and pain. The seats are very soft and comfortable as they are made up of multilayers that will distribute falling pressure on butts all over their seats.

Razer Iskur Vs Enki

The back and seats are much wider in width wider so the gamer can sit comfortably. The chair has a large headrest to keep your head in a comfortable place.

So overall now gaming will become more enjoyable when you will use this chair.

Razer Iskur Vs Enki: Comparison

Materials and Build Quality

Both Razer Iskur and Enki are made up of high-quality material which is why their build quality is high.

Razer Iskur frame is made up of Metal & Plywood and the base is made up of 5-star metal powder coated. And for the upholstery of Razer Iskur PVC Leather is used which is very strong and durable leather.

Whereas in Enki the frame is made up of steel and base of aluminum which is the base chair is lightweight. And for its upholstery, EPU synthetic leather is used.

The quality of these all materials is high which is why both chairs last for years. However, the build quality of Enki is higher than the Razer Iskur chair as the steel and aluminum are more durable.

Also, the casters of the seat of Enki are much better than the Enki. Still, on both chairs, you will get a razer that gives 14-day with a risk-free money-back policy.


Seat comfort

Razer Enki comes with curve shape seats that have high-density foam inside them. This soft is soft and fluffy and will ensure your butts won’t feel hard.

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These curved seats are designed to provide pain-free sitting for long hours. However, the Razer Iskur comes with padded seats too but they are less comfortable due to their flat design.

While sitting on a Razer Iskur chair, the hips can have a bit hard feel and the blood flow in the hips area can be reduced.

Moreover, the seats of Razer Enki are wider in size and will ensure your butts dont feel conjusted. So overall, in terms of seat comfortable, Razer Enki has the upper hand.

Back comfort

In back comfort, both Razer Iskur and Enki give tough competition to each other. Both chairs feature a large and supportive backrest.

Razer Iskur comes with adjustable lumbar support which provides back with support and ensures your back dont feel pain but iskur lacks lumbar support which surely reduces the back comfort of this chair.

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But the Razer Iskur has a large headrest that will keep your neck area supported but Enki lacks this. However, the headrest can be also added to the Razer Iskur chair but the headrest is very small in size and not much supportive.

So overall both these chairs provide back support which a gamer needs but both lack some back features which makes It draw in back support.

Armrests comfort

The armrests are adjustable and the size is the same in both these chairs. Both of them have large and highly adjustable armrests that will provide support to your elbows and shoulders.

These armrests are very soft so your elbows won’t feel hard when you will place them over these armrests.

Also, they can be adjusted according to your Gaming Desk size to gaming comfortably. Overall in terms of armrests comfort, both Razer Enki and iskur have scored the same.

Ergonomic Features

Ergonomic Features are an important thing that a gamer needs to look at in a gaming chair. These Ergonomic Features not just increase the sitting experience but also ensure a tired-free sitting.

These 2 chairs have many similar Ergonomic Features like- they have 4D Adjustable Armrests, Reclining back, Swivel and Casters.

However, I find the headrest and seats of RAZER Enki more ergonomic and comfortable.

But in back support, RAZER iskur has an upper hand over the Enki with its adjustable lumbar support which we dont see in the Enki chair.

The back of these chairs can also recline back easily and the height of their seats can be adjusted.

These ergonomic features will ensure that your neck, back, hips, shoulders, and butts dont feel pain as the ergonomic features of these 2 chairs will provide support to all these points. Overall In ergonomic features, The Enki chair easily wins over the iskur.


Adjustability allows the gamer to adjust the gaming chair according to his need and body size. The more Adjustability the chair has the more comfortable experience that chair will provide. 

4D armrests of Enki and iskur can move – Up-down, Right-left, and side by side. So now it’s possible to adjust their height and position according to your body size.

The height and seats height adjustment are the same in both chairs. However, iskur features adjustable lumbar support whereas we dont see any lumbar support in the Enki chair.

The back of the Enki chair can recline back 152 Degrees so you can lay back on the chair to rest your back. Or even a gamer can have a small nap to remove his tiredness.

However, iskur just has 139 Degrees reclining back which is much less than Enki chair.

So in adjustability, Both chairs give tough competition to each other, and it’s hard to decide which wins in adjustability as One has more reclining back and the second has more adjustable lumbar support. So it’s a draw.

Design Color Options

Who dont love Cool Look Gaming chair that has a cool design. And these both razer gaming chairs are from top look chairs.

Both of them have an attractive look and design. Both these chairs have green stitching all over the border with a cool razer logo on the Chair headrest.

razer enki green desktop hero removebg preview

Moreover, Enki and iskur chairs have a pattern all over the lumbar and seat area which makes them even more attractive.

These chairs are best for gamers who are looking for the best look chairs that can catch the eyes of their friends. The stretching over the corners and on the headrest of the chair is not going to get tear or wear.

That is why the look of the chair is going to last for years. Razer Iskur comes in 3 different colors-

  • Genshin Impact
  • Black
  • Green
  • Grey

Whereas Razer Enki comes in Pink, Green Black. So you have multiple colors options in which your gaming chair can be chosen.

Base And Casters

To make a chair stable it’s important that the chair base is strong and stable. if the base is unstable, it will make it hard for gamers to do gaming properly as it’s not easy to sit on a shaking gaming chair.

Dont worry, this problem will not come in Razer Iskur and Razer Enki gaming chairs. The wider and stable base of these 2 chairs are wider in-depth and gives high stability and durability to these chairs.

The Razer Iskur has a curve shape base that is a bit less stable than the Enki gaming chair which has a straight shape.

The casters of Enki are also stronger than the iskur gaming chair.

As iskur has a 6 cm Caster Wheel whereas 60 mm razer enki casters 60 mm and are PU coated. That is why the movement of the Enki chair will be silent and smoother than that of the iskur chair.

Size & Weight Capacity 

The size of the Enki chair is more than the Razer iskur Gaming chair. However, when it comes to width iskur has an upper hand over the Enki.

Razer Iskur comes in 2 different sizes- Standard and XL. The XL size and weight capacity of the iskur chair are much more than the Enku and weight capacity.

Both Enki and iskur have a weight capacity of 300 Lbs. However the XL size of iskur has a heavy weight capacity of 400 Lbs which is much more than Enki.

The Dimension of the Razer Iskur Gaming Chair is 26.2″ D x 29.35″ W x 53.98″ H and of Razer Enki Gaming Chair these Dimensions are 26.79″ D x 26.4″ W x 55.51″ H.

However with Enki chair weighs 53.2 pounds that makes it lighter than the iskur chair that has a weight of 60 Lbs. This lightweight is due to the use of aluminum in the Enki chair base. 


Pricing, I know it is one of the most popular things which all readers want to read. Both these Razer Iskur and Enki chairs have a price tag of $399.

However, the price of these chairs can increase according to the features you add or the color you choose. In Razer Iskur, a chair headrest can be added by giving 39 dollars more.

However, the headrest comes free in the Enki chair. Razer Iskur XL size cost $$479 and whereas Enki chair comes in only one size.

The Razer Iskur floor mats come at 129$ whereas for 79$ floor mat of Enki can be added. So overall, the Enki chair provides more ergonomic features and comfort than the iskur chair but in less price. So in pricing, Enki is the winner. 

Warranty and Return Policy

Razer Warranty and Return Policy are the same on these razer chairs. These razer chairs are backed by 3 years of warranty which is less for this price range chairs like Secretlab gives a long warranty of 5 years. 

Also a 14-days risk-free trial is available in both Iskur and Enki chairs so now you can buy and check the chair for yourself and if you dont like the chair or find it uncomfy then just return it for free.

No return-free will be charged from you which is a great thing. Moreover, the return cost will be also covered by the razer.

Pros and Cons of Razer Iskur Gaming Chair


  • Has a highly supportive curve adjustable lumbar support that will keep your back straight.
  • Has a Cool and Attractive design.
  • The seat cushion is of high density and won’t deflate even if a heavy gamer sits on it.
  • Comes in 4 different colors and 2 Sizes.
  • Has a Weight Capacity of 300 Lbs.
  • EPU Synthetic Leather Upholstery that is Strong and waterproof.


  • The Headrest is very small in size as compared to other chairs’ headrests.
  • The chair is not made for small size gamers.

Pros and Cons of Razer Enki Gaming Chair


  • The seats are soft and have a curve shape that will keep them comfortable.
  • Has a Wider and Large base that gives provides stability to the Enki chair.
  • Has 110-degree shoulder arches that will support your shoulders.
  • The armrests are both supportive and Highly adjustable.
  • The headrest has a premium memory foam that makes them more soft and supportive.
  • 60 mm strong PU coated casters that roll smoothly on the floor without giving scratches on the floor.
  • Backed by 3 years warranty and 14 days free return.
  • Assembly is easy and simple.


  • Lacks proper lumbar support which surely reduces support to the back.
  • 3 years warranty is not a long warranty.

Razer Iskur Vs Enki: Which one wins?

Razer Iskur is the first gaming chair of razer and the chair become popular among gamers in just a short span of time.

Many popular gamers also started using this gaming chair. But the chair lacks some features like a less comfy seat, less adjustable headrest, and back recline.

After one year Razer launched the Enki gaming chair that has all these features that the iskur chair had lacked. However, there is no difference in the price of both these amazing gaming chairs. 

That is why in this Razer Iskur Vs Enki the razer Enki wins over the razer as you will get more ergonomic features and adjustability than the iskur chair. This razer Enki chair is more comfortable and provides a better gaming experience to a gamer than that of razer inkur chair. 

So go with an Enki chair if you want the best features in less price. However, the build quality and look of both these chairs are a quality similar. 

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