Do Office Chairs Ruin Laminate floors?

Nowadays many office rooms have Laminate floors as they are good and affordable. However, A question always comes to mind, Do Office Chairs Ruin Laminate floors? as everyone knows it is expensive to repair Laminate floors.

Do Office Chairs Ruin Laminate floors?

Dont worry we will give an answer to this question. So, Do Office Chairs Ruin Laminate floors? Unfortunately, an office chair will cause damage to a laminate floor by giving scratching and damaging the Laminate floors while rolling on the surface continually. 

However, there are many things that you can do to get rid of the problem and again roll your office chair on the Laminate floors without any worry. So make sure to read this Full Blog to know all these methods. 

How can Office chair damage the Laminate floor?

The office chair comes with 5 casters and these casters damage the Laminate floor like they damages the carpet flooring. When these casters roll on the floor then the Laminate floor gets scratched and damaged by these casters .

Sometimes are scratches small but in other cases, the scratches can be very deep on the Laminate floor.

Sometimes the casters on the floor are broken which can even tear the Laminate flooring. And when a heavyweight user sits on an office chair the pressure on the floor increases too much and these casters give even more scratches.

How do you Protect Laminate Floors from Office Chairs?

There are 3 main ways that can be done to Protect Laminate Floors from Office Chairs. These methods are quite easy and the best part is that they are affordable. 

1.Use Floor Mat Under your Chair

The first and easiest way to protect your laminate floor is to use Mat Under your Chair.

Floor mats eliminate the direct contact between the Laminate flooring and casters. Due to this, the floor will not get scratched when the chair will roll on the floor mat.

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The floor mats are very affordable too and come in many sizes and colors. You dont need to change anything in your chair to reduce scratches on the floor.

However, this method also has some disadvantages as you will always have to roll your chair over the mats. It also reduces the freedom of rolling the office chair. But still, this method is my favorite as we dont have to do many things in this method.

Replace Your Office Chair’s Wheels

Most office chair comes with low-quality casters that are hard and dont roll smoothly on the floor. These types of causes are mainly responsible for scratches and damage to the laminate flooring.

So to get rid of this problem you can replace your old casters with new smooth high-quality casters. There are many benefits of this method-

  1. After replacing casters you won’t need to use a mat to cover it all over the floor. So you can move or roll your chair on the floor without any worry. 
  2. And secondly, this method not only solves the scratches problem on the floor but also makes the rolling of the chair smoother. 

However, this method also has some drawbacks like when you will replace your casters, then the old casters will remain unused and secondly, this method requires work to do. Which some people dont want to do.

3. Buy an Office chair Without casters

Next, a thing which can be done to save the laminate floor from scratches is to buy an Office chair Without casters.

However, this method is not very best as you should ways buy an office chair with casters as it makes the movement of an office chair easy. 2 methods above are methods that I will recommend you to do.

But if you dont like those methods then go with this method. Office chairs that dont have casters dont damage the laminate flooring of a room.

What is the Best Flooring for Rolling an Office Chair:

Vinyl flooring and tiles-made floors are the 2 best Flooring for Rolling an Office Chair. Both these flooring are best than the laminate flooring and are even more durable.

Both these types of floors will not have scratches on the floor and you can roll your chair without any problem.

Other pros of this floor are that most type of casters rolls on both these floors easily. Unlike hardwood and carpet flooring you won’t need to buy a special caster type.

The only cons of Vinyl flooring I see are its price which is quite high but still the viny floor worth it has it is more durable as it has 3 layers with heavy-duty protective layers. 


A laminate floor can get scratches from the casters easily that is why you need to use these above methods to prevent your floor to get damaged by the casters.

All these methods are easy but can save your time and effort. Using a floor mat is The best method of all three methods that I tell you. So you can go with that.

Hope you find this Blog useful and now know Do Office Chairs Ruin Laminate floors? If So, then make sure to share this Blog with your friends.


Is laminate floor scratch resistant?

No, laminate floors are not scratch resistant that is why they can get scratched easily. Moreover, low-quality casters can increase the scratches even more.

Can laminate floor scratches be removed?

Minor laminate floor scratches can be removed by using wax pencils but if the scratches are too much and deep then they can be removed by doing repair putty.

As it is very hard to remove the scratches from the laminate floor and it takes much afford to do this process. That is why make sure to take care of the floor so you can save yourself from doing this hard work.

Can Stationary Office Chair give scratches to the laminate floor?

Yes, Stationary Office Chair can also give scratches to the floor. Their casters are not different from a normal office chair. Just after rolling these Stationary Office chairs on your laminate floor, you will begin to see scratches on your floor.

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