How to Make a Gaming Chair More Comfortable?

Is your Gaming chair uncomfortable? Then instead of throwing that chair, you can make that chair more comfortable than before. This will give save you a lot of money and time.

Today we will go tell you, How to Make a Gaming Chair More Comfortable? So that now your body dont feel pain and uncomfortability and you can do gaming comfortably for long hours. 

Steps to make a Gaming Chair Comfortable

Buy an External Lumbar Support

One of the main reasons for the chair being uncomfortable can be due to the hard or low padded backrest.

How to Make a Gaming Chair More Comfortable?

To solve this problem, you will need external Lumbar Support support which will be soft and fluffy and your back won’t feel hard.

The soft lumbar support provides back will get support and also helps in keeping the back straight. Make sure that nay lumbar pillow you but should have high-quality foam so that lumbar pillow dont deflate when you use that on your gaming chair.

The more fluffy and comfortable lumbar support you will buy, the more comfortable you will be able to sit. Coccyx Lumbar Support Pillow is the Best lumbar pillow that I see on amazon. Make sure to check it out as it is of high quality and affordable too. 

Use Seat Cushion

Low-quality gaming chairs come with a low padded and hard seat. And if the seats are not comfortable then it’s sure that that chair will be uncomfortable too.

Hard chairs feel hard on butts and hips and make sitting for a long time hard. Sitting on low-quality gaming and office chairs will also stop blood flow in the hips area which can result in sweating in the legs.

That uncomfy and hard seats can be converted to soft seats by using a good quality Everlasting Seat cushion

This Everlasting cushion has an ergonomic design that will keep falling pressure on hips and butts area low. Plus, the Everlasting cushion is breathable too which will keep your butts sweat-free.

Adjust the seat at the Proper Height

When you are sitting on a gaming chair, your feet should be touched the ground. Many gamers have a habit of keeping their feet in the air.

How to Make a Gaming Chair More Comfortable?

Keeping the legs in the air for a long time can affect blood flow in the hips and butts area of the user. Also, you can feel pain in your legs after sitting on a gaming chair while keeping your legs in the air.

So to solve this problem and to prevent your legs from getting tired and in pain, adjust the height of your seat to the proper height from which your feet can touch the ground.

The feet should be at 90 degrees angle. To adjust the height, just pull the lever that you will see under the seat of your gaming room.

Raising Your Display To Best Eye Level 

It’s best to raise your display at the best height from where your eyes can have straight contact with it.

When the display is above or below the eye content, we have to move our heads up and down again and again which puts a lot of pressure on the neck area.

That can cause neck pain too. So make sure to raise your display before doing work or gaming.

Use Armrests Pads

Armrests are an important part of a gaming chair but many chairs have hard armrests. These hard armrests can give a hard feel to your elbows.

How to Make a Gaming Chair More Comfortable?

Dont worry as now you can make your chair armrests very soft than before. To do it just buy and cover your armrests with soft armrests pads.

They are experts in making hard and touch armrests into soft ones. Check out this Ergo360 Soft Chair Arm Pad Covers that gets attached to most chairs’ armrests. These armrests are very soft and are easy to store too.

Also, if your chair lacks armrests then you should attach external armrests to your chair as for a gaming chair, armrests are very important. 

Try and Experiment with the settings of your gaming chair

Gaming chairs have high adjustability. The back angle, headrest, seat height, and lumbar pillow can be adjusted to different angles.

So try these different angles of your gaming chair and find out the best angle and position for sitting comfortably.

Like you can try different angles of your headrest and lumbar pillow to find at what position they give the best support to your neck and back.

Or at what height, most pressure can be reduced from hips and toes, etc. By experimenting with these settings, you can know what setting is best for your body size and your gaming chair will become more comfortable.

There are many knobs under the gaming chair seats that you can try out. 

Use external Footrest

Leg pain is another common problem that many gamers face when their gaming chairs dont come with a footrest. This footrest keeps legs supported and tired-free.

If your gaming chairs dont have an internal footrest then buy an external footrest as it will make your sitting on your gaming chair more comfortable than before. You can lay your legs over the footrest to keep them tired-free.

Are Gaming Chairs uncomfortable?

Gaming chairs are not uncomfortable. In fact, they are made to make sitting comfortably for gamers so that gamers can do gaming comfortably for long hours.

Most people who find their gaming chairs comfy are mostly because their chairs are new. As gaming chairs are a bit hard when they are new but they get soft after just some uses.

Moreover, some gamers sit in the wrong posture due to which their sitting on gaming chairs becomes uncomfy, and they things that the problem is in that gaming chair.

That is why dont forget to sit in the correct posture as it is also good for your health. We have also answered this question in detail in our Are Gaming Chairs Not Comfortable? Blog. 

How to Make a Gaming Chair More Comfortable?: Conclusion

So now I am sure you are ready to make your uncomfy chair into a highly comfortable chair after reading this How to Make a Gaming Chair More Comfortable?

It’s important to use a comfy chair as it will also improve the gaming experience of a gamer. Hope you find this Blog useful, if so then dont forget to share this Blog with your friends.


Can you sleep on your Gaming Chair?

Yes, you can sleep on your gaming chairs, There is not an issue but when you are sleeping on your gaming chair you need to make sure your back and neck area is getting proper support as it is needed when you are laying on a gaming chair.

Also, dont forget to use a footrest to provide your legs best support. We have written a dedicated blog post on this topic. Read that from here.

Can Gaming Chairs Improve gaming?

Yes, they do. Gaming Chairs increase the sitting experience of a gamer. These gaming chairs ensure that your body gets the proper support that it will need while doing gaming and due to this proper support gamer can concentrate on his gaming and thus his gaming performance will also increase.

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