Herman Miller Sayl vs Aeron

Herman Miller is known for making high-quality office chairs. On all their chairs you will find many ergonomic features, high build quality, and much more. Herman Miller Sayl and Aeron are 2 of their premium chairs.

Both of them are equipped with premium features. This starts debate among users that which one is best Herman Miller Sayl or Aeron. That is why today in this Blog we will do Herman Miller Sayl vs Aeron and will tell you which chair is better.

So that you can choose which chair you should buy. So make sure to read this Herman Miller Sayl vs Aeron Blog till the end.

Herman Miller Sayl vs Aeron: Features


56% elastomeric, 44% polyesterNylon and die-cast aluminum frame
Size:Comes in Multiple sizes (Size A, B & C)Comes in One Size Only But Can Fit 95% Users
Lumbar SupportFixed, Adjustable UP-DOWN and Adjustable PostureFit SLCan Adjust UP and DOWN
Adjustable Armrest3D Adjustable Padded Arms4D Adjustable Padded Arms
Adjustable Seat Depth
Height of the SeatSize A: 15″ – 19″
Size B: 16″ – 20.5″
Size C: 16″ – 20.5″
17.5-22.5 Inches
HeadrestNot But can be add-on
Maximum Weight CapacitySize A: 300 lbs
Size B & C: 350 lbs
350 lbs
CastersCarpet and Multi Surface CastersCarpet, Both carpet and Hardwood, caster
Check on AmazonCheck on Amazon
Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair - Size B, Graphite
  • Your purchase includes One Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic...
  • Chair dimensions: 41" H x 27" W x 16.75" D. Seat heights:...
  • Tilt Limiter lets you set the recline range at one of three...
  • Try the Adjustable PostureFit Sacral/Lumbar support. Two...
Herman Miller Sayl Chair, Cherry Crepe/Studio White
  • Frameless Suspension Back offers sitters a Healthy balance...
  • Features: tilt limiter, stationary Seat Depth/arms, Fog base...
  • Breathable Unframed Back keeps you cool while you work
  • Minimal design that has minimal impact on the environment

Herman Miller Sayl vs Aeron: Detail Comparison

Ergonomic features

Herman Miller chairs are known for their ergonomic features. And you will see them in these both Herman Miller Sayl and Aeron. Aeron chair and sayl, both chairs have ergonomic design back and seats.

The Aeron has an S shape back and waterfall edge design which is best for supporting both spine and butts.

Whereas in sayl you will see both-sided curve seats that are good but not as good as waterfall edge seats. Sayl chair has Curve shape backrest which is high in size and supports a large posture of the back.

On Aeron, you will find PostureFit SL back support which is the best ergonomic feature of the chair. Whereas sayl has a simple lumbar support that you need to add to your chair by paying more.

Both Aeron and sayl have armrests but the armrests of Aeron are more adjustable and padded than the sayl. The Aeron and sayl dont come with a headrest but you get an option to add 3rd part headrest to your chair which you cant add in sayl.

The headrest provides better support to the back and neck area and improves posture which is why it is an important part of ergonomics.

So, Aeron wins easily in the Ergonomics as it has far better ergonomic features than the sayl.


Comfort is the most important that you need to look for in a chair. You cant sit on an uncomfy chair and concentrate on the work also gets reduced.

That is why it’s important to know which chair is more comfortable, Aeron or sayl. The Aeron comes with a mesh back and seats that are sifted and make the chair more comfortable.

The Aeron also has proper lumbar support that also makes sure you can sit for a long time comfortably. Its backrest will support your back and will keep your back pain-free.

The sayl has a plastic back that supports the large area but can also feel hard to back. Which decreases the chair’s comfort.

However, the seat has a spongy seat cushion that will also you to sit comfortably without butts pain. Sayl also has a 3D intelligent back that maintains the balance between stability and movability.

So, what about armrests comfort? the sayl not just have less adjustable armrests than aeron but they also have less comfortable armrests.

The sayl armrests are not padded well and can feel hard on arms. Whereas well-padded and soft armrests can be seen in the Aeron chair. 

Overall, the Aeron has an upper hand over the sayl in terms of comfort.

Material and Build Quality 

The material used in a chair has a very big effect on the build quality and durability of that chair. As Herman Miller is known for making high build quality office chairs which is why they are expensive and long-lasting.

Herman Miller Sayl Chair back frame is made up of the plastic frame and the seats have fabric cushions. Whereas the frame is made up of nylon and die-cast aluminum, it is a reason why sayl chairs are so durable and has heavyweight capacity.

On the other hand, Aeron has an 8Z Pellicle elastomeric suspension back and seats, that are more durable than fabric. Like sayl chair, Aeron also has a die-cast aluminum frame and base that makes it durable too.

In Material and Build Quality both chairs give tough competition to each and no doubt Aeron and sayl are very durable chairs. And it is also a reason why we see a long warranty on both these chairs.

So overall, Aeron is the winner but with less margin.

Design and Look

When it comes to looking you can’t deny sayl the Chair is far better than Aeron. The Sayl Chair plastic mat design back with cushion seats looks cool.

Whereas Aeron has a simple look and the chair has only dark color options like black, grey, etc. Whereas sayl cushion can be chosen in 19 bright and vibrant colors like red, green, blue, white, etc.

It gives you tons of color options in which you can get your small chair. However, like Aeron, sayl also has only dark color options in frame and base colors.

The sayl chair has a large curve share base and the Aeron has a simple straight design base. The curve shape base looks better and also increases the look of the chair.


Adjustability allows a user to adjust the different features of the chair according to his body size. You can make your sitting more comfortable by adjusting the different features of a chair.

So now let’s compare both Aeron and sayl in adjustability. The armrests of both Aeron and sayl can be adjusted by height, width, and pivot.

However, adjusting Aeron armrests is much easier than sayl armrests. Both Aeron and sayl dont have adjustable seat depth.

Aeron seats are fixed at 16.75 inches and of sayl, they are at 16 inches. Both Aeron and sayl are equipped with a tilt limiter that controls the tilt of these chairs. The Aeron and sayl chairs’ backrest can tilt at 4 angles including a forward tilt.

The backrest can also be locked at an angle of these angles. Both chairs back can recline and lock at 91, 101, and 124 degrees.

And they can also be tilted forward by 5 degrees which is not seen much in other chairs. The lumbar support of the Aeron is more adjustable as there are 2 pads in this lumbar pillow that can be adjusted separately. Whereas the base model of sayl dont has any lumbar support.

So Overall, in adjustability Aeron chair wins as it has more adjustable features than sayl. 


Armrests are another important part of a chair. They make sitting and working on a desk easier. You can put your arms over them and they will provide their support.

Not just that, they also reduce pressure from the elbows and shoulders. First talk about sayl armrests.

The sayl has large armrests that can move up-down, forward-backward, and right-left. So you can surely adjustable them at the angle position you want. However, they are not padded. Which makes them less comfortable as they can feel hard on your elbows.

On the other hand, Aeron comes with well-padded armrests. These armrests are soft and won’t hurt your arms. So you can put your arms on armrests for hours without any worry. Like sayl, they can also move up-down, forward-backward, and right-left.

So, in armrests, comfort and adjustable the Aeron chair has upper hard over sayl.

Size and weight capacity

Let’s talk about the size and weight capacity of both Herman miller chairs. It’s important to buy a chair that can fit your body.

So sayl comes only in one size whereas Aeron comes in 3 sizes that are A, B, And C. So you can pick the Aeron size that is best for your body size. However, in sayl you won’t get this benefit.

The Aeron chairs have 2 weight capacities- 300 and 350 lbs. And sayl has only 350 lbs weight capacity. No matter what size and weight user you are, you can sit and choose an Aeron chair without any worry.

Herman Miller Aeron  Herman Miller Sayl
 Sizes:Size ASize BSize C –
Chair’s Dimensions:38.5″ H 26″ W 16″ D41″ H 27″ W 16.75″ D43″ H 28.25″ W 18.5″ D40.75″ H 24.5″ W 26″ D
Chair Height:38.5 inches41 inches43 inches40.75 inches
Chair Depth:16 inches16.75 inches18.5 inches26 inches
Seat Height:14.75-19 inches16-20.5 inches20.5 inches15.5 – 20.5 inches
Recommended Height:Below 5’10” 5’ – 6’4”5’ – 6’4”5’10” – 6’5”
Chair’s Weight:40 lbs.41 lbs.43 lbs.54 lbs.
Weight Capacity:300 lbs.350 lbs.350 lbs.350 lbs.

Winner- Aeron is a clear winner in this.

Warranty And Return Policy

The warranty and return policy of both Aeron and sayl chairs are the same. Not just for these 2 chairs but also for all other Herman Miller chairs.

Aeron and sayl chairs are covered by 12 years of warranty which is one of longest warranty that you will see om any office chair.

In this warranty, they cover electrical components, casters, pneumatic cylinders, tilts, and all moving mechanisms. This warranty also includes labor. So you can get your Herman Miller chair repaired for free if any part of the chair gets damaged.

There is also 30 days free return on Aeron and sayl. This means if you dont like the chair then you can return the chair for free within 30 days. Moreover, the shipping charges will also be bear by Herman miller.

Overall, It’s a Tie.


No doubt, that Herman miller chairs are one of the most expensive office chairs. This is common as they are also more high quality, durable chairs than other chairs on the market.

The sayl chair starts from the $785 and can go up to more than 1350$. On the other hand, The Aeron chair starts from $920 and as you will add features to your chair its price will get close to $1795.00.

This is the official price of these chairs that we found on Herman miller’s official website. 

Pros and Cons of Herman Miller Aeron


  • The Aeron chair has PostureFit SL back support that improves back posture. 
  • The 8Z Pellicle elastomeric is used in the chair which is why durable but soft.
  • Comes in 3 sizes due to which it fits almost all sizes peoples.
  • The chair is covered by 12 years of warranty.
  • The chair requires no assembly.
  • Has high customizability.
  • Comes with padded 3d adjustable armrests.
  • Has a multi-locking backrest with a forward tilt.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Has 30 days of free return and fast refund.


  • The Aeron chair dont have adjustable seat depth.
  • The Aeron chair is very pricey.
  • The frame on the seats can feel your butts hard.

Pros and Cons of Herman Miller Sayl


  • Has a high breathable backrest that keeps the chair cool.
  • Has a cool and stylish look.
  • Has tons of color options to choose from.
  • Has 12 years of warranty and 30 days free refund.
  • Has a strong base and casters that make it strong and stable.
  • Comes with Adjustable armrests.
  • Has a 3D Intelligent back that makes the chair more supportive.
  • No assembly is required.


  • The backrests dont have any padding which makes them hard.
  • The armrests may be wide but dont have any type of padding.
  • Very expensive.

Herman Miller Sayl vs Aeron- Who wins?

No doubt both are one of the most amazing chairs on the market. They both give tough competition to each other in many features. But who win this Herman Miller Sayl vs Aeron battle ? So its answer is, Aeron. The Aeron beats sayl in-

  • Build quality
  • Comfort
  •  Adjustability
  • And Ergonomic features.

But in Price and Look Sayl has the upper hand. But in build quality, Aeron may have a win over sayl but the winning margin between the chair is less.

The sayl also comes cheaper than the Aeron chair. If you want a less expensive chair then you can go with sayl chair as it is also very comfortable and will last for a long. But if you prefer features, and comfort then going with an Aeron chair is best.

So overall, now it depends on you which one you should buy. But before making your decision, read this Herman Miller Sayl vs Aeron comparison in detail.

Hope you find this comparison useful. And dont forget to tell in the comment box which chair you like Herman Miller Sayl or Aeron.

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