What Chair Does RiceGum Use?

What Chair Does RiceGum Use? Have you also thought about this question when listening RiceGum Track’s song on his Youtube Channel? Then You are not alone.

Many RiceGum fans wanted to know what chair does he use which is why today we will answer this question. So, What Chair Does RiceGum Use? RiceGum is using Ikea Markus Chair for then 6 Years and he had also tweeted about this chair. Ikea Markus is surely a good chair that comes in the budget price range. 

Below we will do Detail Ikea Markus Review and will tell you its features, build quality, pros and cons. And At last, Also will answer-

  • How much RiceGum Chair Cost?
  • Should You buy this RiceGum chair?

So make sure to read the Blog till the end.

What Chair Does RiceGum Use- Ikea Markus Chair 

As I previously said, Ikea Markus is the chair that RiceGum is using. In 2014, he had twitter about this chair and had called it an amazing chair.

It is also amazing that even after so many years he is still using that chair. This also shows how much he liked that chair and surely loves sitting on that chair due to the ergonomics and comfort of the Markus chair.

And he has picked the blue color of that chair which looks amazing too. So now let’s start the review of this Markus chair in detail so you can also know why this is an amazing chair. 

Quick overview of RiceGum chair – MARKUS Chair

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Here is a quick overview of the RiceGum Gaming Chair. So you can get quick overview of this Amazing office chair.

ArmrestsFixed Armrests
Weight 47 Lbs
Weight capacityMore then 200 Lbs
Material Mesh and Fabric
Seat Height from Floor46 to 57 cm
Assembly RequiredYes

Who Is RiceGum ? Small Intro

Bryan Quang Le is the real name of RiceGum. He was born on November 19, 1996, in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. RiceGum is both an American.

He created his youtube channel in 2012. And in 2017 He released a single titled “It’s Every Night Sis Track with Alissa Violet which was a response track to another popular YouTuber Jake Paul’s song “It’s named Everyday Bro.

In July 2021, RiceGum’s main channel was the 872nd most-subscribed channel on YouTube.

Currently, he has 2 youtube channels named RiceGum and FamilyGum. RiceGum, which is his main channel has more than 10 million subscribers and 2.16 billion views as of 2022.

And his second channel has 816k subscribers and 33.4 million views. So this was s short background of RiceGum, surely fans would have loved it. 

“It’s Every Night Sis” which is a popular song of RiceGum was also certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America in March 2018.

RiceGum Gaming Chair- Premium Features

Ikea MARKUS is an amazing black color office chair that has a 4.7-star rating on the official website of Ikea. The chair has a classic look and it is loaded with features even after its budget price. So let’s talk about some amazing features of this RiceGum Gaming Chair In detail. 

Comfortability and Support

First, let’s about its comfort as it is one of the most important things that you can’t miss.

The Markus has a highly ergonomic design backrest that has a headrest attached to it. The padded headrest provides better support to the back spine and ensures you can sit comfortability. And the fixed lumbar support also adds support to the back.

The seats have a soft cushion inside them which will ensure your butts dont feel hard while sitting and their curve design supports the hips.

That is why the blood flow within the hips area won’t be reduced. The armrests are less padded and fixed but you can keep your arms over them for support.

They reduce the pressure from the elbows and shoulders. After reclining the backrest you can even lay back on the chair. It will support your backrest too.

However, some features also reduce the chair’s comfort and support.

Like the lumbar support is fixed which is why you will get less support to your back. If the armrests would have padded and adjustable then your arms would have to get better support and would have to remain comfortable for long hours.


The Markus chair is a very breathable office chair. Its back is made up of mesh and the seats have fabric covering, and both of these are very breathable.

This Breathability allows easy air circulation from the back and seats and keeps the chair cool on hot days. It makes sure you dont have a sweating problem. Your butts and back will not get sweaty due to this.

For people who live in hot areas can go with this chair. You will surely love it. Breathability also makes a chair best for long hours sitting.


The Markus chair is a very breathable office chair. Its back is made up of mesh and the seats have fabric covering, and both of these are very breathable.

This Breathability allows easy air circulation from the back and seats and keeps the chair cool on hot days. It makes sure you dont have a sweating problem. Your butts and back will not get sweaty due to this.

For people who live in hot areas can go with this chair. You will surely love it. Breathability also makes a chair best for long hours sitting.

Ergonomics features

Let’s talk about the ergonomics of the Markus chair. As this Markus chair is a budget-friendly chair so you won’t find many ergonomics features in this chair.

But still, the chair has some amazing ergonomic features that we will discuss. Firstly, you will notice that the chair back has s shape design.

This S shape design supports the back spine more properly then a straight share back. The headrest and lumbar support also are ergonomic features. However, both of them are not adjustable which is not a big deal for this price chair.

Its backrest can both tilt and lock and you can adjust the by rotating the knob. It has height adjustable and swivels seats.

You can adjust their height from 18.11 to 22.44 inches by pulling the height-adjustable lever that comes under the seat.

Material and build quality

It’s important to check the material that is used in the chair. As it has a big effect on the comfort and life of a chair.

As the chair has a simple look, which is why we can say that IKEA has spent all the money on the material of the chair and this why the chair quality is amazing even after its less price.

It has a steel frame and its base is made up of aluminum. No doubt that both these materials are very durable.

The strong steel frame and aluminum base make the RiceGum chair durable and stable. High-quality mesh is used in its back and fabric in the seats that won’t tear or wear.

The polyester seat cushion in the seats is non-deflating so its comfort will also not be deflated and is also easy to clean. Both frame and base are powder coated so they will not get rust and will remain strong for a long time. Lastly, Polypropylene plastic is used to make its arm pads. 

Safety castors 

The Markus chair is equipped with Safety castors. Which is an amazing feature that we dont see in many office chairs.

These Safety castors make the chair safer for sitting. They have a pressure-sensitive brake mechanism, that locks the casters when the user stands from the chair and releases automatically when you sit down.

It prevents the chair from moving from its place when a user is not sitting on Markus. However, you can also disable this feature easily.

If I talk about the caster’s quality then no doubt, these casters look of good quality. They will roll smoothly on the floor and won’t give any scratches too.

Ikea Warranty 

Ikea all products like Ikea Karlby DeskIkea millberget chair, etc are covered by an Ikea warranty of 10 years. Without a doubt, this is one of the longest warranties that you will get on a chair.

Steelcase and Herman miller also have such a long warranty but as you know both of them to come very pricey but this Markus chair dont.

You can get your Ikea chair repaired for free if it is in the warranty period. Such a long warranty surely shows the quality of this chair too and this Markus chair will last for years which we can clearly see with the RiceGum chair that he is still using for 7-8 years without any problem. 


Ikea chairs dont comes pre-assembled. But dont worry as the Ikea chair is not hard to assemble. This Ikea Markus chair will come in parts like a seat, casters, base, pneumatic system, and backrest.

And you need to put the together which is an easy task. Ikea has given a detailed assembly manual that shows how you can assemble this Markus chair easily.

On the manual, they have told the steps in detail with pictures. Moreover, you can also call the Ikea support if you face any problem with the assembly part.

This whole idea chair can be assembled within 30 minutes. And the tools that you will need for the assembly parts also will be in the box. So you won’t have to search for the tools. 

How Much Does RiceGum Chair Cost?

RiceGum Chair is not an expensive office chair, instead of this, it is a budget-friendly chair.

RiceGum Chair just cost $195, and for this price, the features and the quality of the chair has is amazing. People who want the best value for this money can surely get this chair.

You won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on an expensive office chair like Aeron, embody, etc. On Amazon, the price of a Markus chair is much more than it is on the official website of Ikea.

On the IKEA website, it cost $229 but on amazon, it has a price tag of $399.

Should you Buy RiceGum Chair?

The next question comes, Should you Buy RiceGum Chair or not. Markus is no doubt a comfortable office chair and that is why RiceGum uses it.

However, the chair is not as good for long hours sitting as unpadded armrests and fixed headrests and armrests reduce its comfort. you can have pain in your elbows and back area if you sit for a long time.

The chair also doesn’t have a cool look so if you love cool-looking chairs then go with another office chair.

However for users who want premium chairs at less price then Markus is a good option for them. At less price, this chair offers a good amount of comfort and ergonomics.

If you are a casual gamer who does gaming for just a few hours then you can also go with this chair. You will surely love it.

Best Alternatives of RiceGum Chair

Now let’s talk about some of the Best Alternatives to the RiceGum Chair that you can also buy if you dont find this Markus chair best for you. We will review these alternatives in detail so that you can choose the best chair for yourself.

STAPLES Hyken Technical Task Chair

STAPLES Hyken Technical Task (Black, Sold as 1 Each) -Adjustable Breathable Mesh Material Provides Lumbar, arm and Head Support, Perfect Desk Chair for The Modern Office
  • Sold as 1 Each.
  • BREATHABLE MESH MATERIAL: This high-back office chair has a...
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE: Adjustable tilt tension and tilt lock let...
  • DIMENSIONS: This mesh task chair measures 24"L x 27"W x...

STAPLES Hyken Technical Task is the first alternative to ricegum chairs. The chair comes with a 4.5-star rating with over 1.8k reviews.

The chair has a mesh back with padded seats which keep the chair cool on hot days. The ergonomic design back with headrest and lumbar pillow support the back properly.

The 2 features dont come in the Markus chair. The headrest and lumbar support will reduce the falling pressure from your back and neck.

The armrests are large and you can place your arms over them. It has both tilt tension and tilt lock which allows the user to lock their back at different positions when tilting. The base is strong and is equipped with casters that make its movement easy.

The strong base can bear a weight of up to 250 Lbs. The STAPLES Hyken Technical Task chair is surely a comfortable chair, that is why it has a 4.7-star rating out of 5. And the dual casters make their movement easy.


  • Has a waterfall edge design seat.
  • Comfortable back and seats.
  • Assembly is easy.


  • Not made for tall people.

Steelcase Series 1 

Steelcase Series 1 Work Office Chair - Licorice
  • Back mesh and Connect seat fabric are 100% polyester
  • Wheels for carpet flooring
  • Ergonomic chair – this stool height model includes...
  • All day comfort and back support – back technology...

Steelcase Series 1 is one of the best office chairs on the market. We have also reviewed this chair before in our previous Steelcase Series 1 vs Series 2 Blog.

Unlike Markus, this Steelcase chair comes in tons of color options and all of these are bright colors. It has a wide back and seats which will support your body better.

Both back and seats have an ergonomic design that ensures healthy sitting. The back is covered with mesh and the seats have spongy seat cushions which will feel soft to your butts.

Your butts won’t have a hard feel and the office chair will not cut leg circulation. The backrest also has a flexor system which increases the support to the back.

You can lay back on the chair and you can put your arms over the chair. It will provide support to the elbows and arms. The base is strong and wide and it has dual casters attached to it.

These high-quality casters can roll smoothly without making any noise. A strong frame and base allow it to bear a weight of up to 400 Lbs.


  • Durable and stable.
  • The mesh back and seats allow breathability.
  • Has a strong and stable base.
  • Has many color options.


  • Bit pricey.

NOUHAUS Ergo3D Office Chair

NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair - Rolling Desk Chair with 4D Adjustable Armrest, 3D Lumbar Support and Blade Wheels - Mesh Computer Chair, Office Chairs, Executive Swivel Chair (Black)
  • CONFORMS TO YOUR LIFE: With it’s 4D Adjustable Armrest and...
  • EASE INTO WORK, OR PLAY: Mesh Headrest adjusts up and down...
  • SOFT HD OFFICE CHAIR: Our breathable ElastoMesh provides...
  • HEAVY DUTY: Our 5-Point Base with dual castors gives greater...

NOUHAUS Ergo3D is my personal favorite chair. This chair has both a good look and ergonomics. Its back has an ergonomic design with dynamic lumbar support that keeps the back supported all the time.

Thanks to it you won’t feel back pain. It also has a waterfall edge seat that is very helpful in reducing the hips and butts pain.

The seat height is adjustable and they can also swivel 360 degrees. NOUHAUS Ergo3D has large armrests and they can be adjusted by height and width.

You can put your arms over them for support. Thanks to meshing back and seats, the NOUHAUS Ergo3D will be cool and comfortable on hot days. It has 135 Degree Back Tilt that can be adjusted too.

So you can lay back on the chair to rest yourself. It will remove tiredness from the back. The Our 5-Point Base is made up of high-quality Aluminum which is why it is so lightweight even after it can bear 275 lbs of weight.

The blade casters make their movement on the floor easy and they will roll without damaging your laminate and carpet flooring. And the chair just weighs 5 lbs. 


  • Has a strong base and frame.
  • Has 5 years of long warranty.
  • Comes in 4 colors.


  • The armrests are not padded.


So today we give an answer to the question, What chair does RiceGum Use? RiceGum uses the Markus office chair. This is the same chair that Tommyinnit also uses.

The Markus chair provides good support to the back and makes it easy to sit for 7-8 hours. You can also buy this chair if you find this chair’s features good for you or go with its alternatives.

And dont just buy Markus chair just because your favorite YouTuber is using it. Hope you find this Blog useful and dont forget to share it with your friends.

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