How Much Does a Bean Bag Chair Weigh? (With Examples)

The Bean Bag Chair is unique and comfortable. Sitting on them gives us an enjoyable feeling which is why they are so popular. Bean Bag Chair is also known for its lightweight, as they are filled with foam and beans.

Many peoples have a question in their minds, How Much Does a Bean Bag Chair Weigh? That is why today we will give an answer to this question with examples. And also how different sizes bean bag chairs have different sizes. So read Till The end.

How Much Does a Bean Bag Chair Weigh?

The weight of a bean bag chair depends on the size and filling of the bean bag chairs, That is why they often have different weights.

Most bean bag chairs weights between 3 lbs to 75 Lbs. The average weight of a bean bag chair that I find is between 25-60 Lbs and it is a common weight that you will find in most chairs.

Big Joe Lenox Extra which is a large-size bean bag chair has a weight of 132 lbs, which makes it the heaviest weight bean bag chair. Very less beg chairs in the market have a weight of fewer than 3 lbs and more than 132 lbs.

The Bean Bag Chair with bean filling is often very lightweight and the Bean Bag Chair with foam-filled is a bit heavy. As I earlier said, the weight of a bean bag chair also depends on the size of that chair. So here are some examples-

  •  6ft bean bag weighs – 40-60 lbs
  • 7ft bean bag weighs -99 Lbs
  • 8Ft bean bag weighs – 132 Lbs

What is the weight capacity of the Bean Bag Chair?

After knowing about, How Much Does a Bean Bag Chair weighs? The next question comes is how much weight capacity these chairs have, right?

Unlike office chairs, you won’t find weight capacity written on Bean Bag Chair. Office chairs are made up of different parts like casters, base, armrests, backs, seats, etc and all of them can only bear a limited amount of weight.

This is why office chairs have a weight limit and buyers need to check that limit before buying that chair. But a bean bag chair dont have these parts.

They are just filled with beans or foam which allows them to bear any type of weight. Bean Bag Chair distributes all the weight all over the chair and ensures you can sit comfortably.

So you can buy any Bean Bag Chair but make sure that Bean Bag Chair fits your body. If Bean Bag Chair is small or too large for you then just go with another chair.

So go and buy a Bean Bag Chair that you like and dont worry about the weight limit. Some examples of weight limits by Some bean bag chairs.

Bean Bag Chair ModelsWeight Limits
Big Joe Lenox Foam-Filled Bean Bag Chair (Large)Not Mentioned
Amazon Basics Bean Bag Chair (Memory Foam Filled)Not Mentioned
Sofa Sack – Soft Bean Bags Chairs LargeNot Mentioned
Sofa Sack – Plush, Ultra Soft Bean Bag ChairNot Mentioned
Fur XXXL Bean Bag Cover In Multi ColourNot Mentioned
Cozy Sack 6-Feet Bean Bag Chair, Large, EarthNot Mentioned
Chill Sack Bean Bag ChairNot Mentioned
Combo Muddha XXXL Bean Bag & Stripes Round Pouffe with Beans in Maroon & PinkNot Mentioned
Sofa Sack – Plush Bean Bag ChairNot Mentioned
Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair: Giant 5′Not Mentioned
ULTIMATE SACK 6000 Bean Bag ChairNot Mentioned
Sofa Sack – Plush Ultra Soft Bean Bags Chairs Extra LargeNot Mentioned
Lumaland Luxurious Giant 7ft Bean Bag ChairNot Mentioned
Classic XXXL Bean Bag with Beans in Brown ColourNot Mentioned
Mutsuko Xxxl Bean Bag With Beans In Brown ColourNot Mentioned
Jaxx Cocoon Bean Bag Chair 6 Foot, LargeNot Mentioned
EMMA + OLIVER Oversized Bean Bag ChairNot Mentioned
ULTIMATE SACK 6000 Bean Bag ChairNot Mentioned
Posh Creations Bean Bag ChairNot Mentioned
Posh Creations Bean Bag ChairNot Mentioned
FUGU Bean Bag ChairNot Mentioned
Majestic Home Goods Black Vertical Strip Bean Bag Chair LoungerNot Mentioned
EMMA Plus OLIVER Bean Bag Chair (White Furry)Not Mentioned
Kitaro Xxxl Bean Bag With Beans In Maroon ColourNot Mentioned
Classic XXXL Bean Bag with Beans in Black ColourNot Mentioned

What Are Bean Bags Filled with?

Bean Bags are filled with 2 main things- the first is polystyrene beans and the second is foam. Both materials are very soft and make the bean bag chairs comfortable too.

The comfort of a bean bag chair depends on the type of filling that you do in your chair. In some bean bag chairs, you can also fill clothes, toys, blankets, etc. Mostly Bean Bags have pre-filling of polystyrene beans or foam when you will buy them.

And as they are refillable, you can change the filling or can fill them again with these things to make them more comfortable.

What are the benefits of Bean Bags?

Bean Bags have many benefits that make them worth buying. Below we will talk about some of them. So you can know why you should get yourself a Bean Bags.


Bean bag chairs are very comfortable. Their soft filling allows users to sit on them for long hours. They are soft and dont feel hard on to back and butts.

You can lay back on them or can sit on them for hours and can play games, work, or rest and you won’t feel any type of discomfort. Moreover, you can also increase their comfort just by changing their filling material.

Easy to store

Bean bags are easy to store and are also easy to move from one place to another. You can take out their filling and can put them in very small places. As they are lightweight, they are easy to carry. You can take them with your anywhere.


Unlike other chairs, bean bag chairs are budget-friendly. They dont cost hundreds of dollars like an office chair. For less than 100 dollars you can get an amazing, high-quality beag bag chair.

Just read How much does a bean bag chair cost Blog to know about the price of a bean bag. But overall you wot have to break your wallet to buy a bean bag.

Increase Look

Bean bags come in many colors like red, blue, yellow, black, etc and they also have cool designs over them. Their cool look makes the look of their room better and adds positivity to the room.

You can choose the chair according to your favorite color or your room color. Which will look cool even more.


So overall, bean bag chairs are one of the lights chairs. And 25-60 Lbs is the average weight of a bean bag in which most bean bag chairs come, except a few.

You dont need to worry about their weight capacity and they can bear all weights. Just buy a bean bag that fits you as it is the only thing that you need to take care of while buying a chair.

Hope you get your answer, How Much Does a Bean Bag Chair Weigh? and dont forget to share this Blog with your friends.

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