IKEA PELLO and POÄNG are two very popular armchairs from Ikea. Both chairs look very similar and are very comfortable. Their premium features start the debate IKEA PELLO Vs. POÄNG, which armchair is better.

So today we will tell you the difference between these chairs and will compare them too. So what is the difference between IKEA PELLO and POÄNG? The difference between the IKEA PELLO and POÄNG is in the price, design, and material of these chairs. The POÄNG comes costlier than IKEA PELLO and also has a more ergonomic back design. 

Below we will do a detailed comparison between IKEA PELLO and POÄNG so read till the end.

Ikea Markus vs Järvfjället: Features


Cushion Materials
Polyurethane foam Polyurethane foam
Color Options17
Fabric Material100% cotton55% cotton, 12% viscose/rayon, 8% linen, 25% polyester
Seat Height14.6″16.5″
Weight18.3 Lbs25.9 Lbs
Maximum Weight Capacity250 Lbs375 lbs
Warranty10 years 10 years
Check on AmazonCheck on Amazon
IKEA Pello Armchair, Holmby Natural
  • Complies with California TB117-2013 flammability...
  • CushionDo not wash.
  • Clean with upholstery shampoo.
  • Do not bleach.
Ikea Poang Chair Armchair with Cushion, Cover and Frame
  • Layer-glued bent beech frame gives comfortable resilience.
  • The cover is easy to keep clean as it is removable and can...
  • To sit even more comfortably and relaxed, you can use the...
  • A variety of seat cushion designs makes it easy to change...



First, we will take about the comfort of both chairs. IKEA PELLO and POÄNG have soft cushions on their back and seats that make them comfortable for sitting.

Both of them also have an ergonomic design back that supports the back and neck. However, the back of POÄNG is more padded and comfortable than the IKEA PELLO back.

They will ensure that you dont feel tiredness in your body while sitting for hours. However, these armrests are not made for sitting the whole day. IKEA PELLO and POÄNG have armrests too where you can put your arms for comfort. You won’t feel pain in your arms due to proper support.

The winner is the comfort as it has a more comfortable backrest than the Ikea PELLO Chair.

Ergonomic features

Even though IKEA PELLO and POÄNG are budget price armrests still they have some ergonomic features. Moreover, both chairs have similar features.

IKEA PELLO and POÄNG have S shape backrest which provides support to the back spine properly. They also have a headrest which will help in keeping the neck area supported.

Not just that a large curve armrest comes in IKEA PELLO and POÄNG. However, the headrest and armrests of POÄNG chairs are more ergonomic designed than the IKEA PELLO.

With POÄNG you can also buy a footrest that will support your legs. The footrest will allow proper blood flow in your legs. 

The winner in ergonomic features is Ikea POÄNG.

Material and Build Quality 

The comfort and life of a chair also depend on the material that is used in the chair. That is why it’s important to compare both chairs in it.

Both chairs have a Polyurethane foam cushion which is soft and dont deflate easily. And the frame is made from Molded layer-glued wood veneer which is strong.

The quality material used in Ikea chairs is of high quality which is why both chairs can last for more than 10 years. It is also a reason why they have such a long warranty.


IKEA PELLO and POÄNG many have some similar features and look but there is a vast difference between their price.

PELLO cost just cost $64 which makes it very easy to afford a chair. On the other hand, the POÄNG chair starts from $149 dollars which is much more than the PELLO but still affordable.

As these chairs dont have customizability, both chairs’ costs will not increase. Also, the shipping and warranty are free. 

Overall, in affordability, PELLO has the upper hand over POÄNG.

Warranty and Assembly

The warranty and Assembly of both Ikea chairs are the same. These chairs are backed by ike 10 years of warranty which covers the whole chair.

The service of Ikea is fast. You can get your chair repaired for free if any of these chairs face a problem. IKEA PELLO and POÄNG are easy to assemble too, like other Ikea chairs.

In the box, you will see the assembly manual that makes the assembly part easy. You can just contact Ikea support if you face any problems in assembly.

Design and Color Options

Both these Ikea chairs look very similar but have some differences. The IKEA PELLO has a smaller headrest than the POÄNG.

And the armrests of POÄNG are more curved in shape than that of IKEA PELLO. The leg design of these chairs is the same.

There is a major difference in the look of the back of both IKEA PELLO and POÄNG. So now let’s talk about color options. PELLO chair comes only in one color which is cream. Whereas POÄNG chair comes in 7 bright colors.

All these colors look cool on the POÄNG chair and allow the buyers to choose the chair in any color he likes. 

So the winner is POÄNG, as Without a doubt POÄNG looks cooler than the IKEA PELLO. And it also gives tons of color options that IKEA PELLO dont gives.

Size and Weight Capacity 

Even though both chairs have the same size but there are differences in weight and weight capacity. The POÄNG chair weighs 25.9 pounds and has a weight capacity of 375 pounds.

The Dimensions of the chair are-31″ D x 26″ W x 11″ H. On the other hand, IKEA PELLO weighs 18 lbs and has a weight capacity of 250 Pounds.

Its Dimensions are 33.46″ D x 26.38″ W x 37.8″ H. Which clears shows the POÄNG can bear more heavyweight users. However, the PELLO is lightweight.

Pros and cons of POÄNG chair 


  • Comes in 7 different colors.
  • Has an ergonomic back design.
  • The cover is removable which makes it easy to clean.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Stable.
  • Durable and has high build quality.
  • Comfortable.


  • Not have any type of adjustability features.
  • The armrests have no padding so they can be a bit hard.

Pros and cons of IKEA PELLO 


  • Has curve shape backrest.
  • Comes with a large padded headrest.
  • Has soft padded seats which allow sitting for hours.
  • Comes with 10 years of warranty.
  • Has high build quality.
  • The curved legs make the chair stable.


  • Just enclose 1 color option.

Which One is Better- IKEA PELLO Vs POÄNG

Surely both IKEA PELLO and POÄNG are comfortable armrests where you can sit. So which one wins in this IKEA PELLO Vs POÄNG?

POÄNG chair wins easily in comfort, ergonomics, support, and looks from the IKEA PELLO. So this chair will keep you more comfortable than the IKEA PELLO chair and will also provide better support.

However, in terms of affordability and lightweight, the IKEA PELLO chair has the upper hand and in them, the IKEA PELLO is better.

However, in warranty, assembly, and build quality both chairs have performed the same. So overall if you are looking for a comfortable and good-looking chair then goes with Ikea POÄNG Chair.

But if you want a cheap price chair then go with IKEA PELLO Chair. And we can say that winner of this comparison is POÄNG Chair.

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