Problems With Stressless Chairs

Stressless Chairs have become very popular in a very short time. They are comfortable and ergonomic chairs. Like all other chairs, Stressless Chairs also have some problems and today we will discuss some Problems With Stressless Chairs. 

So make sure to know all these cons before investing in this costly chair so you don’t get your money wasted. 

Who Is Stressless Furniture?

Stressless Furniture is a popular recliner brand that was established in 1971. Stressless is a Norway-based furniture company.

They are best known for their Stressless chairs that are known for best Stressless chairs.

The stressless brand focuses on making comfortable chairs and they have achieved it by doing innovations to their chairs.

That is why their chairs have stylish designs, looks, and ergonomics. Besides design. they also focus on making eco-friendly products. They aim for MINIMAL FOOTPRINT while making their products.

Stressless Furniture follows Animal welfare that is set out by the World Organisation for Animal Health (Source). Now their product line includes-

  • Recliners
  • Sofas
  • Office Chairs
  • Home Theatre
  • Accessories & Tables 

What are the Problems With Stressless Chairs?

Stressless Chairs may be premium chairs that are comfortable but there are problems that many buyers face from them.

  1. Stressless Chairs Are Overpriced
  2. Questionable Warranty Period
  3.  Poor Aftersale Service
  4. Bulky Look
  5. The chemical smell
  6. Quality and Life

We will talk about them below in detail.

Stressless Chairs Are Overpriced

One of the main problems with Stressless Chairs is their price. Stressless Chairs are overpriced which is one of the reasons why some people avoid buying them even after their premium features.

You will be shocked to know that these chairs start from $1,695, and goes up to $3,500, really pricey for sure. This price tag also makes them a big investment that everyone cant afford.

.At such a price tag, the best ergonomic chairs from Aeron and Steelcase brands come which are better than Stressless Chairs for sure.

The Chemical Smell

The Stressless Chairs have leather and fabric upholstery options. They may say they use fewer chemicals on their chairs but still, their chairs smell chemicals. Which sometimes feels very irritating. However, you can clean the smell by reading this, How to clean office chair smell Blog. 

Quality and Life

As the Stressless Chairs are very pricey, some peoples think that the chair will last for decades. But it is not true.

According to buyers, Stressless Chairs leather can gets cracked and its color can fade much sooner than you can think. You need to also know that there is no long warranty on their upholstery.

Questionable Warranty Period

Unlike other chairs, the warranty on the Stressless Chairs is not applicable to the whole chair. At first look, it seems that Stressless Chairs have 10 years of long warranty but in fact, it is not. See the table to know better.

Warranty Duration
Internal Mechanism 10 Years
Base, Foam, and Power Motor/Mechanisms5 Years
Power Batteries2 Years
Leather or Fabric Upholstery1 Year

Overall, the 10 years warranty is on Internal Mechanism but there is only a 1-year warranty on the upholstery which is very less. You need to pay extra dollars for the labor charge as it is not covered in the warranty.

This is why it has become one of the major problems of Stressless Chairs as many people will think that the whole chair is covered by 10 years warranty.

Poor Aftersale Service

Many buyers of Stressless Chairs have complained about the poor service of Stressless. Their support dont respond to queries of the buyers quickly.

They take a lot of time in responding to customer queries and also take action late to solve the user problem. They also act late in the replacement of chairs if the buyer’s chair faces any problem.

Sometimes buyers have to wait for weeks to get their chairs replacement. Moreover, the process of sending a new chair is slow as their main branch is situated in Norway.

Also many times they send the wrong model or wrong color chair.

Bulky Size

Stressless Chairs are very bulky and their footrest adds more size to them. Their bulky size makes them hard to fx in small rooms or spaces. It is also a reason why they are not made for all people. Now it dont means Stressless Chairs just have cons. 

Stressless Chairs have many pros too which makes them very popular and worth buying chairs. Below we will discuss their pros in detail. 

Pros of Stressless Chairs-

  • The Stressless Chairs are very durable chairs and they last for 20-30 years due to their high build quality and durability.
  • Stressless Chairs comes in tons of color options and designs.
  • Stressless Chairs are covered with 10 year of long warranty.
  • Stressless Chairs are best known for their comfortability and they allow you to sit for hours without any comfort.
  • Stressless Chairs have an ergonomic design that promotes ergonomic sitting by keeping the back and legs supported.
  • Stressless Chairs gives 2 upholstery options- leather and fabric. Both upholstery has some pros and cons.  
  • Stressless Chairs come in different sizes like small, medium, and large which makes them best for all sizes people. 
  • Stressless Chairs have reclining back, due to which users can lay back on the chair to rest or watch tv, or even listening music.
  • They are easy to clean and maintain.

Are stressless chairs good for your back?

Yes, stressless chairs are good for the back. Stressless chairs have an ergonomic back design and headrest which support the back spine and keep it straight.

This ergonomic back has a soft cushion which ensures your back dont feel hard. The ergonomic design helps in improving the back posture too. It will remove pain from your back and neck and will improve blood flow in these areas.

You can even lay back on the chair and it will help in relaxing your back and it keeps it tired-free.


Stressless Chairs are very comfortable chairs. These chairs have tons of benefits that make them so popular.

However many buyers have also complained about some problems that they face with their Stressless Chair. Small warranty on their upholstery and their smelly leather are 2 Problems With Stressless Chairs that I have seen in the chair.

Before you make your buying decision dont forget to read this Blog as it will help you to make a better decision. Hope you find this Blog useful and dont forget to share it with your friends.

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