Steelcase gesture vs Haworth fern

Today we will Do a comparison between-

  • Steelcase gesture vs Haworth fern

Steelcase gesture and haworth fern are 2 popular ergonomic chairs that come from 2 different brands. Both office chairs look very similar and feature many ergonomic features.

This starts the debate on which chair is the best Steelcase gesture vs Haworth fern. This detailed comparison between these 2 office chairs will end this debate. And you will find out which chair is better and with what chair you should go. So read the blog till the end.

Specifications of Steelcase gesture vs Haworth fern

Steelcase GestureHaworth fern
Overall Height39¼” – 44¼”41.1-47.7 Inches
Overall Dimensions24.75” D x 27” W x 38.5” – 43.5” H28.5 x 29 x 41.5 inches
Seat height from Floor16″ – 21″41 – 53 cm
Seat depth15.75″-18.75 Inches19.9 Inches
Headrest availableYesNo
Seats3 Edge Waterfall edge
Size available125
4 way adjustable armsYes ( 360 Degrees)4D
Backrest ReclineRecline with Lock in 3 Positions5 Angles
Weight73 Lbs19.8 Lbs
Weight Capacity400 Lbs325 Lbs
Warranty12 Years12 Years
Casters Both Hardwood and CarpetBoth Hardwood and Carpet
Check On AmazonCheck On Amazon

Steelcase gesture vs Haworth fern: Comparison

Materials and Build Quality

Steelcase is known for using high-quality material in its chairs. That is the reason why their chairs last for years and are so durable too.

Just by touching the fabric, we love that that a high-quality fabric is used in the gesture chair and this fabric won’t tear or wear for years. Most parts of the gesture are made up of plastic but it dont means the chair is not durable. This plastic is of high quality and is also strong and won’t break.

However, aluminum is used in the chair base which is why the base is so durable and has heavyweight capacity. However we can say that the chair still weights so less.

Haworth fern also features fabric upholstery, plastic armrests, and a back with an aluminum base. Likes gesture, Haworth fern is no doubt has high build quality.

However, we find that the quality of plastic and aluminum used in the gesture is more durable and strong than the Haworth fern. This is why the gesture chair lasts longer than Haworth fern. You will feel the quality of the gesture chair yourself when will sit on the chair. 

So overall We can say that the Winner is the Gesture chair as its Build and material quality are high.


Both Steelcase Gestures and Haworth fern have many adjustable features and they give tough competition to each other.

So now let’s compare both chairs’ adjustability. Steelcase Gesture chair features a 3D LiveBack® technology that adjusts automatically according to the body movements of the user. It will help you to get better adjusting the chair according to your body.

The Haworth fern features adjustable lumbar support which can be moved up and down.

Both Gestures and Haworth Ferns have 4d armrests that can be adjusted by height, width, depth, and pivot. These armrests are very easy to adjustable and will allow you to easily adjust them.

The gesture back can be adjustable and locked at 3 positions but the back of Haworth fern gives the option to lock at 5 angles. So in the Haworth fern chair, you have more freedom to adjust your back.

Like gesture, Haworth fern also has seat adjustability features and on both these chairs, you will find knobs on the side of the seat to do this.

These knobs are easy to access and you can use them even while sitting on a chair. So you won’t have to stand up from the chair to adjust your chair.

The Gesture doesn’t come with a headrest so you will not be able to adjust it but Haworth fern has a height-adjustable headrest that can be adjusted according to your neck position. Surely because of lack of headrest I feel some pain on neck while sitting on the chair for long time.

So overall in adjustability Haworth fern has the upper hand over the gesture chair.


Comfort is an important thing that you can’t miss. As a Gamer, for us too comfortability is very important. And You won’t want your office chair to be u comfy. That is why we will compare both Haworth fern and gesture chairs’ in terms of comfortability.

Seat comfort

The Seat Haworth fern features waterfall edge seats that have soft seat cushions. These seats make sitting on the Haworth fern chair comfortable for a long time.

The gesture chair features 3 edge seats that have the layer of the seat cushion which is why the gesture has less seat comfort as compared to Haworth fern.

Both chair seats won’t feel hard on your butts and they will promote blood flow in your hips and butts. Haworth fern and gesture chair seats are breathable too and their seat depth adjustable adds more comfort to these chairs.

Back Comfort

While sitting on the Haworth fern its large ergonomic design backrest provide great support to back spine. This backrest has fabric upholstery and on its backside mesh covering.

It makes the back both comfortable and breathable. An adjustable lumbar support is also attached to the back which provides support to the back and keeps it pain-free.

On the other hand, the ergonomic design back with fabric upholstery makes the gesture back comfortable. Moreover, it also has 3D LiveBack® technology which increases the back support and comfort.

However, the back of the gesture is not as high as Haworth fern has which surely makes it uncomfy for large-size users as it will not support your back fully as Haworth fern will.

The gesture chair dont have any type of lumbar support but still, it will help in improving your back posture. On both these chairs, you can sit without any back pain problems. 

Armrests comfort

The armrests of an office chair should be comfortable so that users dont feel pain in them while putting them over the armrests for support.

The gesture has Fully adjustable armrests that have straight designs. You can put your arms over them for support. These armrests dont give a hard feel to arms but they are also not very soft.

The Steelcase has not given padded armrests on gesture. However, the armrests can be adjusted easily and they will make your working more comfortable. Your arms can slip over the armrests and can also have bit hard feel.

Curve shape and padded armrests come in Haworth fern. This is why they may have some adjustability like gesture armrests but they are softer. The padding is soft and you can put your arms over them. Even for long hours, they won’t feel hard. 

The winner is Haworth fern. Haworth fern wins in comfort by some margin. 

Look and Color options

Like other Steelcase chairs, Gesture also gives tons of color options. This gesture chair comes in 25 bright colors. It gives the buyer a ton of color options for choosing his office chair.

The curve back and edge seat designs look good. Surrey the look of gesture is not as good as gaming chairs have. Haworth fern chair just has 2 color options- Beach and Coal. You have to choose one of these colors.

However, the design of the Haworth fern is far better than the gesture chair. It has a slim and curved back design and a stylish design on the back, that looks cool. The base has a shiny grey color. The design of the armrests of gesture is much better than Haworth fern. 

Overall, The Haworth fern Wins in Look and design.


Customizability is another thing that Steelcase gesture is known for. The gesture allows the buyer to customize the chair features according to his choice. However, the more features that you will add to your chair, the price of your chair will increase. You can choose-

  • Fabric or Leather Upholstery
  • Chair or stool
  • Type of Lumbar support
  • Type of Casters
  • And Assembly options like Unassembled or Assembled

Haworth fern chairs also have many customizability options. Like you can choose-

  • Back Material
  • With or without Lumbar Support
  • Armrest style
  • Casters Type 
  • Base material
  • Tilt type etc

Overall both chairs have high Customizability features which are why it is a draw.


The Gesture and Haworth fern Chair comes fully assembled. You dont need to assemble them on your own.

After they arrived at your doorstep just take them out and use them. To get the gesture chair assembled you dont need to pay extra money.

But Haworth fern pre-assembled required money. Both office chairs are packed properly in the box which is why you won’t find any of their part damaged or broken.  In terms of assembly we love gesture more as we dont had to pay money for the pre assembly.

The gesture is the winner as its pre-assembly dont require extra money.

Warranty And Return Policy

The Gesture chair is backed by 12 years of warranty and 30 days of free return. Such a long warranty also shows how much sure Steelcase is about their chair.

This chair can be returned for free within 30 days of its purchase. Moreover, the shipping charges will be borne by Steelcase. And as you know the warranty of Steelcase is fast and good.

Like gesture and Aeron, Haworth fern is covered by 12 years warranty too. They also give free returns and a 30-day free refund. 


The gesture and Haworth fern are two expensive office chairs. The gesture starts from $1,217. And as the chair features customizability features, its price will go up as you will add premium features to your chair.

The fully loaded gesture chair costs $2000 which makes it one of the most expensive office chairs. On the other hand, Haworth fern cost starts from $891 and goes up to $1,667.99.

Which may be expensive but is much cheaper as compared to the gesture chair. For the pre-assembly of the Haworth fern, you will also need to pay extra money.

If budget is your problem then you can go with the base model of the gesture chair.

Pros and Cons of Steelcase gesture Chair


  • Has 360 arms that are easy to adjust.
  • Comes in tons of color options.
  • Have 12 years of warranty.
  • Comes fully assembled. 
  • Has an ergonomic design back and seats.
  • Comes with 3D LiveBack® technology which increases back support.
  • Has high build quality.
  • Can be used by most size users.


  • The height of the backrest is not much big so it can be less supportable to large users.
  • The armrests are not padded.
  • Very expensive and hard to afford.

Pros and Cons of Haworth fern Chair


  • The chair is very breathable, thanks to its mesh back and fabric seats.
  • The chair is very comfortable.
  • Many many ergonomic features like armrests, headrests, and adjustable seats.
  • Comes with 12 year of long warranty.
  • Has high customizability.
  • Comes with an adjustable headrest.


  • The lumbar support is not very supportive.
  • Pricey.

Steelcase gesture vs Haworth fern: Comparison

No doubt this Steelcase gesture vs Haworth fern was a tough competition. Both these chairs are equipped with features that make both these chairs ergonomic and comfortable. However, there can only be one winner. So who is it? The gesture chair wins in –

  • Build Quality and Durability
  • Assembly
  • Back comfort
  • Ease of adjustability

Whereas Haworth fern wins in-

  • Comfort
  • Affordability
  • Seat Comfort
  • Ergonomic features like headrest support 

In many things, there was a tie between these two chairs which are-

  • Warranty Period
  • Customizability

It depends on your choice which chair wins Gesture or Haworth fern. Choose the chair that meets your requirements so that you can choose the best chair for yourself. Hope you like this Steelcase gesture vs Haworth Fern Blog and dont forget to share this Blog with your friends.

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